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[STORY] Amanda (Episode 25)





Episode 25

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Yes I do. Give me some time, I’ll find you proof’ Nathan said.

‘This is so hard to believe, I need to call him and speak some sense into him myself’! He was infuriated.

‘No dad, you know how addicts behave; he would lie through his teeth; just be patient with me. What do you plan to do with him anyway’? Nathan asked.

‘I’m definitely taking Beecroft out of his hands and I’ll offer it to a more capable person, Greg has ruined all my plans’ the man was greatly troubled.

‘What about Wendy’? Nathan asked.

‘Wendy can wait, let’s focus on Greg for now’ Silas replied.

A satisfied smile split Nathan’s face, his plans were starting to germinate; he couldn’t wait to take Greg’s position and pay him monthly visits at the Rehab.

All what he needed was to cook up a better plan, he needed to make it very believable.

‘F–k, who does he think he is? Just because he is my dad doesn’t mean he gets to toss me around’ Greg muttered to himself.

He found it hard to understand why his father would invite him over the house without having any tangible thing to say; he’d totally wasted his time.

Of course, he knew he had no choice but to marry Wendy; why did he have to remind him of his lifetime of misery?

And his brother Nathan? He could see the mischief brewing in his eyes; he had a feeling Nathan knew about what was going on but he wasn’t sure yet. He needed to get evidence, it almost felt like Nathan and his father were plotting against him; he recalled how bright their faces had been when he’d walked into the house; they seemed so happy together.

Not that he cared much, but his father had never been that way with him; he wasn’t ready to give him such an opportunity. The man had been the reason his mother had died. She died of heartbreak.

Something strange happened to him; out of the torrent came a flash; out of the storm came a calm and his mother’s face appeared; her eyes were bright with unshed tears; there was a familiar sadness in them.

This was more strange, the next face in his mind’s eye were a striking and piercing blue of his personal assistant’s eyes.

‘Amanda’ he whispered her name and brought the car to a halt.

He found it difficult to focus since she had walked into his office; he quickly reminded himself that she wasn’t his spec though she was pretty and she was his employee.

His ways had been rough with women; but he made it part of his core values never to sleep with an employee or a minor. Amanda fit into the first category.

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He turned his radio on, Justine Timberlake’s song glided through his ears, able to regain composure; he ignited the engine and fired on.

She had not expected it, but Greg had already given her some allowances on her first day of work; she had used it to pay off the electricity and water bills.

‘You seem very happy Mandy, tell me, how was work’? Mrs. Atkins wheeled behind her daughter.

Work had been many things; she had not expected it to turn out so nicely but she did enjoy herself with Gwen showing her all around.

‘Amazingly beautiful’! She decided.

‘Wow, somebody is so happy’ Mrs. Atkins said with a smile.

‘Tell her Mandy else I’d go first’ Alex chipped in; she’d been the one that picked Amanda from work.

‘Alex’? Amanda warned, she didn’t want her mother to know a thing about Nathan.

‘Okay, I’ll just do it’ Alex snorted and spilled the beans.

‘There’s this hot guy that likes Amanda and she likes him too; the one that hit her by accident and showed up with flowers; I think they’d make a cute couple’ Alex winked.

‘Is that so baby’? Mrs. Atkins grinned, she felt excited that her daughter had finally decided to start dating.

‘Yea mom, Nathan is a nice guy’ Amanda replied, she felt it deeply in her heart that he was nice.

‘How long have you known him’? Her mother asked.

‘Um, not really long, I first met him at the party, he was really polite even when I bumped into him’ she explained.

‘Are you sure about this guy? Men could be very tricky; they’re mostly chameleons’ her mother asked.

‘I know Mom. I know that you’re scared, but I promise you, I’d never allow any man to hurt me’ she replied.

‘Good, I am happy for you’ her mother gave her slender hand a squeeze.

Alex watched the exchange between mother and daughter; she also felt in her heart that Morgan was a nice man; the kind of man she yearned for, but he’d asked her for something that she couldn’t do.

He had asked her to tell Amanda the truth about the obscene note, to clear Greg’s name. But she had told him it wasn’t necessary; Mandy had gotten the job and Greg was okay with her; what was the need of bringing up the past?

‘Alex’! Amanda called her name the second time, she jerked out of her thoughts.

‘Are you okay’? Amanda raised a brow.

‘Yes, yes I am, we should prepare you for your first day at work, I brought you some gifts’ Alex forced a smile. She had not seen that side of Morgan; he seemed so sensitive with lies; how was she going to tell Amanda that Morgan had ended their relationship simply because she refused to tell her the truth about Greg?


No, she assured herself that she was doing the right thing. Even if it meant sacrificing her feelings for Morgan, she as ready to do anything for her friend.

‘Wow, these are beautiful…and expensive’ Amanda caressed the designer clothes Alex offered her.

‘I am sorry, I cannot take these, they’re way above my paycheck but thanks anyway’ Amanda dropped the gowns.

‘Hey, don’t be an ingrate, I wasn’t asking you to pay me back; we’ve been friends for two years and you always reject my gifts; how would you feel if you were in my shoes’? Alex felt hurt.

‘Mandy, Alex is right, it is not nice to reject a gift’ her mother cut in.

One look at her friend’s face told her she had hit a nerve; they were just clothes and shoes and make-up, it wouldn’t hurt to accept them.

‘I am sorry Alex, I promise never to reject your gifts again; I accept them, thank you’ Amanda brushed her chin lightly.

‘Welcome, so, are you ready to look the part of a personal assistant’? Alex winked.

‘Yea, whatever that means’ Amanda stuttered. The clothes, shoes and accessories were all new to her; she briefly wondered if Alex could dress her up to look like Wendy. Was Greg going to like that?

‘Focus’ she muttered and reminded herself that she had no business thinking about him, Greg was her boss and would be nothing more, plus he had a girlfriend that was way hotter than herself.


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