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VALENTINE SONGS: Top 10 Old Love Songs For Valentine



Lovers - Valentine

Due to popular demand, we here at All Naija Entertainment has decided to roll out amazing old love songs you can rock for Valentine.

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Valentine according to dictionary means “An expression of affection, especially romantic affection, usually in the form of greeting card, gift, or message given the object of one’s affection, especially on February 14th.

…and that’s why we here at ANE surveyed jungles to roll out ‘dope‘ tracks to make up your playlist for Valentine.

Oh, yeah! let’s clarify this; according to the title which says “best” – well, we meant our top “choices” for you for this year’s Valentine. If you’re fan of good music, you definitely gon’ love all of ’em. This wherefore doesn’t mean there ain’t other beautiful old Valentine songs. So feel free to let us know about other songs we ought to’ve included in the list via the comment section below..

Don’t get it twisted, there you go…

Stuck On You by Lionel Richie

Stuck on you” is a song by country music singer Lionel Richie. “Stuck on you” is a love song that speaks about being addicted to one’s lover and being a fool for tryna leave.
Why we picked this song? Well, no reason actually. But trust us, it’s got melody you can’t just afford to miss. Check it out and hook us up about what you feel via the comment section below..

Download Stuck On You by Lionel Richie Mp3/Audio here

Stand by your side by Celine Dion

Stand by your side” is a song by Canadian microphone queen and award winning singer-songwriter, Celine Dion.
Stand by your side” speak whole lots about a long stay together forever assurance to one’s partner – despite the challenges that may surface during the process (relationship).
What are you still waiting for? C’mon, go bliss your VAL with this amazing jam!.

Download Stand by your side by Celine Dion Mp3/Audio here

You’re Still The One by Shania Twain

You’re still the one” is a song by Shania Twain. Magical sound and strong lyrics – together makes up “You’re still the one“.
Why we choose it? Why wouldn’t we? Trust us, if we’re making another list for “Love Songs” – it definitely would be amongst.
Jam this song while reminding your lover of how you love them, how they’re still the one and will forever be. **winks**

Download You’re still the one Mp3/Audio here

Speechless by Michael Jackson

Shouldn’t we feel nostalgia while expressing love? We should, right? Great!
Speechless” is a song by forever living music legend, Michael Jackson. “Speechless” is just SPEECHLESS!
Don’t get it twisted! Rock your VAL with this amazing song.

Download Speechless Mp3/Audio here

Hold my hand by Michael Jackson feat. Akon

I can tell that you’re tired of being lonely, take my hands, don’t let go, baby hold me. Come to me let me be your one and only, so I can’t make it alright till the morning.” There you go!

Hold my hand” is a song by Michael Jackson and Akon.
If waiting on us to give reasons why we picked this song, trust us, we ain’t got any reason. But the song is beautiful and dance-able.

Download Hold My Hand Mp3/Audio here

“Forever” et “With You” by Chris Brown

Forever” is a song by Chris Brown, same goes for “With You“.
cos if I ghat you, I don’t need money, I don’t need car, girl you my all…
You ready to give that assurance to your lover? There you go!

Get “With You” Here | Get “Forever” Here

Wonderful World by Sam Cooke

What a wonderful world” is a song by Sam Cooke. Love doesn’t have theory, once it grips you, you began practicing whole lots of things, most especially things you weren’t ‘once’ thought. To fall in love, you don’t need Biology, History, not even a PhD.

Don’t get it twisted, “What a wonderful world” is here for you.

Download wonderful world mp3/audio here

Inside Out by The Chansmokers featuring Charlee

Is that an old song, too? Well, uhmm.. Not really, but yes! It was released during the last decade, so it’s old. ***winks**

Inside out” is a song by The Chansmokers and Charlee Nyman. It speaks about seeing dark and bright sides of one’s partner and not letting go of ’em after unveiling things to you. Enjoy!..

Download Inside out Mp3/Audio here

I love U by P-Square

I love you” is a song by Peter and Paul OkoyeP-Square.
I love you” speaks about letting go of everything for one’s lover and of course, it means long stay together forever assurance!
Add this song to your playlist to bliss your VAL.

Download I love you mp3/audio here

Loving You Everyday by Faze

Loving you everyday” is a song by Faze. It’s a beautiful love song with easy-going dance-able song.
Don’t celebrate your VAL without this amazing song…

Download Loving you mp3/audio here

Do you agree with our picks? React in the comment section below and don’t forget to never stop checking back for even more amazing list!

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