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[STORY] THE POOR GIRL (Episode 18)




Episode 18.

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On a bright Friday morning melody came to school looking so excited and happy but nothing happened in particular that made her happy, everything went on well in school until she noticed that Henry has not said a word to her since she came, that got her worried as she was battling in her heart whether to give him a chance to love her or not. Melody knew vividly well that it’s because of her refusal to respond to Henry proposal that makes him not to speak with her. Gladys noticed that melody was lost in thought as she tap her on the shoulder asking her what the problem was but she said nothing happened which Gladys left her.
Amanda was still with Desmond keeping in touch so as to know when Melody will accept Henry for them both to strike. Henry was seen talking and laughing with Chester the girl he once crushed on but didn’t say it out until melody came. They were having good time together gisting and laughing, melody was so jealous that Henry now has another person that makes him smile, she stood up and walked to Henry to have a word with him.

“Henry “she called softly making him to turned and look at her and frown immediately.

“can I have a word with you please? ” she requested

“I’m sorry melody you can’t, I’m busy for now “he said and turned his back on her and resumed talking to Chester again, melody left feeling embarrassed and heart broken. All the lesson that went on that day melody’s mind was not in the class as all her thought was on whether to accept the fact that she loves Henry too or not.
School came to a close as everyone began packing their stuffs to go, so as Henry who didn’t bother to talk to melody or ask her anything again, his driver arrived and he left the class.

“Henry! “melody called thus making him to stop but does not turn around or say a word. Melody walked to him and look him in the eye feeling her own tears.

“Henry can I have a word with you please? ”

“Now? “he asked

“Yes now! ”

“I’m sorry dear as you can see I’m really hungry, I need to go until next time “he said and walked out on her thus making her tears to finally drop as her heart shattered. Henry too couldn’t hold it he was really regretting treating melody that way but that was the only solution to make her feel the same way he is feeling.
Melody cried her eyes out as she sat in the school building while everyone has left, after 30 minutes she decided to go home, if only Henry will hear her out.

Henry got home feeling the pain in his heart, he changed into his casual wear and walked into the parlour since he was the only one in the house, he switched on the TV and there displayed a wrestling match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar, his favorite fan was John Cena so he didn’t want to miss the great fight, he adjusted to the position that will make him comfortable, he walked to the fridge open it and then brought out a juice qnd a glass to keep himself entertained in the great fight.
The match was a tough one as Brock Lesnar gave John Cena a tough time but finally finally John Cena emerged the winner as Henry jumped up at the last beat of the ground by the reference as Brock Lesnar didn’t move thus making John Cena the winner. He jumped up as someone who just won a lottery, just then his phone rang he looked at the screen and it was boldly written Amanda thus making him to wonder what she wants from him but due to the happiness of his man John Cena being the winner of the fight he picked the call and put it on speaker .

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“Hello Henry, good afternoon “Amanda said in her angelic voice

“Yes good afternoon Amanda, this one that you call I hope I’m safe “he said this making her to giggle.

“You are safe oo, I always call but you refuse to pick my call so I’m just surprise today ”

“I’m always busy that’s why “he replied her

“Okay I just wanted to check on you Henry ”

“As what? He asked thus making Amanda to go silent but finally speak up.

“Don’t worry, as a classmate of course ”

“Okay thank you I’m grateful “he said

“I love you Henry ”

“Thank you I hear”he replied and Amanda know that he’s going to end the call so she shouted on him

“Wait wait Henry, I’m just telling you my mind but please let’s be friends again, I’m sorry for everything I did”she apologized with a cracking voice thus making Henry weak because he’s always weak emotionally.

“I’ve heard u ”

“So are we now friends? She asked

“Sure we are”he replied and end the call thus making him to remember how he treated melody earlier and be regret everything he did.

Melody was so lost in thought standing home as she couldn’t concentrate on anything, she has really made up her mind to try it out.

#Next day in school the principal climb up the podium after the national anthem was being sang.

“Good morning students ”

“Good morning sir! “they chorused

“I want to use this medium and welcome the new students into golden gates school. I want to let you know that the state education has decided to carry on an inter school competition between the top schools in the state, and we all know that golden gate school is one of them. So we decided yesterday in the school meeting that it’s the SS2 students that will represent us in the competition as the SS3 will be preparing for their WAEC. So Mrs Hannah will brief you on that in your class, good morning students “he concluded and climb down the podium thus making everyone to return to their classes as the ss2 students were busy calibrating on the just concluded announcement by the principal. Some had already began choosing melody while some Amanda when the competition has not even started yet.

Mrs Hannah arrived the class after the students settle down in their various seats and was welcomed with a brief greeting as usual.

“I’m here to brief you on the issue of the states top schools competition and on how it will be carried out” Mrs Hannah began

“First we have to organize the competition here in the lower level here in SS2 department and the winning team here will represent us in the state, is that clear to everyone?

“Yes ma!

“Now I need 3 groups and the group will have 3 representative each, now choose “she said. She didn’t even concluded when hand were lifted up to choose she pointed at Brownson to say something.

“I choose Amanda to be the leader of group A” she said and the house was filled with shouts and claps as Mrs Hannah asked her to step forward which she did.
Melody was later choosed as the group B leader, while Brownson himself was chosen as the ground C leader.

The members in group A were, Amanda Patrick, Gladys Wills and Mike Kali .
Group B were Melody Armstrong, Henry Stephen and David Bill.

Group C. Brownson David, Joyce Kali and Nelson Nelson.

Mrs Hannah congratulates them and later asked them to see her in the staff room during break time for proper briefing. Gladys was so angry to be in Amanda’s group instead of melody’s group, she hated that girl called Amanda but there’s nothing to be done.
After Mrs Hannah has left, melody called her team to have a word with them, she sees that as an opportunity to talk to Henry which she was strategiesing on what to tell him.
She brief them all to study hard cause they will be the winner which they nod their head and she dismissed them.


“Everyone can go except Henry Stephen which I will send on an errand she said and they left, soon the hall was deserted leaving them both alone.
Melody walked to Henry, he was backing her but suddenly turned when Melody approached him.

“Henry! “she called softly playing with her finger nails.

“I wants to say that…….

“No melody say anything, I’m sorry for how I treated you for the past weeks” he replied thus leaving melody speechless wondering is she didn’t asked him to wait whether he would have still said it.

“Melody I love you with the whole of my heart, but since you decided not reply me it hurts me so very much “he said feeling his heart beat. Melody too was feeling her own heart beat too.

“Henry I love you too”she finally said looking down and the word was like a dream to Henry as he opened his mouth wide but can’t close it again.
“You feel the same for me? “he asked and melody nod her head positively.

“But I’m afraid “she said

“Don’t be afraid dear, I promise you that I will love you with the best way I can and I won’t make you regret giving me a chance ” he said and melody was battling with her heart.

“Melody please will you be my girlfriend? He asked and melody nod her head positively.

“Thank you very much melody for giving me a chance “he said and hug her very tight not feeling like letting go. Melody mind too was now at rest.
Amanda who was eavesdropping on them smiled and then walked out of her hiding place so as not to be caught as she smiled that this is the moment she has been waiting for to strike.
In the rules and regulations of golden gates school no students were allowed to be found in a dark corner or any lonely place exchanging love actions but here was Henry and melody hugging each other never to let go.

“What? “a voice sounded from the door which interrupted them from what they did. They turned to look at who it was and to their greatest shock who they saw shocked them to the bone.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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