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[STORY] THE FORBIDDEN LOVE (Complete Episodes)




Hey guys, here’s another amazing interesting story you wouldn’t afford to miss. The story is titled “THE FORBIDDEN LOVE” written by Agamah Francis Presented to you by ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT.

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From the topic phrases, one would’ve definitely prognosticate the message the the content is gonna pass! We wouldn’t like to kill the thrill by giving you the summary, rather  we’d love you as our awesome reader to scale through each episodes by carefully supervising each lines with understanding to give us the summary of it thereof after reading. We promise you, it’s definitely a story you wouldn’t afford to miss!! As you’ve always known our stories to always be an interesting type, even from the likes of The Story Of My Life, Bukky Alakara, MY VILLAGE PRINCE AND I, Do It Like A Dude, Love And Revenge, MY AFRICAN WIFE, The Poor Girl and others has been a hot cake!

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DURATION: To Begin On30/03/2020, To End On30/03/2020.

Author’s Note: Happy reading! 🙂  


Love is a wonderful and an exciting experience. It summarizes the sweet sensation a person feels for another person they are emotionally and physically attracted to.
Among all human emotions, none sparks so much controversy and interest than love. Until you meet that special person you may never know the extent to which love could have a tremendous effect on your life. Cupid the god of love does not discriminate in shooting his arrows of love.
When the heart is captured in the web of love, it has no respect for age, social status or boundaries, or tribe because it has its own rules and regulations which most often contravene societal norms and culture.
The arrows could hit the right person from a tribe hated by others on the basis of stereotypes. This prejudice often leads to conflict between the lover and the hater who FORBIDS such LOVE. Continue reading here…















THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 01 / 11

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 02 / 12

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 03 / 13

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 04 / 14

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 05 / 15

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 06 / 16

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 07 / 17

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 08 / 18

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 09 / 19

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 10 / 20

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 11 / 21

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 12 / 22

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 13 / 23

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 14 / 24

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 15 / 25

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 16 / 26

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 17 / 27

THE FORBIDDEN LOVE Season 02 Episode 18 / 28



Our parents are the living gods in front of our eyes but this truth dawns on us only when we grow up and become parents. No matter the level of our education, success or status in life we need to acknowledge the relevance of our parents in our lives and beyond. Most often, they give us gems of advise that we can’t find on google or the internet. These nuggets of advise are priceless. If you want a blessed life, don’t break your parent’s hearts in their old age after they broke their backs carrying you in their young and tender age.
Make them proud.
Treat your mother with respect and your children will do the same for you when you grow old.
Respect and love your parents as long as you have them. You may get everything in life but once they are gone you can’t have them back ever.
Most children would obey their parents except when it comes to one thing; LOVE.
In Song of Solomon 8:6, it was written; Place me like a seal over your heart, For love is as strong as death and its jealousy is as enduring as a grave.
Love is equally as strong as death because no one can stop the love of person in his or her heart towards another.
Love is beautiful but blind love is a poison. It leads to obssession.
When two people are blindly in love, they have inadvertently crossed the boundary of normalcy to a para
normal world where any logical inhibition will be perceived by the love birds as an obstacle to limitless ecstasy.
Blind love drive people so mad at any piece of advice from parents regarding romantic relationships are bitter pills in the throats of the lovers.
Love when not put in the correct place could degenerate into an obsession. When two Lovers become obsessed with love, they become hardened to logic and common sense and strengthen their stand against well-seasoned and sound advices from parents.
Don’t underestimate the power of love. It could change the good relationship between parents from being cordial into being sour.
Pride then takes the place of humility until the determined characters fall miserably into the abyss of reality, pain, misery and death.
Anyone who watch someone “in love” can attest to certain behaviors and mannerisms that are quite foolish and, under normal circumstances, would quite probably embarrass the individual.
Blind love is usually the human’s weak point. Even the most intelligent ones. They become easy to manipulate if someone affects what they love and “can’t live without”. They are unable to give up what they love, even for what is right. Infatuation, vengeance, denial, unhealthy attachment, uncontrollable emotions, cowardice, false sense of comfort, and unreasonable actions becomes part of the package.
Blind love have deadly consequences. Life becomes one big sad story. If you toy with love, It can consume you in its fiery fire. Sometimes these love lead people into fairy tale marriages and sooner or later end up divorced and enemies, regretting the day they ever met.
Proverbs 14: 12 said “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”
Be careful.⚠
Don’t make this story come true in your life but learn from this story and build a healthy with your partner. Don’t leave room for uncontrolled.
Let the driving force of your love life be mutual respect, commitment and reasonableness.
If you are already in a relationship like the one in this story, seek divine intervention and re-evaluate yourself and take steps to resolve things before they escalate. Remember, the church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.- Abigail Van Buren.

