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7 Ways To Catch Your Cheating Boyfriend, Partner!!

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Cheating in the relationships is, sadly, a very common problem and many couples stay together because they can’t prove that the partner is unfaithful. But, very often, our gut will tell us that something is wrong with your loved one, and we should believe it because the inner feeling won’t lie to us.

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Technology is also making cheating easy because we can exchange messages via social media with someone and no one can find out about that. Dating apps took their part too because they are secret enough so everyone can hide that they’re doing something else outside of the relationship. But, if you have that feeling in your stomach, you need to trust yourself and to stop ignoring the signs and to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you, even if he is doing that virtually.

Red flags

Every relationship has ups and downs and not every time that means that the partner is cheating. Maybe they need some time and space, but they will eventually come back to the usual behavior. If your gut is still telling you that something is wrong and you can feel the knot in your stomach every time you are with your boyfriend, you should believe your intuition.

But first, you need to catch some of the warning signs, such as:

They use their phone very often, or they leave the room when the phone rings. Also, you can clearly see if they are hiding the display or some weirdly named contact sends them messages all the time.

They keep their phone away from your vision, for example in the jacket pocket or the backpack.

You should be careful if he somehow got better with you, bringing you gifts and flowers, even he usually doesn’t do that.

He is avoiding every future plan you try to make.

He works late at night and needs to stay in the office all the time.

He is nervous and says that everything is in your head when you try to confront him, making you feel bad and miserable.

It may take you a lot of time to find out if your boyfriend is a cheater, but the technology today allows you to keep the track, without having to leave your home.

Here are a few tricks on how to catch the cheater:

1. Smart snooping

From the moment you start to suspect that something is wrong, you can try to dig up some dirt on your boyfriend, using the social media profiles and to take a look at the calls he receives. You can discreetly see if he is getting messages from contacts that are saved with only initials or whole name and surname. If you see something unusual in his social media behavior, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is cheating. So, you can “stalk” him from your friend’s profile to see if he hides something from you, but somehow forgot to set the changes for the other friends.

2. Don’t accuse, but ask pointed questions

Understandably, you are nervous, but don’t confront him and make accusations. It’s better for you to ask good questions and to follow his behavior. You may also play a cop, so you can get the information you need. By doing this, you can collect the evidence you need and note him that something they say is unusual and a little weird. His voice ton and the nerves can tell you more than he can say. People can’t sync their brain and behavior that quick, like his reflexes, can “betray” him.

3. Make some plans and then change them

You can trick him to believe that you will be away on a business trip or you will stay later at the office, and when the day comes, cancel the plans at the last minute. This action can tell a lot about what your boyfriend is doing when you are not around, and that can help you figure out what to do next.

4. Follow your boyfriend

You don’t need to show up everywhere he goes, but you can try to be as close as you can. Sometimes, when that is not possible, you can use technology to help you. Many spying applications can allow you secret access to their messages, calls, and locations. You need to use trusted applications like mSpyLite, which can help you to catch the cheating boyfriend in action.

5. Hire a detective

If you have money, you can hire a professional that will do this job for you. The private detectives know how to do dirty jobs like this, and you can avoid any chance to be accused of stalking. The cheating partner is also careful and he may not leave any evidence behind him. Also, he will always think that you are behind his back, so he will hide a lot more things for you, on purpose. Every action you take by yourself can be turned on you, so if you are sure that the boyfriend is cheating and you need a piece of evidence, leave that job to the professionals.

Cheating is also not easy. The cheater needs double the time and energy than usual, so he can be with the girlfriend, but with the lover too. His lack of energy and sexual desire can also be a sign that you need to follow, especially if that happens in a prolonged period. Everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty, so avoid jumping into conclusions and try to wait some time, to see if he is really a cheater, or maybe he is just tired from the work.

We understand that no one wants that, but cheating is an unavoidable part of people’s life. The feeling is unpleasant, especially if you gave up on some things and changed some of your ways to adapt to the relationship. Also, you can deny the fact for a short time, but as soon as you accept the real situation, you have better chances to overcome the sadness and continue with your life, with someone who will love you and won’t cheat on you.

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