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[STORY] TEARS (Episode 01)




Episode 01.

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Trust is very fragile and hardly ever gets back to normal once broken. It could take a person many years to build trust but can lose it all in a twinkle of an eye. Betrayal is hurtful, quite alright but the pain a person feels when betrayed by someone they trusted with all their heart is terrible. Are you ready for this lesson filled tale? Let’s dive into it.

Barbara was a typical example of a free spirited and loving person. Growing up, she was fortunately surrounded by love from her parents and siblings. Barbara’s parents lived in peace and harmony so it rubbed off on their children.

As an adult, it was very easy for Barbara to give love because she had a truck-load of it stored up in her heart; due to the excess love she received while growing up. Mandy happened to be Barbara’s best friend as they did everything together and was almost inseparable. These two ladies met in their first year in the university, and have been friends since then.

Years passed and they both graduated together and began the adult independent life, far away from their parents and family members. Fortunately for Barbara, she got a job at a real estate firm, while Mandy got a job as a secretary in a good company. Life seemed to be going in the right direction for both ladies and their relationship waxed even stronger. Barbara was the reserved one while Mandy was more outspoken and lively.

During their university days, guys always wanted Barbara and didn’t stop chasing her, but she kept herself and never gave relationship a chance. Back then, her major focus was her academics so she felt a relationship would be a distraction. On the other hand, Mandy usually gave relationship a chance but non favoured her as she was always left heartbroken.

On the course of their friendship, Mandy always had this little envy for Barbara because she seemed to have the sensible and good guys always going for her. Whenever they were out together, the cool guys always approached Barbara and not her.

Deep down in Mandy’s heart, she was a bit jealous but never let it show or gave Barbara any hint as to how she felt within. Mandy tired to terminate the envy but couldn’t successfully do so because the cool guys never stopped chasing Barbara.

The thing that got to Mandy the most was the fact that Barbara wasn’t even giving the guys a chance as she wasn’t interested at all. Mandy often wondered why good things came to people who didn’t want it, thereby neglecting those that are yearning for it. Life moved on and so did Mandy; or at least she thought she had moved on until something happened.

One beautiful morning, while Barbara was busy at work, her boss called her and instructed her to head down to one of their properties because someone was waiting there and wanted to view the property before purchasing.

Barbara hurriedly zoomed out of the office and headed straight to the site. While in the company’s official car, she kept memorising her presentation and what she would tell the potential client, in order to further convince him to purchase the property. After about 20 minutes drive, she arrived at the place and entered the estate gate. The securities at the gate knew here so they happily exchanged greetings as she drove in.

The property the client wanted to buy was at the end of the estate, so Barbara had to drive a little further to get to him. She arrived shortly and got down from the car. Immediately Barbara set her eyes on the gentleman waiting, her heart dropped. “Wow!” She exclaimed within and tried to put herself together.

As Barbara walked closer to him, her heart skipped a beat with every step she took. “Hello Ma’am, I’m glad you made it here in such a short notice” The handsome gentleman said, “It’s my job, you don’t have to thank me” she responded with a smile on her face. The gentleman took a good look at her and smiled too. Without hesitating, Barbara brought out the keys to the house and they entered inside.

While they looked around, the gentleman was quite impressed at the polite manner with which Barbara spoke to him. She took her time to explain everything and didn’t leave any detail out. After about a hour of going back and forth in the house, the tour finally ended and before Barbara could ask if he was still going to buy the property, he said “I’m buying it, take me to your office so we can start processing the paper works”.

Barbara was dumbfounded and greatly surprised at how stress-free the handsome gentleman made her sales. She was extremely grateful and honestly didn’t know what to say at that moment. “Are you for real?” She surprisingly asked and he nodded ‘Yes’. Barbara happily entered the company’s car while he drove his, and they headed to the office to begin processing the paperwork.

When they arrived, Barbara alerted her boss and directed the gentleman to his office. While he was away, she sat in her office smiling and blushing all through. She occasionally thought of the handsome gentleman and how cool, calm and collected he was. “How can someone be rich and yet so humble?” She thought to herself as she blushed.

After about two hours in the manager’s office, the gentleman walked out and told the secretary to kindly call the lady that brought him in. The secretary alerted Barbara and she majestically walked into the reception to see him.

“The purchase has been made but my lawyer have some work to do before the sale gets finalised, thanks for everything” he said and Barbara told him not to mention. The gentleman looked at her and smiled; “I didn’t get the chance to know your name” he said, “Oh! my name is Barbara and you?” She asked, “My name is Precious” he replied.

At the mention of his name, Barbara was astonished because his name was very cute. “I like your name, it’s rare to see guys with the name Precious” she said and he smiled, “I get that alot, thanks!” He said and they both chuckled.

While they conversed further, Barbara slightly wished that he would ask for her number because she honestly wanted to see him again. As she was lost in thoughts, Precious brought her back to life by asking; “would you want to go out with me to celebrate, once the house deal is finalised?”.

Barbara’s heart skipped a beat as she wasn’t expecting it at all. “Why would you want to celebrate with me?” She asked smiling, “uhmm, because you helped me with the purchase” Precious politely replied. She looked into his eyes and said ‘Yes’.

They were both excited and Barbara escorted Precious to his car. As they stood in front of the car talking, a taxi drove into the compound and moved close to them.

Barbara stretched her neck to see who was inside the car that was coming towards their direction and Lo and behold, it was Mandy!

To be continued……..

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