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ADAEZE: Questions And Answers From Adaeze by Zelda Ossai (EBSU GST)

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Adaeze EBSU Story Book

Adaeze by Zelda Ossai

The book “Adaeze” is a traditional story written by playwrighter, Zelda Ossai which speaks about the Nigerian tradition, Igbo culture to be precised.

Title: Adaeze
Writer/Author: Zelda Ossai
Date of Publication/Copyright: 2011
Total Page(s): 111
Total Act: Seven (7)
Story Page: Starts from page no. 5, and ends at page no. 111.
Reviewed by: Okoro Daniel O.

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The excerpt of the story reads;

Before she was born, her mother was told she was going to be a queen, even though they were not royalty.

Despite the fact that the family wanted a male child, the mother was happy to have her.

When she came she was beautiful as a queen, and her mother began to believe that the journey to royalty may not be as hard as she has believed.

But if became hard. Even harder. And almost impossibleContinue reading here…

Some Questions And Answers From Adaeze by Zelda Ossai

1. Was Akwaeze pregnant for Akantu before she died?
Answer: No.
2. Which soup does Ezelagbo’s mother in-law likes?
Answer: Ogbono soup. (pg. 91)
3. Did Akantu regret marrying Akwaeze?
Answer: Yes, he felt if he hadn’t taken decision to marry her, she would still be alive. (pg. 72)
4. Whose father’s wife was banished?
Answer: Nne Utalu’s father’s wife. (pg. 72)
5. “Nduga is fast becoming a big girl”, who said this?
Answer: Adigba/Ezelagbo’s husband. (pg. 77)
6. Who first married Akwaeze?
Answer: Owede. – Owede paid Akwaeze’s bride price since was a child. However, about 13 months after marrying her, he[Owede] died after sickness. (pg. 80)
7. Who later married Adaeze?
Answer: Onodo (pg. 94 and 96)
8. Who is Ajulu?
Answer: Adaeze’s son.
9. Did Adigba’s mother/Ezelagbo’s mother-in-law later died?
Answer: Yes. (pg. 92). What killed her wasn’t stated but can be traced back to illness she had when Ezelagbo went for omugo at Nduga’s place in (pg. 91).
10. What was the sacrifice requirement/rite requested of Dibia Abule to prevent Akwaeze’s death circumstances not to be disclosed to anyone?
Answer: A cow, two pigeons and two heads of palm karnel. (pg. 74).
11. What was Akwaeze’s punishment for being pregnant for Uchua?
Answer: Her people will pay a fine and then they’ll ban her from meeting with any man for FOUR years.
12. How many children did Adaeze had?
Answer: 5 children. (one for Onodo, four for the Egeliga’s warrior) – pg. 109.

Some Things to Note;
During Ezelagbo’s child delivery(of Adaeze), Akantu and Adigba went hunting and they caught two antelopes and 5 hares. However, Akantu allowed Adigba to take two antelopes and three hares (during sharing).

According to Ezelagbo to Nne Utalu, she revealed that Akwaeze’s death was as a result of defiling rites tying her. She suggested it was Uchua (whom Akwaeze loved) that had defiled her, as she refused to confess when Dibia Abule asked her. She did however pleaded for forgiveness.

Ezelagbo later gave birth to four more children, making 6 children total. (two females, four males)
* Nduga – First child/daughter
* Adaeze – Second child/daughter.
I hope you guys find this helpful? Got any question(s) or things to say? Let’s interact via the comment section below… . ..

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