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Episode 19.

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Through the night, i could barely catch some sleep. Never have i been so clueless and restless like this. Folake, “what’s wrong with you?,” my husband asked though carelessly as he noticed from my countenance how unease i was. I ignored him as i kept dusting the furniture in the living room. Ain’t you the one i’m talking to ?, ”he roared at me angrily. Sorry dear, i’ m fine, ” i answered in pretence.

My husband picked his Bible and left without saying anymore word to me. I felt relieved because i didn’t inform him about my mum’s visit as i had decided to take my mum to Mrs. Iyanda’s house upon arrival. Mrs Iyanda is a family friend of ours whose kids have all grown and lived abroad. At least, my husband wouldn’t suspect any gimmick. The door bell rang and i quickly ran to check if my mum had arrived but it was an “aboki” who normally fetches water for us.. Oooops. It was not until 3pm that mum finally arrived. On her arrival,it was obvious she didn’t come to play ludo game with me as her face was swollen, i knew she must have been crying from the Village to calabar. I hugged her tightly as we both wept uncontrollably for few minutes.

she did a manual check on my body to ascertain that I was truly pregnant. ‘Have you told anybody?’ She asked me. ‘No ma.’ ‘What of the man who impregnated you?’ ‘I haven’t told him either.’ She asked me for his phone number but I pretended I was searching for it while I knew I had deleted it from my phone. ‘Can’t you get the number?’ She asked angrily. I was ashamed of myself at that moment. How do I explain to my mother I don’t have the contact of the man who got me pregnant? By the way, where is your husband? She asked. He would probably be in the church i guessed. I really need to see him immediately, mum said. Oh my God… This wasn’t part of the plan…. I wasn’t ready to spill the milk just yet…. What’s mum up to?

Millions of confusing questions begging to be deciphered kept sprouting on my mind. Mum, can’t we leave out my husband at least for now? I suggested almost begging. You must be out of your mind for suggesting that Folake, you think this is a child’s play? We’re talking about infidelity and adultery here my child. Please, call your husband and also call the young man, that Devil that had decided to destroy my family, she said with a shaky voice almost bursting into tears again. I guess by now, all the tears in her eyes would have gone dried. I went out and quickly called Sarah, Sarah please send me Tony’s number now, it’s urgent. I thought you said you have nothing to do with him again, she asked jokingly. ‘Seems like his thing is sweeter than David’s own.’ I hated her for that expensive joke. ‘Will you send me the number or not?’ I asked in annoyance. Thirty seconds later she forwarded the number to me. I gave the number to my mother and she tried calling him. She tried severally without it going through.

Are you sure this number is correct, Folake, “she asked. I wouldn’t even know since i don’t have his number off heart. Try again ma, i’m sure it would go through, i said with faith. It finally went through and a lady picked instead. Hello, ”is this Tony?. My mum wondered why a lady’s voice instead of a male as expected. Nope, “this is Not Tony but Tony’s wife. He left few minutes ago to the mall… Who are you please? She quickly cut the call and looked rather puzzled as she glared at me with hate. Folake, what kind of play is this? My mum asked. In my confusion i asked what Tony said.

His wife picked the call and said Tony was away……. His wife? How? Is Tony married? Jesus?……. I grasped For breathe and passed out….

To Be Continued….. . . .

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