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[STORY] Amanda (Episode 23)





Episode 23

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Why did you have to do that’? Wendy rose to her feet and walked towards his cellar.

‘Do what’? He wondered.

‘Undermine me before that vermin’ Wendy spat out.

‘Really? You don’t have to call her names; you don’t even know her and she looks like she really needs that job’ Greg replied.

‘Obviously, from her fashion sense or the lack of it’ Wendy pulled out a bottle and then stopped.

‘What are you doing’? Greg raised a brow. Did she want to take alcohol?

‘Er, I just wanted to pour you a drink, I thought you asked for one’ she stuttered and regained composure.

‘No. I never asked for a drink’ Greg watched her sternly.

‘I guess I didn’t hear you well, pregnant women don’t drink wine’ she laughed, it was dry.

‘Yea’ Greg nodded in agreement.

But his mind wasn’t focused on Wendy or her pregnancy; it was focused on his blue eyed Personal assistant; there was a sadness that her eyes held; a song that drew his interest and he suddenly became curious about her.

‘So, when do we start our wedding plans’? Wendy returned to her seat.

‘ Can we talk about later?; we should take a day out and plan extensively, what do you think’? Greg dropped his phone and focused on her.

‘Wow, that will be romantic’ she smiled and rose to her feet, she needed to meet with her wedding planner as soon as possible.

‘Okay then, I’ll see you later’ she walked over and kissed him.

‘Bye baby’ he called after her.

‘You got the job or not’? Gwen called to her as she stepped out of Greg’s office.

‘Sure, thanks for asking’ Amanda smiled and walked towards her table.

‘Don’t thank me, I just need someone to make the coffee around here’ Gwen replied and this tickled Amanda.

They discussed for a while and from their little chat, Amanda realized Gwen shared something in common with her, her dad was dyslexic.

‘It was really hard at first, but he accepted himself’ Gwen dropped what she was working on and faced Amanda.

‘How did it happen? How did he lose his legs’? Amanda asked, Gwen was about to reply when her phone rang loudly.

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‘I am really sorry for the interruption’ Amanda mumbled a thousand apologies, Nathan was calling.

‘Hello Nathan, Good morning’ she called cheerfully.

‘Morning Princess, I have some bad news’ Nathan cut in.

‘Bad news? What happened? Did somebody get hurt’? Amanda asked.

‘No. I am with my dad right now, we’re really busy, can we move this date next week? I am really sorry’ he apologized.

‘It’s okay, next week it is then’ Amanda replied and broke the call.

‘So where were we’? She dropped her phone in her bag ready to continue her chat with Gwen when she spotted her boss’ girlfriend.

She wasn’t the type to cower or get nervous around people but she felt uncomfortable as Wendy’s eyes bored into hers, filled with hate and contempt.

‘You’ll be out of here, sooner than expected, Ms. Smartass’ Wendy cast a dark glance at her, snorted and walked away.

Amanda released the breath she held as Wendy trotted away; what had she done to deserve such harassment?

‘Don’t bother about that one, she is as proud as a peacock

and arrogant too; you need to develop a tough skin around here even our boss could be very difficult to please at times’ Gwen gave her some tips.

‘So tell me, who is she’? Amanda was curious.

‘Wendy? That’s our boss’ girlfriend’ Gwen replied.

‘Nice, she is really cute’ Amanda replied feeling jealous as she remembered Greg’s words to her back at the hospital; he had told her bluntly that she wasn’t his type; now that she had seen Wendy she knew exactly what he was talking about.

Where the likes of Wendy where, she could never step her foot.

‘Are you kidding me? You’re way hotter’ Gwen scoffed.

‘Whatever, so, the story’ Amanda laughed, was Gwen kidding her or what?

‘Yea, he had an accident that affected his spine, how about your mother’? Gwen asked.

‘An accident too’ Amanda lied. How could she tell Gwen that her father had pushed her mother from a high place and that was the reason she lost her legs.

Sometimes, she wondered if true love was real; if it were, she was really afraid of loving, of giving your heart wholly to one person.

‘Can you excuse me for some five minutes? I need to get these documents to the accounts department, when I am back, I’ll show you around’ Gwen said to Amanda.


‘Oh sure’ Amanda fetched her phone, she needed to chat with her friend.

ALEX: You there? How did the interview go?

AMANDA: Really? I sent you that message three hours ago, it went on fine. Greg seems to be a perfect gentleman. He wasn’t rude at all. I guess he was drunk at that party and do you know that he apologized for the obscene note? Though not in person?

ALEX: Wow, that’s really nice to hear. I am glad everything worked out. So what are you up to now?

AMANDA: Gwen is to show me around the whole building.

ALEX: Who’s Gwen?

AMANDA: Greg’s secretary

ALEX: Oh, cool. I had hot sex with Morgan last night, I think he is the one. Smiles.

AMANDA: Wow, that’s very sweet, Nathan asked me on a date but later cancelled.

ALEX: Wow, really? I see, your green eyed prince charming. Tongues.

AMANDA: Funny you, I met Greg’s girlfriend, she is a total pain in the ass.

ALEX: Humor me; really?

AMANDA: I have to go now, Gwen’s back. Catch ya later.

ALEX: Alright. Kisses.


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