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Beyond his will

Episode 02.

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Christiana went to the supermarket to get some groceries, on her way out she bumped into a Johnson
Am so sorry ma, he bent down and picked all the groceries that fell down
Christiana stood akimbo, waiting for him to look up before giving him a piece of her mind
Am sorry ma, Johnson said again
Are you not Mr #2000? Christiana asked the man
The man looked confused, I don’t get you ma
Are you not the man who paid for my transport fare last week?
At royal avenue?
Oh! Good evening ma, I never believe we can meet this way
Good evening, thank so much for the other day, Christiana said smiling
Let thank God, how are you doing? Hope you didn’t fight another taxi driver? Johnson said smiling
No sir, they both laugh
Am Johnson, what about you?
Am Christiana
Nice name, I guess you are heading home?
Yes sir
Do you mind if I give you a ride?
I thought you came to buy something,
Yes, but I can do that later
Alright sir, thank so much
Johnson led her to his car, he opened the front door for her to enter and closed it after Christiana entered, he also entered the car and zoomed off
It was 10mints drive to Christiana house, Christiana thanked him for the ride and they exchanged contact
Christiana called him when she got home and thanked him again
They started friendship after their meeting at the supermaket. Johnson calls her everyday, this made their friendship grow from normal friends to best friends
They spend time together during weekend, this gives them the opportunity to know each other more
Two month after their friendship, Johnson invited her for a date
They got to the venue and Christiana ordered for both of them
You look happy today, any good news? Christiana asked, she poured some wine into her glass cup and drank it
Johnson smiled, dropped his cultery and wiped his mouth with the napkin.
Today is a special and important day in my life, because I want to open a new phase in my life with you Christiana
I don’t understand you
Christiana, before I met you, I never believe in love, the word love was never found in my dictionary, have dated several ladies, but they were after my money, they made me believe you can buy love with your money and discard it after using it then pick up another one, but ever since you came into my life, you change my orientation about love, you changed the way I viewed love, I tested you several time to know if you are also in for my money, but you never fail for once, you proved to me that love still exist, everything about you is so different from what have experience from other girls, Christiana, am sorry I can’t keep you as a friend any longer, am tired of pretending not to love you when am deeply in love with you, pls Christiana, I don’t want you as a friend nor a girlfriend, but I want you to marry me. Christiana pls be my Mrs,
Johnson knelt down on his kneel and brought out a ring
Pls dit down Johnson, pls. Christiana stoop up and lift him up, they both sat down
Johnson, am speechless because I wasn’t expecting this. Thank so much for all what you have said so far, thank for opening your heart for me, thank for seeing me as someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, I really appreciate, base on what you asked me, I would have love to give you an answer now, but am sorry I can’t. Johnson, we are both Christian, and you know Christian don’t act on their own, they act base on the will of God, they does their Father’s will not their own will and also marriage is a very delicate issue, a wrong marriage which is out of God will can make a Christian lose heaven, it can make Satan inherit ones soul, it takes away the joy of Christ away from such victim, and no matter how much such person want to make it right again, it can never be the same again. I don’t want to fall victim of a wrong marriage, pls Johnson I will really appreciate it if you can give me some time to pray about it, I need to know my father’s will base on my marriage.. Pls
It okay, you have the whole time for yourself, am not in hurry..
Thank you, but one thing Johnson
Was that?
I will be glad if we can continue our friendship, let pretend as if we never had this conversations
Johnson, am also a human, blood flows through my veins. If we keep on discussing this, I might fall in love, and if I pray to God in such state of mind, I will only receive from God what is already in my heart, God said in his word that He will answer them according to the idols in their heart, I don’t want to have an idol in my heart before praying about it, pls help me go to God with a free heart so that I will hear from him directly.. Help me by not starting the fire of love in my heart now, pls
It okay, have heard you, as long as it for the good, I will do what you want
Thank you Johnson
You are welcome
They continued with their meal, after their meals Johnson dropped Christiana home before heading to his house
The following week, Christiana started her prayer and fasting, asking God for His perfect in her life. She called her pastor and informed him to join her in prayer.
The pastor called her after two weeks and told her what he saw concerning her marriage
Sister Christiana, what is happening to bro Johnson, I mean the love he has for you is from God, God planted your love in his heart, which means he is your husband, God even confirm it through mummy, my wife. I didn’t tell her anything about your marriage, but God showed her just to confirmed what I saw.. Sister Christiana, he is your husband
Humm, Christiana sighed. Thank you daddy, I really appreciate your effort and time sir. May God continue to strengthen you. Daddy, am confused, do you believe that despite my prayer and fasting, I haven’t seen anything, God haven’t shown me anything about him
Sister Christiana, that is not a problem, just open your heart to God, He will speak to you
Alright, thank you so much sir. I want to be on my way now, my regards to mummy
God bless you. Take care of yourself
Christiana left the church and headed home, she believed what the pastor said but she want to be convinced, she want God to talk to her.
She got home, went straight to her bedroom and started praying
God, I believed what you said through daddy, but Lord am the victim here, am the one going into this marriage, show me Lord, show me what you have for me in this marriage, show me your plan for both of us in this marriage, if truly you want us together, what is your purpose for both of us, what is our destiny, where will the marriage heads to. Lord pls show me
Christiana prayed for five hours and slept off
