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Episode 03.

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In on time, Sofia arrived at the hospital looking enchanting, Fred was so surprised that his boss came to see him, he stared at Sofia helplessly and he welcomed her with a warm smile and then he greeted her calmly and he kept gazing at her.

A sachet of drip were wired into his body. Sofia took her seat beside his bed. Fred looked into her eyes and dimmed his eyes in an attractive way, “why are you staring at me like that?” Sofia asked with a smile on her face, “Nothing, I’m so surprised, you came…. I mean, I’m so happy to see you MA” he bluntly said, still looking into her eyes.
“How are you feeling now?” Sofia asked
“I’m weak but the doctor said I will be fine” Fred replied

Sofia’s heart was racing but she tried her best to stay calm. ” I was so worried…. Hmm, I mean everyone at the office, was worried when my secretary told us that you were hospitalized, I came to see you, how are you feeling? I hope it’s not serious? ” she said but Fred told her all was good. “I actually have been feeling ill last night, so I decided I’ll see the doctor this morning, after some medical tests, I felt dizzy and very weak, but I thank God I came to the hospital ” he said

Few minutes later, Sofia got up to leave, Fred thanked her for coming over to see him
Deep down in Sofia’s heart, she didn’t want to go, just yet but she didn’t want to trade her dignity either. She silently wished Fred could ask her a question or say something so she could capitalise on that to push the conversation further and God answered her prayers.

Just as she was about to leave, Fred said “ma’am, thank you for Coming over to see me, I’m so grateful and i feel honoured. Thank you so much MA”.
“you are welcome Mr Fred, get well soon” she replied with a smile on her face
“I’m sorry for the inconveniences my absence from work will cause the company” Fred added and Sofia told him that his health was more important than anything else.


They further exchange pleasantries and smiled to each other. Sofia told him, how hardworking he was in the company and encourage him to keep it up, he thanked her yet again and they discussed about other work related issues.
Sofia was super excited that they were having a conversation, she cherished every moment and paid close attention to the things that came off his mouth.

Sofia was amazed of how much of a gentleman Fred was, he talked about his mother with so much emotions and how worried his mother would be, if she had found out that he was not feeling well and how much he hated hospital food and how he missed his mother, immediately, Sofia knew he was raised well and that he was a good man.

After a while of conversing, Sofia got up to leave and she told Fred to take care of himself. “call me or my secretary, if you need anything” she said smiling before bidding goodbye.
Sofia was beyond happy and didn’t know why everything about Fred felt different. “His spirit is calm and so is his personality” she thought to herself.

The next day, At close of work, Sofia hurriedly went home and got her chef to prepare a nice white soup for Fred, Afterwards, she took it to the hospital, when she arrived at the hospital, One look at Fred from a distance and she almost dropped dead, “How can a man be so handsome and complete despite being ill” she thought to herself.

As she walked closer to him, she immediately comported herself and acted normal. Fred was so excited to see her again, he was so appreciative when Sofia brought out a food flask
“Wow! You brought me home made food, I need this right now! thank you so much ma” Fred happily said and she blushed. Fred took a spoon of the soup “Delicious!” Fred uttered and he stopped, he doesn’t have much appetite but he took 2 spoons more and then stopped again

“Take more spoons!” Sofia encouraged and Fred happily nodded in agreement. “Thank you so much ma” Fred said
“we are not at the office now, you can call me by my name, call me Sofia, I’m now your friend” Sofia said.

After Fred was done eating, Sofia asked”How do you feel now?”
“I feel much better, the doctor says I may be discharged tomorrow” he replied smiling.
“Thank God” Sofia uttered
“And all thanks to you MA… Sorry I mean Sofia” Fred said calmly and Sofia smiled. As the conversation was going on a beautiful lady walked in to the room, Fred smiled as he saw the beautiful lady walk into the hospital room but Sofia wondered who she was. As the lady exchanged greetings with Fred
“Vivian, Meet my boss” Fred told the lady”
“Nice to met you MA” Vivian said nicely


For a moment Sofia was shocked as she thought the lady was Fred’s lover or girlfriend.
Sofia was dying in confusion and she was silently praying that Fred wasn’t taken. She didn’t know if she could ever survive the heartbreak of Fred having a girlfriend, thereby making him unavailable for her.

As she waited patiently for Fred to introduce Vivian to her, she held her heart within, in preparation for his words. Sofia was tensed! “Who is Vivian? Who Is she? I hope she is not Fred’s Girlfriend!” Sofia thought

To Be Continued……. . . .

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