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[STORY] THE MAN I MARRIED (Final Episode 21)




Episode 21 (Final Episode).

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My husband took my mum to the church the following day as to meet with our, “Daddy General” as we commonly refer to our head pastor. Hey pastor David, “this woman looks almost like your wife if not her twins, Head pastor joked with my husband as they both entered his office. Good morning Daddy, yea, she is my mother- in law and she had requested to see you,” my husband replied without any iota of smile on his face. What could my mother-in-law be up to? He kept thinking….. Ooh, that’s wonderful, mummy, ” i hope all is well? Yes my son but not entirely ok. At this juncture, my husband’s nervousness became more vicious. Talk to me ma, i’m all ears…. But first, let’s say an opening prayer in fellowship, the pastor suggested. How i wish prayers would solve my problems now, how i wish i never told my mum, several wishes never seized from crossing my mind… doesn’t matter now afterall. To the utmost dismay of both my husband and the head pastor, My mother divulged everything to the pastor. She told the pastor everything I have been hiding about my husband and my current condition. She took her time to narrate my ordeal with my husband since the inception of the marriage till this current blind alley. She also told him i am pregnant for another man that isn’t my husband .

The pastor could not believe his ears, he pleaded with my mother to call me to confirm if all my mother said were true. Of course, you can place a call to Folake my daughter and confirm all i said if you nurse any doubt within you , “my mum defiantly suggested. When I heard my phone rang and saw it was pastor, my heart was oeverwhelmed with fear because i already envisaged the intent . ‘Sis Fola, is all your mother told me true?’ He asked me on phone but I couldn’t alter a word until he ended the call. My silence of course gave him the answer to his question. My husband stood still in the pastor’s office like a frozen image without dropping a word. He couldn’t fathom what just happened. How would he explain to himself that his entire life, career and aspirations just crumbled within a twinkle of an eye…..

No way! Pastor David, “what do you have to say about these grievous allegations against you? And what would you do to your wife concerning another man’s child she’s carrying?” Pastor queried my husband as he was lost in thoughts. He opened his mouth and closed them repeatedly but couldn’t say a word. Hot tears were gushing copiously down his chubby cheek. My mum had excused them and headed home to definitely come and meet me. Unfortunately, Before my mother came back, I had picked few of my things and ran away from the house. I knew it was game over… I already made up my mind to end this fatal ordeal once and for all. What would i discourse with my mum? What would i possibly tell the entire church? That the most adored Mummy Folake is pregnant for another man?….. “the gods must be crazy”I went to a destination no one close to me knew about.

I changed my phone number immediately and made sure no one would reach me .However, I called Sarah to inform her of my disappearance but didn’t tell her anything about my destination. I also hid the identity of my number when I called her. Why talking with Sarah, i noticed she wasn’t either elated or surprised to have heard from me after my sudden disappearance. She started crying immediately she found out i was the one on the phone… What’s the problem Sarah? I’m sorry i had to elope without telling you, it was so expedient i had to take that rash decision, “i tried explaining to Sarah thinking she was mad at me. Little did i know she had another bad news. Folake, you’re husband is dead… She said and hung the phone. Jesus, what did she mean? I quickly redial the number and it rang for sometime before she picked. What did you mean Sarah, who died? How? When?…. All these questions i asked all at same time.

Folake, your husband David committed suicide,”Sarah said to me as she moaned in grief. His remains was found inside his room after he couldn’t bear the shame and maybe your disappearance aggregated it. Folake David is dead……Sarah said faintly! The phone fell off my hand, i cried uncontrollably and wished that day i never was born. Where do i start from? How do i make reparations for all my atrocities? The end is obviously here….. The end of Folake. I am dying of guilt but I can’t face the shame. I have lost everything, my husband, my salvation, my job and the man I truly love. I am writing this story for all the women who are living with domestic violence and all couples who are facing similar challenges in their homes to pluck a leaf and make an amend before it becomes too late. My name is Folake and this is my Story….

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