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[STORY] Amanda (Episode 22)





Episode 22

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Wish me luck mother’ Amanda straightened her dress, she wore something different for the interview this time.

‘Best of luck honey’ the woman replied.

‘Will Alex take you’? She asked her daughter.

‘No, I think she is very busy, I can go there myself. Bye. Love You’ she waved her mother a kiss and left the house.

Alex had texted her about this amazing dinner that she had with Morgan; she seemed really happy and she didn’t want to ruin that; she decided to go on her own.

Her heart raced as she thought about him; she couldn’t wait to tell Alex everything about his apology; it was so amazing.

‘Beecroft Street’ she waved a cab and jumped in.

His apology to her changed her whole perspective about him; she had thought him a rich spoilt brat who felt he could get away with anything; from the way he had spoken to her at the hospital; she had thought him rude and arrogant but maybe that was partly because she had slapped him at the party.

‘Thanks’ she jumped down from the car and rushed into the elevator.

She decided she would apologize for slapping him since he had equally apologized for the note.

She had dressed painstakingly for the interview; she wore a peach a-line skirt and a black silk blouse and a pair of black ankle boots to go along; she felt it. She was dressed impeccably enough for the interview; while in the elevator, she decided to examine her face as she was alone in it.

‘Superb’ she smiled and closed the mirror. Her brows were well lined; she had worn a little mascara and pink lipstick.She hardly used make-up but she just had the need to look good. Was it to impress her new boss so she could get a job or was it to make him admire her for who she was?

‘Focus’ she pressed a hand on her chest and stepped out of the elevator.

‘Good morning, I am here to see Mr. Beecroft’ she moved over to where a nerdy looking lady sat.

‘Got an appointment with him’? Gwen looked up.

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‘Yes. An interview’ Amanda replied.

‘Oh? You were the Cinderella that got her ass hit the other day’ Gwen quickly recognized the lady that had run out of Greg’s office.

‘Yes I was’ Amanda couldn’t help but smile.

‘What’s your name’? Gwen fetched her phone.

‘Amanda, Amanda Atkins’ she said.

‘Alright’ she pressed the landline on her ear.

Minutes after she dropped it ‘You may go in and don’t come running out again; this time, it may be a truck’ Gwen laughed. Amanda grinned and pushed the knob without knocking.

She stood there horrified as she saw Greg lip locking heavily with a very attractive woman.

She felt slightly jealous and it bothered her, what was happening to her? All these emotions were alien to her.

‘Wendy’ Greg sensed her presence and broke the kiss.

‘Do we have to stop? Come back later’ Wendy fired at Amanda.

‘Okay…’ Amanda said and turned.

Greg saw the desperation in her blue eyes; he had not seen her very well at the party; she was a very attractive lady.

‘Wait’ Greg rose to his feet.

‘What? Honey…’ Wendy drawled but stopped when she saw that he was serious.

‘Have a seat Ms. Atkins, this wouldn’t take long’ he offered her a seat.

‘Good morning Mr Beecroft, Good morning miss’ Amanda moved towards the seat.

Greg thought her very humble; he decided to forget their past, since she had apologized, he would hold nothing against her.

‘Welcome’ Greg nodded.

Wendy fell silent; she took in this human scarecrow and decided that she would manipulate Greg to fire her; no one could interrupt her special moment with Greg.

For some reason, Amanda felt the woman’s eyes were on her; a negative energy emanated from her; like she hated her or something but she reminded herself that she was too quick to assume.

She now focused on his brown eyes; they were so lovely; but she had to push the thoughts of him out of her mind, he had a girlfriend.

‘So, tell me about yourself briefly’ his eyes bored into hers and he quickly looked away as he felt an odd sensation growing from their gaze.

‘My name is Amanda Atkins…’ she gave him a brief introduction of herself, where she was schooled and her work experience.


‘Fair enough’ he shrugged, still not looking into her eyes.

‘Greg, she doesn’t have the experience to be your personal assistant, she is just a student, how long does she have before her holiday is over, you need someone more permanent’ Wendy chipped in.

‘Okay…I think we should give her a try. Gwen is tired of making me coffee, we could use her for now’ his eyes met hers again.

Anytime his brown eyes met with hers, she felt a flutter in her tummy; butterflies danced in her heart and her fantasies blossomed right before them.

Her ears stung as his girlfriend’s words; why was she so cruel? Wasn’t it that obvious that she needed this job so badly?

‘You have the job Ms. Atkins; you may leave now, ask Gwen, my secretary to show you around. Take a rest and meet me after two hours. Is that clear’? His tone was commanding.

‘Yes sir’ she murmured and rushed out of the office.

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