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[STORY] MR. TEACHER (Episode 03)




Episode 03.

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We panicked now. I didn’t know what to do. It was obvious that even sister Gloria wasn’t expecting her this soon. She quickly grabbed a gown and slipped into it after she quickly wiped off the blood from her inner thighs and private part with the towel she had initially tied. She quickly yanked off the stained bedsheet and squeezed it into one of her bags then she turned to look at me. She accessed me for a minute then suddenly snatched a wig from the wall where it was hung along with other wigs then she handed it to me. Holding the wig, I was confused as I watched her rush to her bag to look for a long flair gown, a pair of slippers and a scarf. Before I could protest, she made me wear everything and then asked me to cover my head with the scarf and hide my face.

When she was satisfied with the outcome, she tried to compose herself as she finally opened the door, went out into the foyer and also unlocked the wooden net gate. Angry and frustrated, sister Yemisi brushed past her. “What took you so long?!” She demanded.

“I’m sorry…” I heard sister Gloria say. “I told you that I am sick and I didn’t hear you because I was sleeping.”

“Fine.” Sister Yemisi who was still angry walked into the room and I saw her give me a curious look. “Who’s this?” She asked.

“Oh!” Sister Gloria was nervous now. “This is Ugo, a friend of mine. She came to visit.”

“Well, it’s a good thing. It’s just the thing I needed and God has provided it. Good evening sister, Ugo, I’m Yemisi.” She stretched a hand towards me and I only smiled through my veil and shook her hand. I shook her hand so hard that when she gave me a look, I realized my mistake and immediately pulled my hand back. “I was afraid to speak because I suspected that my imitation of a female voice would be so pathetic that it would give me away.”

“You don’t speak?” Sister Yemisi spoke. She was a slim lady in her early twenties but had wider hips and she was dark in complexion. Her hair was kinky because she had refused to relax it and she never wore any earrings but she was beautiful.

“She is a shy person because she stammers, so she doesn’t really speak much.” Sister Gloria quickly said on my behalf.

“Oh! May the good Lord restore you completely.” Sister Yemisi beamed down at me then added, “there’s nothing God cannot do.”

I nodded but lowered my face and that was when sister Gloria asked. “What did you mean earlier when you said it’s just what you need and that God has answered your prayers?”

“I was actually hoping that we should hold a vigil tonight, since it’s Friday. But now that sister Ugo is here, it will be more fun.” She explained.

I grew tensed while sister Gloria quickly countered. “No o, that cannot happen. Sister Ugo is not staying the night. He… I mean she has to leave… In fact, she was just about leaving when you returned.”

Sister Yemisi gave me a skeptical look. “Sister Ugo, I have a strong positive feeling about you staying back. I feel that the Almighty God wants to work wonders in our lives and you never can tell what great wonders can occur tonight if you stay the night, so I insist that you do, I promise you that you won’t regret it.” She tried to convince me but I glance to Gloria for help and she seemed helpless.

“Maybe some other time, Yemisi but Ugo really never planned to spend the night. Her family will be worried about her if she doesn’t return home.” Sister Gloria intervened yet.


“If that’s the problem, you can give your family a call and tell them where you are… Besides… It’s about to rain.”

Gloria gave her a baffled look now. “How come you even returned home earlier than normal?” She inquired.

“The sky was showing signs of an impending rain after the service finished. So instead of trekking as usual, I begged mama Rachel to give me a lift home to avoid being caught in the rain.”

“What rain?” Gloria gave her a skeptical look. “There’s no rain at all.”

“I thought you said you were sick.” Yemisi accused Gloria noticing the way she was agile and defensive.

Gloria immediately pretended to look weak then answered. “Sister Ugo bought me some drugs.”

“And I can see that the drugs are really working. As long as sister Ugo is not complaining about staying the night, I don’t see any reason why you should complain on his behalf.” With that, she picked her slippers and put them on the rack then said, “Is there water in the bathroom, I want to bath.”

