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Beyond his will

Episode 01.

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Christina’s mum came all the way from the village to check on her daughter, it was a seven hours journey from the east to the west. Christiana stays in Ibadan, her parent has urged her to come home and pay them a visit, but she keep proscastinating her travelling. I will come next week is always her anthem. Her mother decided to come and pay her a visit.
She alighted from the taxi stretching her back
Thank God o, Chai! My back don break, have told Christiana to come back to the east, but you won’t listen..
She untie her wrapper and brought out some money from one corner of her wrapper, she stretched the money as it was so squeeze and gave it to the driver
Oya, con down! My load dey your booth, she told the driver
The driver came down, opened his booth and brought out her luggages..
Thank you o.. Christiana mum said adjusting her wrapper.. Safe journey o my son.. She waved the driver good bye until the driver was out of sight
She dragged the luggages because it was too heavy for her to carry.
I don call this call, but she no dey pick her call.. I pray say make I meet her for house
Christina’s mum talk to herself as she headed towards Christiana house
She got to her door and knocked. After knocking for few minutes and no response, she pushed the the door and it suddenly opened,.
Christiana mother dragged the luggage in..
Where is this girl? Why did she leet the door open? She dropped her bag and examined the whole room, it a room and palour self contain.
The whole house was so dirty, the toilet was left opened, making the whole living room stinking, the kitchen was so untidy, a lot of dirty plate were left in the sink, making flies to play around the kitchen, the pot containing the food was left opened on the floor, dirt water was stored up in a bowl, the floor was so dirty, the living room was like the field used during world war one, the table was turned upside down, left over food was on the floor, waters was everywhere as a result of abandoned pure water sachets, Christiana’s mum was so surprise with what she saw.
Am I in a wrong house? How can Christiana left the house so dirty like this? Where is she self? She angrily went into Christiana room and met her praying..
Let your will be done father! Your will oh lord! I want your will! She continue praying without noticing the presence of her mum
Her mum angry left the room, and started tidying up the whole house, she cleaned and sweep the living room, washed the whole plate, , flushed and cleaned the toilets, mopped the floor, this takes her two hours before cleaning the whole house.. She became tired and hungry.
She checked the time and it was past 4 in the evening, Christiana was still praying..
Christiana’s mum wanted her to cook for her, her mother decided to wait for her to finish her prayer, while waiting for her she slept off on the couch..
Christiana mum woke up in the night feeling weak and tired, she yawn and checked her time
Jesus! Eight don reach? I beg where is this girl?
She stoop up and went to Christiana room only to find her still praying, she looked at her angrily and wish to give her a sounding slap, but she controlled herself and went out after giving out a long hiss
She went to the kitchen and cook a meal for herself as she was tired of waiting for Christiana, she cooked and eat the food alone
She settled down on a three sitter chair, switch on the television and was changing the channel searching for her favorite channel
Few minutes later, Christiana came out of her room, she was surprise to see her mum
Mum, good evening , when did you arrive? She said jumping at her mum
What is good about this evening? Leave me alone jor! She said pushing her away, I came all the way from east to see my daughter, only to spend four good hours in the same house with her without good hospitality..
Mum, am sorry! I just need to talk to my heavenly father, there is power in prayer you know.. She said hugging her mother again
Is that the reason why you left your whole house untidy, I thought I entered the wrong house..
Oh! That true, I didn’t notice until you said it now, you tidy up everything!
Christiana said looking at everywhere
I was busy praying throughout the day, I didn’t have the time to tidy up.. Taenk you mum
Christiana, you are no longer a kid, just because you are praying doesn’t means you shouldn’t perform your duty. You are going to become a wife and a mother one day, and all these..
Mum, I can’t neglect my heavenly father because of a worldly thing, Christiana cut in.
God is my first priority, after Him comes every other things
You are right my daughter, but am sure God won’t be happy seeing your whole house untidyy..
Mum, let forget about that, am perceiving some aroma in the kitchen.. She stoop up and went to the kitchen
She opened the pot and saw what her mother cooks
Wow! Mum! I love you! I know it gonna be my favorite, am so famished.. I need to eat.. She served herself and joined her mother in the living room
She continue talking while her mother ignored her..
