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Episode 13.

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When I got home that day I began to think of how to fill the form and how my actions will affect those who see us as role models. If I fill the form against my husband, what do I stand to gain? If otherwise, what do I stand to lose? Is it not better for only me to suffer than to put the entire church in confusion. If members find out who their almighty Bro David is, it will surely lead many backslide and many will be disappointed in Christ. But will God pardon my lies if I fill the form in his favour? Since he has never shown his cruelty in church or to any member in church he may be a good pastor after all. He may be a bad husband but a good pastor. Moreover there’s no pastor without a weakness or a bad side. Should I be a stumbling block to God’s divine purpose for my husband? Assuming pastor’s and neighbour’s recommendations are excellent and contrary to mine? Because I know and I am sure their recommendations will be faultless, I will then be seen as the bad sheep who does not want the progress of her husband. God forbid, I will never be a stumbling block to any man’s progress. I picked the form again and glanced through the contents. It had two sections as thus;


1. Your Full Name…..
2. Name of Ordainee………
3. Your Relationship With The Ordainee…….
4. How Long Have You Known The Ordainee? ………
5. Can You Say If The Ordainee Has God’s Call……..
6. Will You Recommend We Ordain Him/Her As An Assistant Pastor? ……….

1. Can you say expressly if he is born again? …….
2. Does he have extra marital affairs you know of?…… ..
3. Does he smoke or drink alcohol?…….
5. Does he manage his home well?……
6. Has he been found to be violent at home or elsewhere?…..
7. Does he have financial integrity?…..
8. Why you think we should ordain him as assistant pastor?….
9. Why do you think we should not ordain him as an assistant pastor?…..
10. Other comments……

After I looked at the form I wept bitterly. I had to submit this form to the pastor this Sunday. My husband continued to send me text messages begging me to forgive him for all he has done to me. He made several promises never to treat me badly again if I can fill the form favourably. If I don’t forgive him, how will my father in heaven forgive me my own sins? Should I give him another chance to prove himself or should I just go ahead and fill the form as it is? I am really confused and don’t know what to do.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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