My ears twitched at the mention of bath and before I could do anything, Yemisi suddenly pulled her blouse over her head and then pulled off her skirt. Her undies were made of white lace material and in as much as I knew that the right thing for me to do was to close my eyes, I couldn’t. I watched her unhook her bra from behind, pulled it off and tossed it on the bed, revealing her perky breasts which had a wide areola and fat nipples to go with.

I saw Gloria given me a sign, secretly signalling me to look away but I ignored her. Jeez! I get to see the nudity of two women in a day. Sister Yemisi took off her panties and I realized that unlike sister Gloria, she was unshaved but her hips were perfect. Grabbing the towel from the wardrobe door, she wrapped it around her body and soon disappeared into the bathroom. I was as hard as rock between my legs but I didn’t want Gloria to notice so I clamped my thighs together.

Gloria sat next to me and began to whisper what we were going to do while Yemisi had her bath. I whispered back that I didn’t know. She told me that Yemisi could be overbearing some times and if she didn’t get what she wanted, she tend to take offence so she begged me to bear the night and stay the night and said that I could leave very early tomorrow morning before Yemisi woke up since she was a deep sleeper.

I reluctantly agreed because I thought that staying the night would enable me have sex with Gloria once again since Yemisi was a deep sleeper. Minutes later, Yemisi stepped out of the bathroom, wet and clad in her towel again. She greeted me and asked if I had eaten and when I shook my head, she chided and teased Gloria that she had no hospitality. Gloria got up, warmed the beans she had in her pot and soon returned with a stealing plate of beans. She grabbed the slice bread on the fridge and gave it to me.

As I ate, I saw Yemisi take off her towel then began to cream herself. When she was done, she slipped into a flimsy cream nightie then sat down on her bed. She leaned her back against the wall and began to read a motivational book. Then she announced that we would start the vigil at 10p.m. and end it by 2a.m. At exactly that time, we began the vigil and sister Gloria led the praise and worship while sister Yemisi did the preaching. It was stressful. While I listened to her drone on and on about salvation, I would nod off to sleep at intervals but Gloria would nudge me awake.

I hated Yemisi at that moment. Here I was dying to sleep and she just didn’t want to give the sermon up. At 1:30a.m., the clouds released the rain it had been hoarding and the downpour was harsh. Cold wind wafted into the room and caused goose pimples. I saw sister Yemisi’s nipples harden through her night gown and I concentrated on that. When the vigil was finally over and it was time to sleep. Yemisi complained that Gloria’s bed was too small for both of us to comfortably sleep on it so she suggested that we joined the two beds together.

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Gloria took away the chair and table and then the two beds were pulled together. I was offered a pillow and I laid down in between the two ladies. Soon, the room grew quiet and the power was taken, leaving us in darkness. I was waiting for Yemisi to sleep deeply before I could turn and start groping Gloria but much to my dismay, I soon realized that she had fallen asleep.

Not pleased that she had bailed out on me, I soon realized that my body was awfully close to Yemisi. She was lying on her side, backing me and the more I shifted away from her, the more I realized that her buttocks had covered the space I had left between us. I would shift and shift but somehow in her sleep, she would cover the space. She did this until there was no more space to shift and I was forced to lie on my side facing her. Lying in between two ladies had made my manhood so hard, especially because I had been looking forward to digging Gloria and the rain also contributed to it.

I laid there and tried to force myself to sleep and that was when Yemisi shifted again and this time, my eyes flew open as her next movement, forced my erection through her ass crack, even though we still have our clothes preventing direct contact. I tried to be still, wondering if I had been caught. I feared that if Yemisi felt my manhood in between her buttocks, then she would definitely know that I was not an Ugo but a guy but she didn’t rouse from her sleep and I felt my manhood twitching in between her buttocks in a mixture of anticipation and dread.

To Be Continued…

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