The next day, Christiana woke up early scattering the whole house and talking to herself
Where do I put my shoe? Oh God! She exclaimed
Her mother woke up
Why won’t you allow me to sleep in peace? Ehn Christy?
Am sorry mama, am looking for my shoe, and am almost late for work
Do you just listen to yourself, a 27years old lady looking for her shoe, when you are not a five yeas old girl, you are not organised at all..
Mum, this not the time to nag, anybody can misplace things, pls help me search for it,
she bend down and check under the bed,
Have seen it! Thank God,
She pulled out the shoe under the bed,
It one, the second one is not here, where could it be?
Her mother looked at her shaking her head
She went to the living room, checked under the chair, table, in the kitchen, still couldn’t find it, she was so pissed off
She bent on her kneels and check under the freezer
Have found it! She exclaimed
Christy rushed to the bathroom, took her bath and dress up in hurry.. She picked her bag and rushed out of the bedroom
Mum, take care.. She said rushing to the door
Come back here, her mother beckoned on her, she stood up from the bed and examined Christy from head to toe
Don’t tell me you are going to work like this? Dirty shoes, untidy hair?
Mum, this is not important, these are just my body, the soul is the most important thing, as long as my soul is clean before God, any other thing is not important, the body will eventually perish in the end
Ehn! This girl have killed me, Christy don kill me o! Her mother exclaimed. Who will marry a lady looking like this? Who? Or do you think you will remain a spinster forever
Mum, that is where you people all got it wrong! A child of God will not marry base on beauty, but on the Will of God. A man who has the spirit of God will marry a woman who also have the spirit of God, the fear of God, who is devoted and committed, who prays and fast a lot, he won’t just go for beauty, mum, we will continue this discussion when I get back.. Love you mum
She said and rushed out
Christy! Come back here! Her mother shouted but she was gone
Christiana rushed to the main road and stopped a taxi..
Where? The driver asked
Royal avenue..
Okay, she said and opened the door to enter
Do you have change madam, you are my first customer this morning, I don’t ave change ma
Let go
Okay ma
Christiana entered and the driver zoom off
They got to their destination and Christiana alighted, she opened her bag and brought out her purse, she opened it and brought out #1000 note.
Take, she said stretching the money to the driver
Aunty, I told you I don’t have change now
I don’t understand you, the transport fare from where you picked me to the is place is normally #100, but I decided to accept your offer of #200 because am late and also for you to have #800 change, and you are here telling me story again
Madam, #100 from where to where? Well that is not my business, give me my money and I don’t have #1000 change
Then you are not ready to collect your money, as you can see am late for work, if you do not take this money from me now and give me my change, that means you don’t need your money, she said putting back the money inside her purse
The driver off his car engine and came down of his car.
What do you think you are doing? The driver asked looking angry
Am Going? I don’t have time
The driver dragged her back.
come here jare aunty, where do you think you are going? Better pay me my money o
Do you just touch me now? Are you mad? You dey carze ni? In fact you are crazy, who do you think you are? okay! I don’t have money, do your worst, you are stupid!
Aunty, I don’t want trouble this early morning o, give me my money now
Money ko, money ni
They continue fighting until a young man parked in front of the driver and came down
He was tall and looking handsome, his shoes were shining, his white shirt was like that of snow, everything about him was sparkling
He walked towards them
Good morning, what happening here?
Good morning sir, the driver greeted him
I took this aunty from express down here, and I told her before she enters that I don’t have change, and she said okay, on getting here, she gave me #1000, and am trying to explain to her that I don’t have change and she started insulting me
Wat happened madam?
Don’t mind this idiot sir, the original transport fee should be #100 but I accept #200 hoping he will have change, he is now telling me stories here.
It okay, pls stop fighting, it too early to do that, okay let do it this way, pls wait for me, am coming
The man entered his car and brought out two #1000 note, he gave it to the driver, have this
Thank you sir, the driver prostrated for him
It okay you can go
Come back here, you should give him his change thief, Christy said and rushed to the driver
It okay, just let him go, the man said
The driver thanks the man and drove off
Thank so much sir, I really appreciate
Let thank God, pls ma next time just give them whatever they want, it better than all these stress
Thank you so Much sir, God bless you sir.. I have to go now, am late
Take care, the man went back to his car and zoom off
Thank you Jesus, Christiana muttered to herself

To be continued….

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