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Love is a wonderful and an exciting experience. It summarizes the sweet sensation a person feels for another person they are emotionally and physically attracted to.
Among all human emotions, none sparks so much controversy and interest than love. Until you meet that special person you may never know the extent to which love could have a tremendous effect on your life. Cupid the god of love does not discriminate in shooting his arrows of love.
When the heart is captured in the web of love, it has no respect for age, social status or boundaries, or tribe because it has its own rules and regulations which most often contravene societal norms and culture.
The arrows could hit the right person from a tribe hated by others on the basis of stereotypes. This prejudice often leads to conflict between the lover and the hater who FORBIDS such LOVE.



(Narration from Abena’s Point of View)

Have you ever heard of the expression, “Love makes the world go round? “I remembered Jennifer Lopez’s musical lyrics :

“Love makes the world go round
Love makes the world go round
Love makes the world go round-ound-ound-ound
Love makes the world go round
We…we’ll be alright
Living our lives
Finding some satisfaction
No, we’re goanna hide
No fear from our eyes
Love is a call to action”

Call me Abena Yeboah. I am a fante. My father was a retired military officer and my mother was a Secretary. She worked at the Regional Office of Ghana Education Service. I had a brother and a sister, Kweku and Yaba respectively.


I was admitted into the University of Cape Coast in 2015. Been a very emotional person, I tried as much as possible to disassociate myself from the issues of love because I knew my heart was a delicate one and once I gave it out to someone, the person could take control of my entire life. I was therefore careful not to put the key to the door of my heart at a place where it could easily be stolen by maladjusted university boys.

I managed to keep this routine for three years in the university despite incessant romantic advances from some of my male colleagues on the university campus. I was an icon of beauty, endowed with a huge back side, voluptuous shape and thick legs. I hardly passed by a male without him turning his head to take a second look at my naturally endowed backside and gargantuan front elevation which formed itself into my breast. Even blind men knew when I passed by them. Beauty seemed to be my bragging right.

When I reached level 400, Fafa Amenyo, one of the coolest guys in the Science Department won the best -student- of -the- year award for his outstanding academic prowess and discipline. Fafa was a quiet, handsome guy, very reserve, humble, polite and surprisingly had a strange sense of humour, a direct contradiction to his rather MelPhleg temperament. He was a guy of very few words.

The award made Fafa famous on campus and it wasn’t long before he rose into a celebrity status, with media houses chasing him to grant them interviews. He was often seen on several TV stations. Fafa was also a mathemagician. He calculated figures like child’s Play. It was even rumoured that he even computed Maths faster than a calculator.


When the name “Fafa” was mentioned, every student in the university turned his head just to see him . He was an “ACADEMIC GOD getting a cumulative GPA of 4.0 almost every semester. Despite Fafa’s impressive academic record, he was very naïve when it came to women affairs. Though most University girls crushed on him, he had no time for these “daughters of Eve.”

To Be Continued…..

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