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Beyond his will

Episodes 05.

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Johnson picked his damaged phone and walked out. Christiana shouted at him from behind.
Come back here, Mr Emmanuel Johnson! Shameless man, you have forgotten that you are a married man, who have a beautiful wife like me Mrs Emmanuel Christiana, if not you won’t be looking for what is not lost outside your marriage. Big sinner!
Johnson ignored her, entered his car and zoomed off.
He was so depressed, he doesn’t have a destination, he didn’t know where to go, it better to leave that house than to stay there with her, he thought within himself
He drove down to a bar and ordered for a malt. He sat down in a corner to avoid people seeing him
What else can I do? How can I make Christiana stop all this? Am getting fed up and tired, I love her so much but she is not making it easy for me, Christiana is hurting me emotionally and mentally, I hardly go home feeling happy, it is either am going to meet a war or start a war, God I didn’t bargain for this, where is my peace? I don’t seems to find it, he thought within himself as he drink his malt
A lot was going on through his head, he wanted to stop thinking but he couldn’t, he remember how his friends always drink alcohol whenever they are sad and feel depressed. He has never tasted an alcohol in his life before, but he was so desperate to clear his head as they were pining him
He ordered for an alcoholic drink, it was brought to him
He opened it, pour some in his glass and drank it, it so bitter! He said to himself
He poured himself another glass and drink it again, hot tears rolled down from his eyes, he sobbed silently. Christiana why? Why are you doing this to us? Why?
He stays at the bar till night fall. The bar man approach him
Sir, we wan close, pls con dey go
Oh! Humm, he stoop up and fell back on the chair again
Chai! This man is drunk, he tap him again, brother, I beg con dey go, we wan close shop
He stood up, picked his car key and walk staggering. Oh yea! Lalala oooo,! I am born to win, he laughs. He lost his balance and fell
The bar man rushed to him and helped him up, he opened the car for him to enter
Brother, I use God escort you o! He was about to go when Johnson rushed down from the car and started vomiting. He slept on the floor
The bar man was very angry, which kind wahala be this one? Na this man first time to drink alcohol or wetin be this? He moved closer to him, oga, stand up na ground you dey
I arrived.. Yes.. Am Mr Emmanuel Johnson, yes that ..who…you are..I am..
Johnson was saying rubbish while rolling on the ground
The bar man close the bar, and returned to Johnson. Where will I start from? He asked holding his waist with his hand. He opened the back door, and carried Johnson.
This man heavy o, he said breathing so hard
Oga oya let go
I don’t want to go home, Johnson pleaded unconsciously
The bar man dragged him to the car, he also enters the car.
Where is he living now? He checked his pocket and found his identity card
The bar man traced his home from the identity card.
Christiana was watching movie when he arrived, she heards the horn of his husband car and ignored it
The bar man came down and help Johnson stand on his feet, they staggered to the door
He knock at the door, Christiana opened the door and was surprise to see her husband drunk
What happened to him?
He is drunk
Christiana and the bar man took him inside.
Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate.
You are welcome,
She escorted the man outside before going back inside
Johnson! When do you Start drinking? What have you done to yourself? We only had a little misunderstanding and you end up like this? stand up
Leave me alone! am fed up and tired of you, go! Go! He said unconsciously
Christiana was confused, she changed his clothes and use a blanket to cover him.
The next morning, Christiana woke up early to cook for her husband, she prepare Johnson favorite food with the help of YouTube recipe, she set the dining table.
She went to the living room to wake Johnson when she met him sitting
Good morning, How was your night?
Johnson ignored her
Am talking to you Johnson
He stoop up, picked the pillow and blanket and walk out on her,
Christiana was surprise, this is the first time Johnson will ever walk out whenever she is talking. She followed him
Johnson took his bath and dressed up for office while Christiana continued ranting
Your food is ready. Eat something
Johnson remain silent, he picked his car key and left the house
Christiana was shocked, he rejected my food too? Is this man stupid or what, no problem, he will come back and meet me
Johnson got to office, feeling sad. He settled down in his office when the human resources manager informed him of the new secretary he just employed
Am Deborah. Am the new secretary
Okay, guess you know what to do? He said staring at his laptop
Yes sir
Then get to work
Thank you sir, Deborah left the office
Sir, the new..
Not in the mood to discuss right now, we can do that later, Johnson cut in
Alright sir, the manager left
This is the first time seeing him like this, he is a cheerful and nice person, the manager told Deborah
What could be the problem then?
I don’t know, you should be careful and not offend him
Yes sir
Deborah sat down and was thinking about what the manager said
The ringing of the phone brought her back to reality. She picked it
Yes sir, yes sir.
She dropped the phone, searched her drawer for a file and rushed to Johnson office
Here is it sir! She gave him the file
Johnson flip some pages, then check the front page,
Are you blind or what? I said bring me heritage file not Helen. He shouted at Deborah
She was so scared. Am sorry sir
Sorry my foot! I think you need a replacement, what is all this rubbish?
Deborah knelt down immediately, sir am so sorry pls don’t replace me
Get out! I don’t want to see you! Out!
She rushed out
Johnson stoop up from his sit, pacing up and down. Why am I doing this? Why? God help me! Am dying inside! Christiana what have you turn me into! He sat down and sob silently. I need to make peace with my wife. I can’t do this anymore, keeping her away from me will affect people around me.
Johnson left the office early and drove home feeling happy
He got home and met Christiana dressing up in the bedroom, he tip toe making sure he doesn’t make any sounds and hugged her from behind
My queen!
Christiana looked back and slapped him so hard on the face
