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Episode 04.

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Fred looked at Sofia with a smile on his face and said
“Ma’am, meet my friend’s wife,Vivian! she and her husband, Moses my good friend, has been so good to me ever since I moved down here in Abuja, they are both so wonderful to me”

Vivian and Sofia smiled to each other.
Those words that came off Fred’s mouth gave Sofia unexplainable joy but she tried her possible best not to express it. She took a deep breath of relief and smiled when Moses, Vivian’s husband and Fred’s childhood friend walked in as well.
They all talked for a while and finally Sofia left them.

Sofia drove home, she beamed with smiles and couldn’t stop blushing. She was crazily crushing on Fred and kept praying that he feels the same way for her as she feels for him. “I don’t even know if Fred is into me at all” she thought to herself as she drove home.

On the other hand, Fred had always had feelings for her too but was scared that she may not feel the same way for him as she was his boss but seeing her get so friendly and helpful to him, gave him a ray of hope and confidence he needed.

Due to his modest upbringing, Fred wasn’t intimidated by Sofia’s wealth or accomplishments at all, he only admired her determination and success, he commended her for it within. He thought of ways to get more closer to her because what he was feeling for her was real, “Tomorrow, I will tell her how I feel about her or is it too soon?” he asked himself and finally he decided to follow his heart.

The next day, Fred was discharged from the hospital, when he got home, He sent Sofia a text and it read “Hi Ma’am , I just wanted to inform you that I have been discharged from the hospital, Thank you for your care, I so much appreciate you. Hopefully on Monday, I will return to work. Have a nice day!
From Fred”.

After sending the text, it wasn’t up to 5 minutes before Sofia called back. “Hello Fred, I’m sorry for not calling earlier, have been busy all morning” she explained,
“I totally understand” he said.

Sofia was happy that he was discharged, She asked how he was doing and he said he was great. “Hope you have something in your stomach?” She asked,
“I wish I do, I’m starving” Fred jokingly said.
“You can’t take pills on an empty stomach, don’t worry I will bring you some delicious food”she said and then she asked Fred what he would like to have for lunch.
“Don’t worry ma’am, I will look for something to eat” Fred replied

Sofia insisted and finally he said “any good meal will do”
Sofia told him to wait for her, that she would come with Lunch in 60 minutes.
“text me your address” Sofia added

Fred fell deeper in love with Sofia’s personality and gentleness. he just liked everything about her and admired her kind spirit and her choice of words. After much thought, he was happy to be taken care of by someone, especially a beautiful lady as Sofia. He quickly texted his home address to Sofia.

In no time, Sofia arrived and called Fred to inform him that she was downstairs and Fred told her happily to walk right in to the stairs to meet him.
“The door is unlocked, please come in ma’am” Fred entered. Few minutes later, Fred was sighted digging into the delicious meal Sofia had brought.

Sofia kept looking at Fred eat till he asked if she wanted some.
“How did you know I wanted some?” She asked smiling, “because you have been staring at my food for a while now” he said jokingly

Fred took a scoop of the delicious food and pushed the food to the centre of the table and Sofia happily ate with him. He chuckled at every scoop she took and she smiled whenever he chuckled.

When they were done eating, They talked for a while and he then moved his head up and looked into her shinny eyes.
“Thank you for the meal ” Fred said calmly and then Sofia moved her head and replied smiling “you are welcome, Freddy”
Fred smiled too, no one had ever called him “Freddy”. And it seems he liked being called Freddy.

Fred was drawn to her and wanted to make the first move by making his intentions known to her, but didn’t know if the time was right.
On the other hand, Sofia was shy and drunk in love with Fred, Butterflies were dancing in her stomach and she was thinking if she should make the first move but on a second thought she stopped herself from wooing Fred. She was lost in thoughts and didn’t even know when Fred got more closer to her, she immediately snapped out of her imagination and realised that Fred held her hands “Can we talk?” He asked, “sure we can” she replied.

To Be Continued……

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