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Episode 03.

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~Saturday @ 10.30~
I dressed immaculately, decorating myself with the best make-ups. Even the fragrance from my perfume could kill an innocent fly. After making sure everything was done to perfection, I headed towards Fafa’s hostel. He gave me a vivid description of the place so I have no difficulty in locating it.
I knocked on his door and he asked me to come in.
Upon entering his room, Fafa welcome me rather more friendlily.
We chatted for a few minutes and then he asked me to watch TV while he bathed.

I sat on his couch comfortably and faced the TV. GTV wasn’t showing any interesting programme. Just when I was about to change the TV channel, my eyes fell on a story book titled: UNTIL DEATH DO US APART

I quickly muted the Television and focused on the story.
In the story, Jack and Jennifer loved each other so much but as the years went by, their love grew cold and Jack began seeing another woman by name Maureen. Then Jack wanted a divorce. Jennifer was grieved but she have Jack her divorce conditions which is for them to pretend to live as normal a life as possible so as not to traumatise their son who had an exams to write in a month’s time.
She also requested to be carried out of their bedroom to the front door every morning. Though the idea sounded crazy to him,he agreed. He did this every day and soon realized that their sense of intimacy was growing again.
Then he realised she had grown thin.
My story was interrupted by Fafa, when he returned from the bathroom, “I hope you are not feeling bored here.” I answered, “Not at all, fafa. On the contrary, I am enjoying this story so much.”

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“Okay, keep reading it then, but what will you like to eat.”

“Anything,” I said, determined to finish the story I was reading before he interrupted.

“Anything?” he asked. So if I cook cockroach for you, I believe you will eat it without question.
We both laughed out loudly and I said, “No dear! I don’t eat Cockroaches.

He continued, ” then you need to be careful with what you say, so what can I cook for you?”

“Jollof rice,” I answered finally.

“Okay, What about drinks?”

“I will like to drink SmirnOff, “I told Fafa.

The look on his face suggested he didn’t have that drink in his fridge and he didn’t expect me to mention an alcoholic drink. Smirnoff was a brand of vodka with an alcoholic content.

“I will go get it for you, “he reassured me, dressed up and left for the drink. In his absence, I continued reading the story,”
Jack then decided to stay with his wife and break up with Maureen.
He told Maureen it was over between them and left.
My story reading was interrupted again by Fafa. He returned with the drink, feeling happy for his accomplishment. He said, “Here you are, Mademoiselle, I have gotten your drink.”

I smiled at him and said, “merci mon amour” which means,” thank you, my love.”

He responded, “you are welcome”. He then went to the kitchen to prepare the Jollof rice for me. I offered to help him but he declined saying I was his guest so I should relax. I used that opportunity to continue the story. ..”
On his way home,he stopped at the floral shop and ordered a bouquet of flowers for his wife. The sales girl asked him what to write on the card. He smiled and wrote, “I’ll carry you out every morning until death do us apart”.
I couldn’t finish the story before Fafa returned with a bowl of Delicious Jollof rice and smirnOff drink. He set the table while I was still glued to the story book. I heard fafa saying, Abena, can you leave that story book for a second and eat the Jollof rice?”


“Yes, sir,” I said, jokingly and put the story book down. I swallowed the food quickly because I wanted to finish the story.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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