She was ministering, thousands of people were in the hall, people were singing, dancing and praising God as she led the praise and worship, everywhere were full of the glory of God, after singing she handed the mic to Johnson, and he stated praying, a lot of miracles were happening, every body was receiving their miracles
Her phone started ringing, she woke up and picked her phone, it was Johnson that called, but before she could picked it, Johnson hanged it up
So I have been dreaming? Me and Johnson ministering in a big hall? God what are you trying to say to me.
The holy spirit ministered to her, that is my plan and purpose for both of you in this marriage, you will both work for me, I will use you both for my glory, both of you are vessel unto honour to me
Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord! She sings and praise God throughout the day
Now I have a confirmation, she told herself
Christiana refused to give answer to Johnson after the revelation, she kept it to herself
During the weekend she travelled to a popular mountain in ekiti state called Erio mountain, she got there on Friday to spend three days, after the registration and reading of the mountain rules and regulations, she carefully placed her bag in the auditorium meant for women, she went to the mountain and started praying
God, I know you have given me confirmation about Johnson, you have shown me your will for my life, your purpose for me and Johnson, but God, I need more. Every relationship has its own challenge, every relationship is full of ups and downs, whether you marry right or wrong, there is always up and down, what makes the marriage overcome such trials is what they received from you God, Lord, pls show me, I want to know what I will hold on to if our trials come, I want to know what will keep me strong if the war of marriage begins, pls God of this mountain show me. Christiana prayed this way for three good days but didn’t see anything. God didnt speak to her, it was time for her to leave the mountain, She need to resumed to the office the next day, so she gave up and decided to come back when she is on leave, she prayed again before going to sleep, during the night She had a dream, she saw a big bowl of water, a small bowl of water and an empty bowl, someone she could not recognized carry the big bowl of water and poured some water into the empty bowl, he also carried the small bowl of water and poured some to the empty bowl too,
Christiana, the man call him
Yes sir, I have mixed the big water and the small water together, now separate them
Sir, the two waters have been mixed together, there is no way I can separate them
The mam took her again to a burning fire, he poured some petrol inside the fire,
Christiana, separate the fire from the petrol
Sir, there is no way I can separate the petrol again
Christiana, as you can’t separate the two waters when I joined them together, nothing will separate you and Johnson if you marry each other, as you can’t separate the fire from the petrol, both of you will become inseparable after coming together. These are my signs for you Christiana
Christiana woke up in the mid night sweating profusely, she sat down and meditate on what she dreamt about.
Johnson and I can’t be separated if we comes together? God you are an awesome God.
Christiana left the mountain the next day, she called Johnson to meet her at their favorite spot. She accepted Johnson proposal. He was so happy, he thanked Christiana for accepting her and thank God for saying yes to their union. They started their courship immediately maintaining sexual purity in their relationship.
Two months later, Johnson made an arrangements to introduced christana to his friends. He invited his friends to his house one weekend
He gave Christiana some money to go to the market and buy some food stuff
Christiana went to the market, brought bitter leaf and other food stuff.
She hurried home and cooked before the arrival of Johnson’s friends
Johnson friends arrived few minutes later, Christiana came out of the kitchen and greeted them. They were happy to see her.
She hurried to the kitchen to serve the food. Johnson joined her in the kitchen to help her.
The aroma of this soup is no nice, he said smiling
Can I have some our madam?
Small thief, that is what you are, Christiana said and they both laugh
Thank you madam
Christiana put some soup in a small plate and gave it to him
Johnson tested the soup and immediately vomited, he rushed to the sink to washed his mouth and spit out the food
What happened? Christiana asked looking confused
Did you cook the bitter leaf without extracting the bitter, I means washing out the bitter and also the salt is too much
I don’t know what you are talking about, I just cook it like that, and the salt is much because it good for the body.
Oh God! Christiana you don’t cook bitter leaf like that, the soup is too bitter.
What do you mean? Are you insulting me now or what?
No dear, it not like that, okay am sorry. Let me help you with the serving, you have been cooking since, I think your phone is ringing, go and pick it
It not ringing, I can’t hear any sounds
It is, hurry
Christiana hurried out of the kitchen
Thank God she is gone, what should I do? The soup is so bitter and salty, I didn’t know Christiana doesn’t know how to cook, I should have helped her, I can’t serve this to my friend and disgrace my wife, they will always make jest of her, they will lose their respect for her if they find out she can’t cook I need to save her. I need to save her reputation, God what should I do before she comes back
Johnson serve the soup in a big pot and carried it, immediately he got to the living room close to the dining table, he slipped and fall, the whole soup turned over and every where was covered with soup
His friends moves closer to him
Hope you are okay? His first friend said examining his body
You should have been careful, another one said
Sorry, oh my God, the whole food is wasted. I thought am gonna taste Christiana food today, one of Johnson friends said
Am okay, thank you! Johnson said pretending to be hurt, God why? Why am I so careless? This food is so delicious, Christiana used her best recipe to cook it
It okay guy, we can always come back and eat, she is going to be our wife anyway, we still have a lot of time to spend together, Johnson second friend said
Christiana rushed down from the stair case, she saw the whole soup all over the ground. She was disappointed and angry wit Johnson for wasting his efforts
Johnson on the other hand was happy, thank God for the wisdom to pretend to fall so that I can pour the food away, at least am able to save my fiancé reputation, and also from future insult from my friends, he thought within himself and smiled


To be continued…..

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