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[STORY] THE POOR GIRL (Episode 11)




Episode 11.

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As Gladys was struggling with Henry to pass so as to teach Amanda the lesson of her life.

Amanda who was hiding behind praise saw that as an opportunity to run out of the class, without thinking twice she took on her heels and ran out of the class thus making everyone to laugh out their nerves.

Melody was so worried about her test script, thinking of how she has loss her 30 marks not knowing that the worst had already happened.

If chanced was to be given to Amanda to tell everyone the reason why she hate melody talkless of treating her that way she would not have a clear answer to that question, only to tell people that it’s because of her poor background.

Gladys was fuming in anger as she stood there watching Henry who was trying to calm her down. If only Henry knew what Amanda had done, he wouldn’t have dared to save Amanda.

Luckily for Amanda that the exam to be written that day had been written early enough thus giving her the chance of escape.

She placed a call to his father driver immediately she escaped Gladys knowing fully well that Gladys will surely come for her.

Desmond wasn’t ready to give up on melody as his feelings keep increasing for her, and melody too wasn’t ready for anything called love as she think about her background.

Back to the school garden which has a very good and beautiful trees in it that helps to provide shade, there were different colourful trees planted to give the garden an extinguished look. Long benches of different sizes were at different angles to enable one relax well.

Melody and Gladys were seen sitting on one of the bench with hollandia yoghurt in their hands which they purchased from the cafeteria and the bills were paid by Gladys.

“I don’t even know what’s wrong with this girl called Amanda “Gladys broke the silence and just then melody giggled remembering the event that transpired between them earlier.

“Me too I’m confused, but we have to let her be for the mean time maybe she will change as time goes on “Melody replied

“But she’s too cruel and wicked and we have to teach her a lesson “Gladys said taking a sip of her yoghurt. Henry arrived the place looking neat and handsome.

“Do you mind if I join you guys? He asked

“No problem you are free “Gladys said and Henry sat down behind melody.

Henry was busy stealing glances at melody which she noticed too but pretended as if she saw nothing, Henry pinch her real hard to gain her attention which he succeeded. Melody turned to look at him and he looked away, Melody giggled at his childish behavior and Gladys understood where Henry was driving to so she had to excuse herself so as to give the lover boy the space he needed to discuss with melody.

“See you guys later “Gladys said standing up

“So soon? Melody asked

“I hope I’m not the one driving you away ooo” Henry said and Gladys winked at him thus making him to know that instant that Gladys knows his plans so he looked down feeling shy and Gladys hug melody and left.

The place was so silent immediately Gladys left as Henry was busy thinking of the right way to start up the conversation, after two minutes of silence he later speak up.

“Hi melody”

“Hi Henry ”

“I…. I… Just wanted to…. “he stammered and stopped there scratching his head as he was out of words praying that melody understand where he is driving to but melody didn’t give a d–n.

Desmond was watching them from the window of his class and his hesrt was filled with jealousy and hatred for Henry his junior student that instant.


He came down from his class and head to the garden just to make sure that he distract Henry from saying what he had to say.

He finally reached the place, he stood before them smiling which Henry and melody stood up just to give their senior prefect the respect he deserves.

“Good afternoon senior” they greeted in unison

“Yeah good afternoon guys, please Henry do you mind buying some snacks from the cafeteria I’m really tired “he said stretching out a #500 note to Henry. Henry was so angry deep inside that he has spoiled his plans but didn’t show it on the outside, because in the history and rule of golden gates school no student is to disobey their seniors then talkless of Henry disobeying the whole senior prefect and that was the main reason Henry had to obey Desmond and left for the cafeteria thus giving Desmond the chance and space he needed.

“Hi melody, do you mind if I sit down here? Melody only nod her head in a yes gesture without saying word.

He sat down near Melody and immediately he wanted to being up the topic again Henry arrived the scene running with the stuffs Desmond send him. It’s obvious that Henry knew his plan so he had to hurry and rush so that his own melody won’t be taken.

Desmond expression changed thinking what could have made Henry that fast, he wanted to send Henry on another errand but that was not going to be possible because if he tries that his plans will be known by Henry. He smiled and stood up after collecting the stuff from Henry but his heart was really shattered as he left the place, immediately he was out of sight he threw away those stuffs because he was not really hungry, his plan was to send Henry away so as to have chance to talk with melody.

Henry sat down this time around without wasting time so as to not to be distracted again he goes straight to the point.

“Melody? He called making her to turned and looked at him to see him looking at her in a lovely and pleading eyes. Henry was 18 years just like melody and they were fit for each other as one could see them having the same height and almost the same features in common.

Melody tried her best not to look at Henry in the eyes so as to avoid falling for him too but Depp inside she felt something for him too but wasn’t ready to mess up with her life.

“Melody I love you “Henry finally drop the bomb feeling his heart racing faster than before as he held melody soft hand feeling the hotness thus generating a lovely moment for them both. The word I love you kept on repeating on melody’s memory as she looked at Henry finally in the eyes seeing sincerity in them.

“I want you to be my girlfriend melody, I promise I will be truthful “he said making sure his words have effect on her.

Gladys who was watching them from a far smiled as she saw the both of them in a lovely manner.

Immediately Henry landed his speech,the school bell came on for school dismissal.

“Melody please say something ”

Melody didn’t say a word, she stood up and dust her skirt then look at Henry in the eyes finally and left feeling her own heart beat too.

Henry was so disappointed as he hit his fist on the bench.

“Don’t harm yourself, just give her sometime to think, she’s a lady “Gladys assured him from behind and he was startled wondering how Gladys got to know her plan.

“okay I’ve heard u “he replied and they both left the garden.

Melody got home and saw her mother outside, she greeted her and walked inside. That was unlike melody because she always shout her poor mom name anytime she comes back from school but today was different as Mrs Armstrong wondered what could have made her daughter behave that way but she need to allow her rest first before asking her anything.


After 30 minutes since melody arrived home, she was moody and thinking at the same time, Mrs Armstrong walked into the room to see her daughter looking down on the floor twisting and playing with her finger nails as if she is being chiked by a man.

“Melody! She called softly but got no response as she was busy thinking

“Melody! She called again but still no response.

Melody! She called for the last time shouting thus making her to jerk from her thought and woneredhow long her mom was calling her.

“What’s wrong with you melody, I’ve been calling you for 3 times but no response ”

“I… Mom… I’m fine “she stammered trying to act cool but it was too late because her mom caught her already

“What are you thinking about my daughter? Melody didn’t want to tell her mom this one but she always tell her mom everything being the truth.

“Mom, you worry too much it’s nothing and I’m fine, I was only thinking about my exams” she lied not knowing that her mom has gathered more information just with a mere looking deep into her eyes.

“Do you love him too? Mrs Armstrong asked

“What! .love who mom? It’s obvious you think too much that’s why you are saying this ” she said feeling scared wondering how mom got to know what makes her to think and how she got to know.

“My daughter, what a child cannot see even if he climbs the tallest mountain, an old man can see while sitting “she said this putting melody in a more confused state.

Back to Mr Stephen residence which was Henry’s parent. Henry could be seen in the dinning table with a plate of delicious fried rice with chicken inside right before him but he didn’t touch anything inside talkless of eating as his thoughts was on melody whether she will accept him or not.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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