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[STORY] Amanda (Episode 9)





Episode 9

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And so she lifted her phone and dialed his number.

‘Pick up, pick up’ she wiggled her fingers nervously.

‘Greg…’ she drawled his name.

‘Now is not a good time Wendy’ his voice was tense and stern.

‘I really need to see you right now, I am so confused and I don’t know what to do’ she broke into sobs.

‘What is it’? He asked gently.

‘I am pregnant’ she answered.

‘Hey, your mum don’t lie, and from the way you’re avoiding my eyes, there’s something you’re hiding from me’ Alex moved closer to her friend once Mrs. Atkins had wheeled out of the room.

‘Come on Alex, you know how dramatic my mother can be, I assure you there’s nothing, I don’t keep secrets, remember’? Amanda licked her lips nervously.

‘Really? You’re stuttering, I want you to be honest with me’ Alex wouldn’t give up.

Amanda knew her friend would bug the life out of her, so she threw her hands in the air and decided to tell her about the guy she’d slapped at the party.

‘I think I have a crush…’ she begun.

‘On’? Alex asked.

‘The guy that sent me the obscene note, I just don’t know but I can’t stop thinking about him’ Amanda sighed; she had never felt this way before.

‘Really? I thought you hated him, you were so upset, what’s he like’? Alex returned.

‘He’s really cute with the sexiest brown eyes I have ever seen. He is tall and lean; his body is hard and firm; his muscles are well shaped and his lips? Oh my, pure heaven’ Amanda rolled her eyes dreamily.

‘Wow, you really like this guy’ Alex winked, she had never seen her friend gush about a guy like this.

‘It’s just a crush, it’s going to fade, besides I would never see him again. I give myself two more days’ Amanda raised two fingers in the air.

‘Better, you don’t need any distraction now. Focus on the interview’ Alex replied.

‘I wonder what my new boss would be like’ Amanda shrugged.

‘Maybe we should Google him, you know, read about him, see the things he hates and likes; it would help you flow better with him’ Alex suggested.

‘No, I love the element of surprise’ Amanda shook her head, not really interested in checking her boss out.

‘Whatever, just wear the hat and look nice in your purple dress’ Alex replied.

‘Thanks very much Alex, for helping me out, cause I know you put in a good word for me’ Amanda was grateful.

‘It’s nothing, just get ready, I’ll pick you up by eight; I love the element of surprise too’ Alex winked.

Morgan had asked her out on a date; she decided that she liked him very much and she was going to show up at his work place unannounced.

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‘Give me a five’ Amanda raised her hand.

‘Yea baby’ Alex received her palm.

‘I am so f—-d, my whole life is over’ Greg loosened his tie and sank into the sofa. He had just asked Wendy to come over so they talk more about her pregnancy; how could she allow that happen? he felt trapped and uneasy.

He had a feeling his dad knew about her pregnancy and that was the very reason he was pushing them to get married.

‘There is no way out for me, no way’ he drank the scotch greedily, it burned his insides, it swirled his head.

‘I am here’ Wendy walked towards him.

‘How long have you known’? Greg bit his lip angrily.

‘Hello darling, is that anyway to welcome your girlfriend’? Wendy winked.

‘How long have you known about the pregnancy’? Greg yelled at her.

She swallowed and moved back, she had never seen him this way ‘Easy tiger, I just knew, I am a month gone and please don’t blame me; I always insisted on condoms but you loved it raw’ she grinned and settled on a chair.

‘Does my father know about it’? Greg curled his fingers together.

‘Yes, I told him. I am sorry, I know I should’ve checked in with your first, but I was so scared and confused’ Wendy’s eyes lit with tears.

‘D–n’ Greg swore and settled back on the Sofa, he felt weak, all his energy had fled him.

‘And why didn’t you tell me your parents owned 10% of Beecroft’? Greg focused on her eyes.

‘Actually, I never knew that, i only got to know that today’ Wendy replied.

‘I can’t believe this’ Greg rose to his feet again.

First, Nathan was in town; and he had been trained to run a company; now this? The odds were against him, he felt trapped in dark cave; there was no way out.

‘Why are you not happy Greg’? Wendy walked towards him.

‘You don’t understand Wendy, I like you as my girlfriend, but I am not ready for marriage. We cannot get married, we will be a total disaster, so, you can keep the baby, we’ll figure out a way to raise it’ Greg said his mind.

The notion of marriage was a scary one; he’d seen how unhappy his mother had been and he never wanted to end up that way.

‘Baby, we have been in a relationship for two years now; I love you very much and I know you love me. I am the only woman that can tolerate you, your boozing and playing around; I stuck around because, I knew one day we would end up together’ Wendy caressed his face with her palms.


Why couldn’t Greg see that there was no other woman for him? Why couldn’t he reciprocate her love.

‘I know Wendy, but us? We can never be married’ Greg replied. He was ready to stand up to his father; he wasn’t going to be force into something that his mind rejected.

‘Are you saying you don’t love me’? Wendy swallowed the bitter lump that clogged her throat.

‘I love you Wendy, but I don’t want to get married’ he replied.

‘Fine’ she drew a deep breath and released it.

‘Fine’? He lifted his brow.

‘Yes, I guess you know what you really want’ Wendy nodded and stormed out of the house but she was not getting any of that. She loved Greg very much and he would eventually belong to her.

She slid into her car and quickly fetched her phone, she dialed Silas Beecroft.

‘Hello Silas, Greg is adamant. I don’t want to have a child out of wedlock; my parents are Catholic and wouldn’t approve of an abortion. You must really work fast else I tell them everything that is going on’ Wendy complained over the phone.

‘Sure. I’ll handle Greg’ Silas murmured.

‘Yes! I got this’ she rolled her red curls into a bun, started the car and sped off.


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