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7 Ways To Attract A Guy Before Valentine’s Day

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Love Valentine

January 2020, the fastest of its kind, is swiftly drawing to an end and with its end comes the month of love. One of the worst times to be single is February 14. With red and white decor, tons of chocolates, gifts and cakes everywhere, if Cupid does not smile favourably on you before the 14th, you will be enveloped by a cloud of loneliness that day.

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Wondering how to attract that man you just can’t stop thinking about, right in time for Valentine’s Day? Here are five ways to attract the man of your valentine dreams.

1. Enjoy being yourself

The best comes out when you are comfortable. Trying to do things that are totally uncomfortable for you because you think it will attract a man is a terrible idea. You will not only be uncomfortable, but you will also be unable to keep it up. So, laugh with your little snort and eat more than a salad, because the surest way to attract a man is to confidently be you.

2. Be presentable

Before you speak actual words, your appearance has spoken for you – whether it is enough to catch his attention is up to you. How you take care of yourself, what you eat, what you wear, your overall appearance, are the things that attract a man.

What you wear makes a big difference when it comes to being attractive. Always wear clothes that fit your body well and accentuate your best assets. The ideal way to dress is to wear a combination of sexy while leaving something to the imagination. However, do not forget to be comfortable enough in your clothes to be yourself.

3. Your scent is your reputation

Being clean is a given and no one needs to tell you that smelling good is an impression that lasts. But drenching yourself in perfume, especially if you are covered in sweat is a complete turnoff. The point is to tease with your scent, stick with something light yet distinct.

4. Be fun

You can only be fun when you are having fun. Take time out to do fun things, things you really enjoy, where you can let loose, laugh and have fun. Whether it is going out with friends and having a good time, running in marathons, volunteering or watching a movie, do something fun. If you genuinely have fun and are happy, it automatically makes you come across as attractive.

5. Be receptive

When you are in good company, be receptive. Let down your guard. Smile if you are smiled at, laugh if you find him funny, accept the handshake and enjoy the hug. No one wants to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with them, so watching your mood is key. When you are in a good mood, he would find himself in a good mood also.

Disclaimer: Human beings are not magnets. This list guarantees his attention. But if you do not put in the work, you will definitely lose him to someone who can keep a man.

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