Agamah Francis


Vocabularies and Some English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions used in the story.


Episode 1
A high-pitched strident or piercing sound, such as that between a

Episode 2
Any of the joints between the phalanges of the fingers.
The kneejoint of a quadruped, especially of a calf; formerly used of the kneejoint of a human being.

Episode 3
To recover from sickness.

The universe.

Episode 4
An extremely talented person, especially a child.

Episode 6
To resume something that has been convened and then paused.
(intransitive) To come together again.

Episode 7
To shock or surprise.

Episode 11

is a plant that looked almost identical to marigold flowers. It contains plenty of flavonoids which made it a good supplement for wound care regimens.

Unambiguous; without equivocation or ambiguity; singularly clear, unmistakable, or unquestionable

A doctrine (or set of doctrines) relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth authoritatively by a religious organization or leader.

Unwillingness to change ones views or to agree.

To act in a very submissive manner.

Amazement, dismay.

Affected with great sadness or depression.

Difficult to handle
Lacking social skills, or uncomfortable with social interaction.

Episode 12

Unable to be conceived or imagined; unbelievable.

A particular mood or atmosphere of an environment or surrounding influence.

*Pandora box
something that can lead to trouble/problem or great suffering.

A compulsive or irrational preoccupation.
Influence or control by evil spirits without possession.

A general thought, feeling, or sense.

An excessive amount or number; an abundance.

Of or pertaining to beauty.

faultless,Free from evil or corruption.

A faint light; a dim glow.
Or a flash of light.

Curvaceous, sexy, full-figured.

Miserable, as when lonely after being abandoned.

Deeply or seriously thoughtful.

Incalculably, exceedingly, or immeasurably minute; vanishingly small.

To mutually give and take something; to interchange
To give something in response.

Episode 13

Intention to harm or deprive in an illegal or immoral way. Desire to take pleasure in another’s misfortune.
(law) An intention to do injury to another person.

*barrel of laughs
Someone who is a barrel of laughs is very funny or entertaining.

*with bells on
If you go somewhere with bells on, you are delighted and eager to go there.

*blow away the cobwebs
If something blows away the cobwebs, it makes you feel more lively and refreshes your ideas.

*full of the joys of spring
If you are full of the joys of spring, you are happy, enthusiastic and full of energy.

*footloose and fancy-free
A person who is footloose and fancy free has few responsibilities or commitments of any kind and feels free to do as they please.

Episode 14

*Pistanthrophobic- is the fear of trusting people due to bad experiences with prior lovers

*bloodcurdling- extremely alarming or horrifying, like a sudden, piercing

* Gush- A sudden rapid outflow.

*Biting the finger that feed you-
If someone bites the hand that feeds them, they behave badly or in an ungrateful way towards someone who they depend on.

Episode 15

Concerned with beauty, artistic impact, or appearance.

* Emblazoned
To adorn with prominent markings.


Desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something regarded as sacred.

Episode 16

Appropriate social behaviour

* Retribution
Punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance.

* Flagellum
A whip

To tear, rip or wound.

Each of the strings which, twisted together, make up a yarn, rope or cord or a string.

Episode 17

A statement or an idea which is unproven, but is thought to be true; a guess.

A great amount of amusement, usually accompanied by laughter.
(countable) Something that induces laughter.

Phallophobia-fear of the erect manhood.

* Authenticity
Truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, and intentions.

* Conglomeration
A coming together of separate parts.

* Cacophonious
Containing, consisting of, or producing harsh, unpleasant or discordant sounds.

* Euphonious
Pleasant-sounding; agreeable to the ear.

* Consternation


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