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31 US Pop Culture Legends Who Passed Away In The Last Decade [Full List]

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Paul Walker

Whether it was with their art, their personality or their work, numerous pop culture figures have left their mark on our era in one way or another. From Stan Lee to David Bowie, we’ve drawn up a list of the actors, singers and other public figures who left us this decade. They’re all sorely missed but are remembered by millions as true icons of popular culture.

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1. Gary Coleman

Born on February 8 1968, Gary Coleman passed away on May 28 2010 but will always be remembered as Arnold, Willy’s brother in Diff’rent Strokes.

2. Nate Dogg

A pillar of West Coast rap, Nate Dogg was born on August 19 1969 and passed away on March 15 2011.

3. Amy Winehouse

A singer of incredible talent, who made one of the most beautiful albums of the 21st century, Back to Black, Amy Winehouse was born on September 14 1983 and died on July 23 2011.

4. Steve Jobs

Born on February 24 1955, Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple and one of the most significant inventors of his era. He passed away on October 5 2011.

5. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was born on August 9 1963 and passed away on February 11 2012. She is remembered as one of the most gifted singers in the history of music, thanks to her hit song “I Will Always Love You”.

6. Donna Summer

Born on December 31 1948, Donna Summer was an icon of 1980s disco music. She passed away on May 17 2012.

7. Lou Reed

Lou Reed was the singer of Velvet Underground and an excellent singer-songwriter. He was born on March 2 1942 and passed away on October 27 2013.

8. Paul Walker

Born on September 12 1973, Paul Walker will always be remembered as the best driver on the big screen in the Fast and Furious franchise. He left us on November 30 2013.

9. Robin Williams

Born on July 21 1951, Robin Williams was a uniquely talented actor, appearing in movies from Peter Pan to Dead Poet’s Society. He passed away on August 11 2014.

10. Leonard Nimoy

Born on March 26 1931, Leonard Nimoy will always be remembered as the best Spock in the history of Star Trek. He left us on February 27 2015.

11. Christopher Lee

Born on May 27 1922, Christopher Lee played Dracula, Count Dooku and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He passed away on June 7 2015.

Christopher Lee in Dracula. (© Hammer Film Productions)

12. David Bowie

Born on January 8 1947, David Bowie rocked the music world when he passed away on January 10 2016 and goes down in history as an exceptional pop-rock singer, also known as Ziggy Stardust.

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13. Alan Rickman

Born on February 21 1946, Alan Rickman is best known as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter saga. He passed away on January 14 2016.

14. Prince

Prince was one of a kind in the music world and will always be remembered as a true icon. He was born on June 7 1958 and passed away on April 21 2016.

15. Mohamed Ali

Born on January 17 1942, Mohamed Ali was one of the greatest boxers in history. His story inspired numerous movies. He passed away on June 3 2016.

16. Leonard Cohen

Born on September 21 1934, Leonard Cohen was one of Canada’s greatest poets and wrote the legendary song “Hallelujah”. He left us on November 7 2016.

17. George Michael

George Michael was one of Great Britain’s best-loved pop stars and a global icon in the gay rights movement. He was born on June 25 1963 and died on December 25 2016.

18. Carrie Fisher

Born on October 21 1956, Carrie Fisher was best-known for playing Princess Leia in Star Wars. She left us on December 27 2016.

19. Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell was born on July 20 1964 and passed away on May 18 2017. He was one of grunge music’s best-loved voices and the lead singer in the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave.

20. Roger Moore

Born on October 14 1927, Roger Moore was one of the faces of Agent 007 and left us on May 23 2017.

21. Prodigy

Prodigy was a legend of the 1990s New York rap scene, along with his group Mobb Deep. He was born on November 2 1974 and passed away on June 20 2017.

22. Chester Bennington

Born on March 20 1976, Chester Bennington was the voice of the popular band Linkin Park. He left us on July 20 2017.

23. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking will always be remembered as one of the most brilliant minds of his era. He was born on January 8 1942 and died on March 14 2018.

24. Avicii

Born on September 8 1989, Avicii was an exceptional DJ. He died on April 20 2018.

Avicii: True stories.

25. Aretha Franklin

Born on March 25 1942, Aretha Franklin was one of soul music’s most radiant voices. She passed away on August 16 2018.

© Aretha Franklin via Facebook Official

26. Mac Miller

Mac Miller was one of the biggest talents in American rap this decade. He was born on January 19 1992 and passed away on September 7 2018.

© Mac Miller/The Swimming Tour

27. Stan Lee

Born on December 28 1922, Stan Lee created the Marvel superheroes and was a hero in the comic world. He passed away on November 12 2018.

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28. Keith Flint

Born on September 17 1969, Keith Flint was the iconic voice of British group The Prodigy. He left us on March 4 2019.

© Facebook / The Prodigy

29. Nipsey Hussle

Born on August 15 1985, Nipsey Hussle was a shooting star on the Californian rap scene, leaving the world too soon on March 31 2019.

Instagram Nipsey Hussle

30. Peter Fonda

Born on February 23 1940, Peter Fonda was a legend of American counter-culture and an exceptional Easy Rider. He passed away on August 16 2019.

31. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat will always be remembered as the Internet’s favorite feline. He was born on April 4 2012 and died on May 14 2019.

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