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Episode 05.

We were made to face each other and as we were looking into each others eyes, the Pastor told Rudolph to say these words to me, “I call upon these persons here present, to witness that I , Rudolph Kurt , take you Dompoh Dora, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold.I pledge to love you and respect you,with all that I have and ever hope to be.I will protect you and provide for you , honour and be faithful to you, as long as we both shall live on Earth , I give you this promise today.
My mind went back to the erotic s scene …
We swived happily and found fulfillment in satisfying our canal flesh.

Pastor Matthew said ” Dorah,would you repeat this vow before the congregation?…”I do solely declare that I know not, of any lawful or moral impediment, why I , Dorah Dompoh may not be joined in marriage to you, Kurt Rudolph.

After that we exchanged wedding rings and signed the marriage document after which a marriage certificate was issued to us.
We took pictures with friends and families.
We then left for refreshment. The refreshment was as spectacular as the wedding itself. A lot of drinking and eating,followed by dancing of
the newly-weds. We danced meekly amidst the cheers of the wedding guest,friends and family. After our dancing,the floor was opened for everyone. A lot of people dance their heart out.
Eventually, the wedding ceremony came to an end and we left the refreshment ground , as the newest faithful couples in Town. (At least that was what people perceived us to be. I knew what was waiting for us at the Hotel. Your guess may be wrong. It’s not sex.
Our driver drove the new Toyota Camry towards the direction of the Airport View Hotel.
When we reached the Airport View Hotel,we didn’t have sex that night.
Rather we lunged onto the bed crying. Our consciences were disturbing us for indulging in pre-marital sex just thirty minutes to our wedding. We even stood before the Congregation and God and took a vow we knew was not based on truth,Sincerity and faithfulness.
I had never cried that loud my entire life as I did on my Wedding night. Rudolph also cried
My Dear Reader,it would interest you to know that the great sex we yearned for on our wedding day never happened. After-all, we did it 30 minutes to the wedding so what more could we boast of as great fresh sex again.


To Be Continued…

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