Johnson was shocked, he hold his cheevk as tears flow freely from his eyes
What do you take me for? You think you can drop me and pick me anytime you want? You went out yesterday, coming back home late and drunk, I bath and changed your clothes, I even woke up early to prepare your favorite this morning, only for you to reject my food,who does that! Mr Emmanuel Johnson, am tired of you! She shouted and walk out angrily
Johnson was so shocked and perplexed, he cried bitterly throughout the night.
He woke up late the next morning and didn’t meet Christiana at home, he was happy she left before he wokes up. He dressed up and left for office.
Deborah greeted him but he ignored her and walked to his office. He came out after some few minute
I don’t want to see anybody today, cancel all my appointment, go against this rule if you are ready to lose your job
Yes sir, he banged the door
Deborah breathed out, God help me
Christiana came to his office and met a new secretary, who are you?
Good afternoon ma. Am the new secretary here
New secretary? Since when
Hold on! She approach Johnson office to open the door, Deborah stopped her
Ma, am sorry you can’t go in, I don’t know you, and I need to inform my boss before you enter, beside my boss doesn’t want to see anyone
Are you okay at all?
Am sorry ma, that is the instruction giving to me, I don’t want to go against the rule
Christiana pushed her out of the way, she fell down and stood up immediately again,
ma you can’t go in, pls try to understand me, my job is at stake
Christiana dropped her bag and started beating her, she slapped her and torn her clothes
Johnson came out of his office
What is going on here? He was surprise to see his wife in a fight with the secretary
Adulterer, fornicator! Your secret is expose! You employed a new secretary without informing me, after telling you not to employ a female again but a male. You now ganged up with her not to allow me in, she even beat me up
No sir, that is not true. She came here and wanted to enter your office without telling me who she is, I was scared I might lose my job that was why I didn’t allow her in, am sorry sir, I didn’t beat sir, she cried and begged
Christiana, can we talk inside?
For what? After embarrassing me with your secretary. No! You should make her your wife and whore, She left angrily
Johnson went in, he sat down on his chair and started crying
Deborah came in, and met his boss crying
Johnson quickly clean His face and pretended to be fine
Deborah knelt down, sir am so sorry sir, I don’t mean to be rude to her
Pls sit down Deborah
No am okay sir
Deborah sit down pls
Deborah sat down, rubbing her two hands together
He sighed, the women you saw earlier is my legally wife, her name is Christiana, am sorry for what ever things she said or done to you, pls forgive us
Am not angry sir, I didn’t know she is your wife, I would have allowed her in, am sorry once again
It okay, you can go back to your post
Thank you sir. She stoop up.
Sir, can I talk to you for a few minutes
Sure, you can
She sat down, sir ever since I resumed as your new secretary, have heard a lot of things about you, how nice and good you are, but I was shocked when I met the opposite, you talking and apologising to me now, I knew those people were right. Sir, am sorry to ask what is wrong? What is taking your good man away from you? What is eating you up sir?
Johnson sighed, it a long story Deborah…
Johnson went home, packed his clothes and things and left the house before the arrival of Christiana
Christiana came back home and met his wardrobe empty.
She hissed, we can’t be separated, he only went for holiday, he is still coming back, she told herself
Christiana waited for Johnson to come back home, but he didn’t, she called his number, but they were all not going through. She went to his office everyday, she never met him there, she was so worried
What is going on? For the past one month, have not set my eyes on Johnson, I went to his office, he is never around, I even hide somewhere, to know when he will go in or come out of his office, but he stopped coming to work. God! Pls save my marriage, I can’t even call his friends to ask about him, I have fought with all of them, she wept
Christiana won’t stop going to Johnson boffice, but she never met him, she called his friends, they all said the same thing ” we don’t know his whereabouts ”
She went to her friend salon one day to explain what is happening to her.
Ola, am dead! Johnson has ran away, I don’t know his whereabout? I called all his numbers, they were not available, I went to all his friends house, none of them knows his whereabout, pls help me, my marriages is sinking, she cried
I told you, you are too harsh on this man, an unbeliever don’t behave like that, not to talk of someone who call herself a Christian, the last time you were talking on phone with him,you were talking as if he is your maids, he cooks for you, clean For you, what else do you want?
Christiana cried on hearing what her friend was saying. Am ready to change, I want to change, pls help me, she wept
I don’t know what to do, because if am also in Mr Johnson shoes, I will run away and never come back, ola said
A customers walked in, and greeted them.
Good morning ma
Good morning, how are you doing?
Am fine o,
Pls sit down
Am okay, am on my way out, I just want to give you my sister wedding invitation, she is getting married soon, and I want you to be her hair stylist, she opened her bag and brought out two invitation. You can invite one of your friend too
Wow,congratulate, am so happy for her, thank a lot, I will surely render my best service to you
I trust you, take care
Bye, ola escort her out
She came in feeling excited, I love this kind of customer, thank God, she sat down beside Christiana who was sobbing silently
Will you come with me? pls cheer up, let look for a solution, crying will not solve this matter
look at the invitation, it beautiful, we are both going o, you like it or not
Christiana ignored her,
Take now, look at the invitation
She took the invitation from her and check it.
What! She screamed
Ola was so scared, what happened? What did you see? Ola collected the invitation from her and read it. Emmanuel Johnson wed Nathaniel Jane.
Jesus! Your husband is getting married?
Christiana stoop up
Ola held her hand, pls take it easy, pls
Christiana fainted
Christy! Christy! Ola screamed! Someone help me!

To be continued…

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