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[STORY] MR. TEACHER (Episode 10)

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Episode 10.

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I knocked on the open door of the principal’s office. She was a big woman and she was seated at her desk scribbling something in a file. She looked up and gestured at me to come in and I did.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted.

Her chair creaked noisily as she leaned back into her chair and stared at me through her glasses. “Please sit down.”

I sat down on one of the two chairs across from hers and said, “Ma, I was told by Mr. Amos that you wanted to see me.”

“Yes…” She took off her glasses and set it down on the file. “Some reports have come to me that your relationship with the students in inappropriate.”

I feigned ignorance and confusion. “What do you mean ma?”

She sighed then entwined her fingers on the desk in front of her. “I heard that you secretly meet with some students in secluded places and some even go as far visiting you at home.”

“What!” I exclaimed. “That allegation is wrong, ma!”

“Really? This is a very serious allegation Mr. Patrick and any teacher found guilty will not only be sacked but handed to the police for exploiting the girls and having sex with them. They are not even adults, do you realize that that might have blossomed more than they are supposed to but they are still children!”

“I am very much aware ma.” I said, adjusting to the edge of my seat, trying to look convincing and emotional too that I had been wrongly accused. “They are like sisters to me and I assist most of them with their assignments or any difficulty they might be experiencing academically. In as much as I will never do anything to tarnish my very good reputation, I won’t also do that to the school. I want you to believe that all these allegations are mere rumours only put out to drag my name through the mud ma.” I defended myself.

“Very good.” She nodded. “I’ll like to remind you that you came highly recommended from a very good friend of mine who’s also a parent in this school so please, do not make me regret employing you in this school.”

“I give you my word ma that I wouldn’t do such. I’m a good christian and fornication is just not one of my things, not to talk of sleeping with small girls that are even too naive to know anything about sex.”

“Alright… You can go.” She dismissed me and as I rose, she added, “Um, Mr. Patrick, I heard that you are very good in biology so I will like you to be giving my daughter lessons after school hours.”

“Which of your daughters ma? The one in SS3?” I asked.

“No, the one is SS1, she’s very poor in it. You know Toyin, don’t you?”

“Of course ma.”

“Yes, that’s the one.” She said.

“Okay ma. I’ll get back to you.” I said and stepped out. As I walked back to my lab, I heaved a sigh of relief and decided that I had to be more careful and secretive about my escapades. I wasn’t ready to lose this job at all. Then I smiled when I taught of Toyin. I had already slept with her in my house and d–n! That girl’s buttocks were as big as her mother’s. The way they clapped on my d–k anytime I gave her the doggy style was a sight to always relish in.

That afternoon after school, I went for one of my extra lessons. It was in an estate and I taught a JSS 3 girl of fifteen Basic Science and Technology. I was also knowledgeable about the subject and her elder sister who was in SS1 had been the one who had recommended me to the mother. As I walked into the sitting room after the door was opened by the maid, the mother flounced into it in a long flowing floral gown and with her handbag on her forearm.

“Oh, uncle, you are here.” She said in surprise and her perfume soon permeated the entire parlour.

“Good afternoon ma.” I greeted.

“Deborah!” She turned and called out over her shoulder. “Your uncle is here, bring him a can of malt!” Then she turned to me and said, “I’m actually on my way out, I’ve a naming ceremony to attend and I’ll not be back till seven thirty.”

“Okay ma.” I politely said.

“When are you supposed to be done with the lesson?” She asked.

“Six p.m. ma.” I answered.

“Fair enough. No one is at home besides the maid and Deborah I’m glad that you, an adult came just in time to be with them until I get back.”

“What about Tina?” I asked of the older sister.

“You know young girls of nowadays na, she has gone off to a friend’s place.”

“Alright ma.”

Bidding me goodbye, she hurried out of the house and I soon heard her car pull out of the compound and zoomed off. After what felt like ten minutes, Deborah appeared from another small door leading to the dinning room which can be seen from the sitting room. She was wearing an alter-neck blouse and a bum short. Swallowing hard, I rose, grabbed my books and went into the dining room.

“Uncle, good afternoon.” She greeted me as she placed her note book, textbook and stationery on the dinning table. She usually sat across from me but this time, I told her to seat next to me instead. She obliged without suspecting anything and we began the lesson immediately. Thirty minutes into the lesson and finding it difficult to concentrate with the way her nipples were sticking out through the thin material of the blouse and when I leaned back, I could see the crack between her ass from her bum short.

Deciding that this was my chance to try my luck with her, I asked her to call the maid. When the maid appeared, I slipped my hand into my pocket and told her to go get me Gala sausage roll. “Oga, dem no dey sell that one for estate o. Where dem dey sell am far small.” The maid told me.

“Ehn, no go buy am come.” I told her and she left.

