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ANE STUDY: Top 10 New English Words To Learn This Weekend (Week 01)

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Last Updated on March 7, 2020 by All Naija Entertainment

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Hey what’s up guys! Welcome to the first episode of “Learn New Words With ANE“. Today, (or this weekend) we shall be looking at some English words you can learn.

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First of, before we proceed or jump into business. Why should you learn new words? Learning new words doesn’t only make you smart, it also makes you feel among. So don’t just learn it, know it, save it and digest it!. So whenever you come across them, you’d be able to decipher what they mean without looking into a dictionary, or surfing through Google for help. We good? Yeah? Great!

Teacher/Writer: Okoro Daniel O
Time: Every Saturday (9am – GMT+1 – WAT)

New word list;

1. Callous
2. Narcissist
3. Palindrome
4. Squabble
5. Poco a Poco
6. Succinct
7. Mar
8. Anhedonia
9. Perforate
10. Nocturnal

Meaning/Breaking down;

1. Callous
Meaning; “Emotionally hardened; unfeeling and indifferent to the suffering/feelings of others.

Making a statement;
Instead of saying; “Daniel didn’t show concern about my welfare, rather, he cares for himself alone“.

You can say; “Daniel acted CALLOUS about my welfare, rather, he cares for himself alone.

2. Narcissist – Egoist
Meaning; “(Colloquial, loose use) Egoist, egocentric, person full of egoism and pride.
One who shows extreme affection, love and admiration for himself or herself.

Making a statement;
My boyfriend is a NARCISSIST!

3. Palindrome
Meaning; “A word, phrase, number or any other sequence of units which has the property of reading the same forwards as it does backwards, character for character, sometimes disregarding punctuation, capitalization and diacritics.

Rise to vote sir

4. Squabble
Meaning; “Minor fight or argument (between children).” OR “To participate in a minor fight or argument.

It also means; “To disarrange, so that the letters or lines stand awry and require readjustment.

Making a statement;
The brothers were always SQUABBLING with each other.

5. Nocturnal
Meaning; “Sleep during the day, active in the night.

6. Poco a Poco

Meaning; “little by little, step by step, gradually, bit by bit.

Making a statement;
Achieving big dreams requires Poco a Poco processes.

7. Mar

Meaning; “To spoil or damage” OR “Destroy or injure severely” OR “Make imperfect“. Meanwhile, don’t forget that Mar (that begins with capital letter M) is also a short word for “March“.

Making a statement;
Nnkechi MARRED everything!

8. Succinct

Meaning; “Briefly giving the gist of something

Making a statement;
Due to time factor, Amaka explained everything SUCCINCTLY.

9. Perforate

Meaning; “Having a hole cut throughORHaving a number or series of holesALSOMake a hole into or between, as for ease of separationORPass into or through, often by overcoming resistance“.

Making a statement;
A PERFORATED container would make a better passage…

10. Anhedonia

Meaning; “An inability to experience pleasure

Making a statement;
Bisola’s attitude throughout yesterday shows she’s ANHEDONIC to night-party


11. NB: (nota bene) – take special note.

And this is where we shall be stopping for today’s new words hunt. Hope you’ve learnt something? See you guys next weekend! Meanwhile, if you’re interested in contributing to this series of “Learn New Words With ANE“, feel free to hook us up! Be safe!

References/Contributors; English Dictionary, Wordweb, Wikipedia.

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