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Episode 04.

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Fafa looked at me and smiled. I knew you want to hurry up and finish that story. I won’t allow you to read it again. I want us to talk. After all, you paid me a visit, not to read a story book. Fafa took the story book and went inside his bedroom. My desire to finish the story far outweighed any ethical restrictions so I followed him to the bedroom, knelt down and said, “I beg, Fafa, please, let me finish reading the story.”

He looked at me and laughed hysterically saying, “I knew you will follow me.
I just want to confirm what I knew and you have proven me right. Abena, I’m impressed with you and your spirit of determination. From now on, I accepted you wholeheartedly as a friend. Please, take the story book- it’s my gift to you.

“Fafa, you mean I can take the story book home? “I asked.
“Yes, dear” he said.
For the first time, Fafa called me ‘dear’.

I peeped into Fafa’s eyes. He was so innocent and calm but underneath his innocence was a ray of love, glimmering across his impeccable sacrosanct appearance. I could feel the wave of ecstasy slowly announcing its arrival.

I asked myself, “Will it happen on this First visit?” Fafa reached out, held my hands, and gently took me out of the bedroom into the sitting room. As if he read my mind, he said, “Everything has a right time. Now, continue reading your story.

I continued reading the story. …
That evening when Jack arrived home with flowers in his hands and a smile on his face, His wife wasn’t in the sitting room. He called her but still no one answered.
He decided to run up stairs. Upon reaching there, he found his wife in bed – lifeless, dead.
Rivers of tears flood his eyes and the bouquet of flowers fell from his hands. His wife was dead- from Cancer. She knew that she would die soon and she wanted to save him from whatever negative reaction from their son, in case they push through with the divorce. At least, in the eyes of their son— he is a loving husband.”
“Oh God,” I said when I finished reading the story, Streams of tears stole their way into my eyes. I felt so sad. I felt I was Jennifer. She had demonstrated true unconditional, unwavering love. I asked myself what I could have done in that situation.
My visit to Fafa’s Place became a weekly routine. We became very good friends. I felt so happy whenever I see Fafa. I can’t live a day without seeing him. The friendship soon went deeper and deeper and eventually crossed the boundary of friendship into a relationship. One lovely weekend, Fafa took me to the beach.


We went to the beach to catch a glimpse of the sheer force of nature. The picturesque landscape, the golden sands on the beach and the smiling sun as it descended beyond the horizon, was an amazing sight. The roaring of the sea welcome us to its sandy Kingdom, in anticipation of the possible romantic adventure that was fast becoming eminent.

When we sat down on the cool golden sand, we talked about the future and the prospect of living together. We sat on the beach chatting and laughing as we stared at the awe-inspiring force of nature. Fafa got up and put his hand out to help me up. When my hand grabbed Fafa’s hand, a sensation came over me and coursed through my body in an endless circle of pleasure. My sex pheromones surged like an angry ram. We clung to each other as if there was no tomorrow. To us, our tomorrow was today.


Fafa looked into my eyes. I gave him a slight smile and itched closer to him for a kiss. He responded instantaneously. The proximity of our bodies increased the insatiable love we had for each other on the vast open angry beach.

To Be Continued……. . .  .

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