Five minutes after when I was sure that the maid was gone and that I was all alone in the house with Deborah, I carefully asked. “Deborah, let me ask you a question.”

She looked at me with curious eyes. “Uncle, what is it?”

“Why do you wear such clothes?”

“My mum buys them for me and my sister. She says if we learn how to dress sexy from when we are younger, we will learn how to keep our husbands when we are married.” She answered.

“I see.” I cleared my throat then tentatively asked. “But has your mother taught you the best way to keep a man yet?”

“How uncle?”

“Stand up.” I said and she obeyed then I turned my chair sideways to face her. “Do you know that you have such a beautiful body that any man would be willing to die for?”

“I do?” She asked, checking out her body.

“Yes…like this two things now…” I reached out and flicked her nipples with a finger and she shyly recoiled from me, her arms flying to protect herself.

“Uncle, what are you doing? You just touched my breasts.” She smiled shyly, not meeting my eyes.

“Do you want to be the most brilliant girl in your class?” I asked.

“Yes uncle.” She said.

“Then let me suck them.”

“No o… My mum said that I shouldn’t let anybody touch my breasts.” She gently protested.

“Really?” I asked and when she nodded, I told her, “Do you know why Chioma is the most brilliant?” When she shook her head, I said, “That’s simply because I have been touching her here.” I pointed at her breasts. “Okay, wait, let me show you something.” I quickly unbuckled my belt and brought out my d–k which was already hard then shook it at her but when she gave no surprised looks, I asked her, puzzled. “Have you seen this before?” When she nodded, I asked again, “Where?”

“Uncle Timothy puts it here…” She touched her pubic area “…anytime he spends the weekend in our house.”

“Who’s this uncle Timothy?” I asked, curious to find out who this bastard that has beaten me to the honeypot was.

“Mummy’s younger brother.” She replied.

I slowly whistled in shock. So her uncle has been sleeping with her and no one knew. “Did you tell your mum?” I asked, in order not to jump into conclusions.

“No, he told me not to tell anybody or I’ll die and mummy will die too.” She said sadly.

“I see…” I slowly nodded then took a good look at her from head to foot. “Have you started seeing your menses yet?”

“No.” She shook her head. “Only Tina has started.”

“Good… Come.” I beckoned her over and she slowly approached me. “Let me see what uncle Timothy has been doing there.” I said as I reached for the button of her bumshort and started zipping it down. I forced it down her waist and told her to place a foot on my lap so I could take a good look at her v—-a. “Did he touch you like this?” I asked as I stroked her there and when she nodded, I slipped a finger into her, “Did he do this too?” She nodded again. This time, I fingered her slowly, “What about this?” She nodded yet again and this time I was frigging hard. My fingers were already wet with her secretions. “When does he do it?”

“In the midnight, he comes into my room to put his thing inside of me.” She answered.

“And when last did he do it?”

“On Saturday night. He always leaves on Sunday afternoon.”

“I see… Let me check inside and see if he injured you but I also have to check with my thing.” I pointed down at my d–k when a frown crossed her face, I quickly assured her. “Don’t worry, it’s for your own good, it’s just to feel if inside is bruised. When I’m done, we will get this Timothy of an uncle arrested and locked up for good.” When she naively nodded, I pulled her to me and made her s——-d my lap then slowly, I sat her down on my d–k. She was tight and warm and I moaned as she swallowed me whole.

“Uncle can I stand up now?” She asked.

“No, not at all.” I said quickly. “Scanning inside might take twenty minutes and to complete the process, you have to go up and down.”

“Okay.” She nodded, held my shoulders to support herself and began to slid up and down my s—t. I tried not to show much emotion to give away the fact that i was enjoying it. I assisted her in bouncing on me, telling her that it would work faster that way while i held both buttocks in my hands. She bounced on me till I felt myself at the edge of cumming and soon I exploded inside of her. Since she was yet to begin her menses, there was no cause for alarm. When I was done, I slowly pulled her off me and some of my semen trickled out of her.

“Go and have your bath but don’t change your clothes. And as for that your uncle, I’ll see him personally.” I told her but I knew that I had no intention of doing so. Two minutes after she left and I had tucked my chairman back into my trousers and composed myself, the maid returned and handed me the gala. Deborah returned ten minutes later and we continued the lesson with what time was left before I left her house.hi SÀÑTÜS 08091756761 to be added the story room to enjoy more from there.

At night, I dreamt of the girl I had seen in SS2 Art class again but when I was about touching her, I woke up. I sat up on my bed, panting and wondering why I was dreaming of the same girl a second time. Then I concluded that destiny was trying to connect me to her and that made me more resolved to get her at all cost. Soon, I returned to sleep, anticipating the next day.

To Be Continued…

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