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[STORY] THE POOR GIRL (Episode 26)




Episode 26. (Journey to Succeess)

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The hall went silent instantly and only the sound of the air conditioner was heard in the room so as to enable that there’s no distraction from anywhere. The rules and regulations that governed the competition was announced clearly to all the competitors as they both agree to adhere to the rules, soon the competition began as normal and it was only 30 seconds for any question to be answered. Melody’s heart began racing for the first time which has never happened before. It was five different schools that competed for the competition and they were Top high school, success is sure high school, miles high school, golden gates high school and mentor general school. Mrs Hannah was smiling likewise other teachers and staff that came with their participant knowing fully well that their students will perform better. The first question was for Top schools which was from chemistry.

” List the factors that affects the solubility of a substance ”

” The factors are Temperature, nature of solute and solvent and finally pressure ” Desmond answered from Top schools.

“Two points give it to them” the judge said and the house was filled with claps and shouts.

” Second question goes to Miles high school. What is a chemical reaction”?

” A chemical reaction involves the transformation of reactants to the product ” Chinedu answered from miles high school

“Correct give it to them two points. Now golden gates school. “What is solubility curve”?
The house went silent to hear Melody’s response even Mrs Hannah who was smiling soon stop smiling because time was going and melody didn’t seem to answer the question. It was one of the simplest question but melody was thinking critically on what the answer could be and finally the bell came on that her 30 seconds has expired which got Mr Adams her principal upset that they have loosed one question yet. The bonus was given to any school which they gave them one point.
The competition was just to be two rounds consisting two subjects only which was physics and chemistry.
It kept on repeating itself that melody has failed to answer 4 questions which she has loosed 8 points and the remaining four schools were on the same rank as they compete successfully without loosing any question. Mr Adams was so angry as he stood up and left, teachers too that were from golden gates school were so shocked to see the same girl that made them proud last few days ago is the same girl that is putting shame on their faces. Melody was already became a laughing stock by students from other schools as she sat there like a molten image, Mrs Hannah couldn’t believe her eyes that even if she was being told that melody couldn’t answer these questions she wouldn’t have believed it thus leading her to the conclusion that something is wrong somewhere. Henry too was more shocked than every other people to see his teacher loosing to her opponents which made him wondered what could have drained her brain and removed all the good senses in it. Gladys was not left out too as she was visibly seen looking so angry as her heart moved up and down in sign of anger.
Teachers from golden gates school began leaving one by one when it came to the end of round one which was chemistry that melody scored 0 points out of 20 points. Melody too herself was shedding physical tears as she did not understand the outcome of the poor performance, she was being laughed at the more she was shedding tears to the extent Henry himself was feeling so embarrassed that he couldn’t even control his temper. Melody head was spinning as she didn’t know what to do and the next step to take so as not to fail the competition, she began thinking back of promising her parent that she will win the competition and make the proud, she was so embarrassed that she couldn’t withstand the sight of the students from her school. Her dream of becoming great through the competition began dying down slowly as she began to loose hope that will fail. They were now in round two as the same thing kept repeating itself melody was still not responding to any question at all. The end of the round finally came and the judges were busy bringing out the final result as the DJ gave a shower music that softened the house, Melody didn’t wait for her to be told to go down from the podium as she ran down the podium in tears heading outside through the front door as many were still laughing at them, she didn’t want to hear her name being announced as a looser. Mrs Hannah was feeling embarrassed too but she had to wait an collect the certificate of her student if when she has failed. Henry ran after melody as she went straight to a corner crying and sniffing, Gladys followed Henry behind to know what is the mess melody has caused all about. Amanda was still inside relaxing her mind that melody will loose and it will be a shameful thing to golden gates school for choosing her to represent their school.
The music finally died down as the chief judge climb the podium taking the microphone to announce the final result the winner and the looser.


“I’m glad that this day is reality as we all has been expecting, so let’s pay attention to the results and hear the winning side.

“At the end of round one which was chemistry, Golden Gate school scored 0 points, Miles school scored 20 points, Top school scored 20 points, success is sure20 points, and mentor high school 20 points”.
And during the round two golden gates scored 0, miles 19, Top 12, success 16, mentor 18 points. Now the final results.

“The last position goes to…….. He was being interrupted by his fellow colleague who climbed the podium and whispered to his ear thus making him to shake his head and then the man went down.

“We are sorry to announce to you that this competition has been cancelled and it is being reschedule on Friday as the governor and all his fellow entourage just called to inform us that they wants to be present to see his students performing very well and that’s the news for now, so today’s competition has been cancelled, competitors go and prepare yourself very well so as to appear brilliant before the governor and show him what’s in you, and as for that young lady that is from golden gates school I see potentials in you go and prepare for the competition well. Thank you everyone ” he said and climbed down as people murmured and it was a joyous moment for people from golden gates school that they have not loosed and that another opportunity is being given to them as they contemplate on how to drop melody.

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They all went their different ways to where they came from heading to their various schools because there was still time left. On getting to the school Mr Adams summoned Mrs Hannah and asked her about the outcome of the competition and she told him everything.

He quickly send the time keeper to ring the bell and summoned all the students I’m the assembly hall which he did.

“Good afternoon students ”

“Good afternoon sir,!

“Today was the day the competition was held and to be sincere I have never felt embarrassed this way before, golden gates school has never failed in any competition before when it was being lead by Amanda Patrick, but today it was another story as we scored a whole 0 point in two rounds.

The students murmured and some were even shouting.

“And for that students, Melody Armstrong has been dropped down from representing the school on the competition, and Amanda Patrick is the one that will represent us” he said and climbed down as students looked at melody and mocked her while Gladys assurred her that all will be fine as she gave Amanda a deadly glare.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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