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[STORY] MR. TEACHER (Episode 07)

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Episode 07.

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The next day when it was around 3 o. Clock when Halimat returned from school, I immediately tidied up my room, borrowed air freshener from a bachelor neighbour who worked in a sachet water factory. He chuckled and asked if I was expecting a woman but I simply ignored him. When I was done, I stood by the door to assess my room, trying to imagine that I was the girl and how I would feel when I walked into the room, and I was pleased with what I saw. I had even changed my bedsheet which I had not changed for two months. I had mopped my carpet and gotten rid of all the cobwebs in the corners of my room and the ceiling and then I quickly rushed to the bathroom to have my bath then donned on a red shirt and pair of jeans trousers that I only wore on special occasions.

When I was done, I took a good look at my room again to be sure that everything was in place before I settled down on my bed to wait. Soon enough, a knock came from the door and I rose to answer it and just like I had expected, Halimat was standing in front of my door with a friend of hers. I ushered them in and as the friend walked past me, I checked her out before I closed the door. I saw her looking around my room with interest and I offered her the only seat in the room which was my mattress.

“Please feel at home.” I said sweetly as I excused myself to buy two cans of Maltina and two Cabin biscuits for both girls. As they ate, I laid down on my side propped up on an elbow, trying to strike a conversation with the girl whom I had found out that her name was Chinelo. Understanding that she was spending too much time after secretly giving her a look, Halimat rose and left the room and I stood up and locked the door after her. When I was finally alone with Chinelo, she seemed a little nervous. “You look very beautiful.” I told her as I returned to the bed.

“Thank you.” She managed to say and slowly began to unbutton her uniform while I watched her. Unlike Halimat, she had bigger boobs and a bloated abdomen. When she was done, I sat down and told her to sit on my laps and she hesitantly complied. I played with her boobs, sucking each one at a time and also caressing her thigh. When she began to moan, I knew that she was beginning to relax. After sucking her boobs for like ten minutes and my erection was practically stabbing her ass, I asked her to completely undress.

I slowly took off my clothes too and told her to come down the bed, lie on her chest in a kneeling position with only the upper part of her body on the bed and her buttocks jutted towards me. I took off her panties, grabbed a jar of Vaseline and set it down beside me. Fully naked with her now, I coated myself with enough Vaseline and did the same to her, concentrating on her opening. She would flinch anytime I slowly inserted a finger into her. Holding each buttocks in my hands and pulling them apart, I guided myself to her tiny opening then pushed a bit. She tensed up immediately but I wasn’t ready for her to change her mind so I added more Vaseline to the entire length of my d–k and pushed half of it in. I heard her groan then saw her fingers clamped down on my bedsheet.

I pushed all the way in then waited for her to adjust to the invasion before I started moving. As I had sex with her, I would reach underneath her to stimulate her c–t with my fingers anytime she tensed up and tightened around me. I did this very well till she was soaking wet around my d–k but I couldn’t go in deep like I had done with Halimat. After having her to my satisfaction, I released on the floor, panting and sweating then I gave her my old blue towel to wipe her sweat and also clean herself up. Just in time, Halimat knocked and I opened the door just as her friend was dressing up. As they walked into the corridor, I heard Halimat asking her in hush whispers how it went and if she was in any pain?

Feeling good with myself, I had my bath, soaked my towel in a bucket of water and slept very well. Then I dreamt. I dreamt of a girl I had never seen before. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and she seemed to be around sixteen years of age. She was so beautiful and sexually appealing that I felt my d–k get hard in the dream but before I could touch her, my sleep was rudely interrupted by a loud knock on my door and this, my dream vanished. Angrily, I got up and dragged myself to the door. I yanked it open and saw Mama Moji, the Muslim woman. Her husband was a soldier who was on duty and what I disliked about this woman was the fact that besides her unkempt hair, she was always on wrapper.

“Wetin? (what?)” I angrily asked.

She stretched an open hand towards me and twisted her mouth to one corner in her usual annoying way. “I come collect nepa money. (I came to collect the electricity bill money)”

“Na why you dey knock my door like that? (Is that why you were knocking on my door that way?) I demanded. “You no know say person dey sleep? Na which kind enemy of progress you be sef? (Didn’t you know that I was sleeping? Why are you this troublesome anyway?)”

“Oh, so you dey sleep? Why no go sleep? After you don f–k that small girl finish. Halimat no do you again, na her friend you kon dey f–k too, abi? (Oh, you were sleeping? After you have had sex with that little girl. So Halimat is not enough to satisfy you and now you have included her friend too, right?)

Alarmed, I suddenly grabbed her other upper arm and yanked her inside her room, scared that someone might overhear her. “Na wetin? (What is it?)” She flashed her eyeballs at me and roughly shook me off. “You wan wound me?! (Do you want to injure me?!)”

“Why you dey talk anyhow na? You wan put me for trouble? Why you like to dey gossip like this sef? Dem use am do you? (Why do you talk so carelessly, do you want to put me in trouble? Why do you like gossiping this much? Are you cursed with it?)”

“Abeg, leave me alone. Give me my money make I commot from here! (Please, leave me alone. Give me my money so that I can leave!)” She snapped and turned a cold shoulder to me.

“You see why e no good make woman be housewife? Na to dey put nose for wetin no concern them! Do you see why it’s not a good thing for women to be housewives? All they do is meddle into other people’s business!” I retorted.

“Oh!” She flared, “So you dey use style-style insult me say I dey jobless abi? You nko? At least I sit down for my domot, I no jobless reach you dey carry p—k dey f–k small small girls upandan. She I na because I still dey pity you abi? I go go tell Mama Halimat everything wey you dey do for this compound! (So you are indirectly insulting me that I’m jobless, right? What about you? At least I sit in front of my room and I am not as jobless as you who goes around sleeping with small girls! Is it because I’m still pardoning you, I’ll go reveal every thing you do in this compound to mama Halimat”) She fired back in a loud voice and i quickly covered her mouth with my hand.

And”Abeg na, why you dey do like this sef? (Please, why are you even behaving like this?)” I pleaded then calmed as I thought of a way out of this mess. “Okay, wetin you want make I give you? (What do you want me to give you)”

“First, give me the 250 naira for light.” She stretched a hand towards me with her elbow on her hip and I rushed to my jeans trousers to fish out the amount.

I gave her three hundred naira and said, “You go give me change fifty naira.”

“No be only change.” She hissed and tied the money into an end of her wrapper before folding it up again. “Ehen, second thing na, you know say my husband no dey around. (You know that my husband has been absent from home).”

“Ehn, wetin come happen? (And so?)

“Wetin come happen na say, body no be firewood, so I want make you service my engine!” She simply said.

“What!” I exclaimed in shock and disgust.

“Wetin be what?! That thing wey you dey do for Halimat and her friend, come do am to me to or I go climb upstairs go tell Mama Halimat. (What is what?! That same thing you have been doing to Halimat and her friends, do it to me too or I’ll go upstairs and tell Mama Halimat.” She said.

“What kind of blackmail is this na?” I grumbled. “You no know say you be married woman? You don even born four, mama moji Which kind wahala be this na? (You know that you are a married woman? You have when given birth to four, mama moji! What kind of problem is this?)

“You dey do abi you no do? (Will you do it or not?)” She placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head sideways towards me, waiting for an answer while I mumbled under my breath like an angry child. How can this woman be asking for the impossible? Even the smell of her wrapper could kill a mouse.

To Be Continued…

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