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[STORY] THE MERMAID – Love Is A Crime (Episode 16)

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Episode 16.

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Queen mother laughed out loud as the water continued to rise.

Pastor Frank and Johnny felt the heavenly power on them and began their prayers. It was a fierce one.

Queen mother stopped laughing when she felt a more powerful energy pressing down on her.

The water in the room began to dry up as Pastor Frank put his hand on the ground, binding the evil powers.

Cassandra finally fell on the ground, loosing consciousness.

“I command you to disappear! Disappear back into the ocean where you come from and never ever come back to the human world.

I’m not negotiating with you! Go back there and remain forever in Jesus name!!”

“No! No!! NOOOO!!!!!” Queen mother shouted,as she felt her power going down ,down the drain.

She screamed and vanished,her water vanishing with her.

Pastor Frank knelt down,waving his hand in the air and singing to God for giving them victory.

He then rushed to Agnes to see if she was still alive. Thankfully,she was still breathing but unconscious.

Johnny rushed to Cassandra, lifting her head and touching her cheeks. He could barely contain his tears as he stared at her lifeless face.

He looked up at his father who stared back at him, shrugging.

“Is….is…she dear?” He stammered.

“Unless she wants to be delivered…then she can live.

For now,we have killed the mermaid spirit in her but her own spirit still needs to he delivered and until that happens,I don’t think she will be able to live.”

“Of course,dad! She’s going to be delivered!!”Johnny said looking back at Cassandra’s face.” You want to be delivered right, Cassandra? have to live!” Johnny said and hugged her head to himself.

The door burst open as Victoria and Victor entered in tears.

They just saw their father downstairs,still laying on the floor,dead.

They knelt beside their mother,glad that she made it.

Pastor Frank made a call and few minutes later,an ambulance arrived.

Osmond’s body was taken to the mortuary that night while Agnes and Cassandra were taken to the hospital.


“I have one more request to ask of thee Lord…let her come back alive so she can serve you…. Lord…only thou shalt receive all the praise…let her life be save even though she has killed many. Oh God, please! Please Lord! Let her live again and this time….in your light…”

Johnny continued to pray endlessly as he sat on a chair beside Cassandra’s bed.

He stopped when her hand moved in his. His eyes opened as he stared at her face.

She slowly opened her eyes, looking around.

He could barely contain his excitement as he smiled down at her, dropping his Bible.

“Where am I?” Cassandra asked,her voice sounding so different.

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“You are in the hospital, Cassandra.” Johnny replied as she looked at him.

“What happened?” Cassandra asked. She felt strange…so strange.

“You….”, Johnny stopped and breathed in. How should he explain things to her? ” You lost consciousness when we were praying.

The pastor said the mermaid spirit in you is gone and while you were still sleeping,we saw you wanted to be delivered…and you were delivered.

Right now,all you need to do is give your life to Christ. Tell me you are ready, Cassandra.” Johnny said and Cassandra’s eyes filled with tears as everything came rushing back in her memory.

How she killed her grandma,her mother, Aunty Aishat,her father,her classmates…she couldn’t seem to be able to count them all.

Fear and guilt gripped her as she rose up from bed, breathing heavily.

“What’s the matter?” Johnny asked, holding her from coming down.

“I have to go….to go far away from here. They will send the police after me!” Cassandra cried.

Johnny’s eyes were clouding with tears too but he blinked them back.”What police!”

“I’ve killed many…so many people. My dad…my….my family!” Cassandra cried, fighting Johnny’s hands so she could come down.

“Calm down, Cassandra. No one is sending the police after you. I won’t let them take you.” Johnny said softly as Cassandra stopped,tears flooding her cheeks.

She reached out and hugged Johnny,crying the more.

Three days later,Agnes was discharged and the as taken home by Johnny’s dad.

She cried endlessly when she saw her husband’s corpse. She could not believe it after hearing about all that happened.

So, Cassandra was a mermaid after all?

Agnes cried non-stop as she blamed herself for everything…for taking Esther to mother of babies.

“As a Christian, sister Agnes…we need to let go of so many things.

Try and forgive yourself and forgive Cassandra who has done so many damages. Right now, Johnny is bringing her home with a new spirit…..”

“Bringing who home, pastor?” Victoria asked, cutting the pastor short.

She had promised in her heart that she would pay for her father’s death. Infact,she has been searching for the police line.

“Victoria,calm down.” Agnes said, turning to her daughter who flared up.

“Over my dead body will I watch Cassandra come into this house again! That murderous mermaid? No,wait mum! Don’t tell me you will still let her live with us?” Victoria asked,her voice raising up at every single word.

“Victoria,as a Christian…”

“Leave Christianity out of this,pastor, please! She killed my father and almost killed me.

Not only that,she almost killed mum too!” Victoria shouted. She moved back, waving her head.

“I’m calling the police once she steps her feet in here.

I’m calling the police!” Victoria said, running back inside the room.

Agnes buried her head in her hands and started a fresh cry.

Just then, Johnny entered with Cassandra,who trailed behind him.

She stood as her eyes jammed with Agnes’s.

For a long time,no body spoke,then Victoria came out with Victor and came face to face with Cassandra.”what are you doing here?”


Cassandra’s eyes were blinded with tears. However,she promised herself not to cry in front of Victoria.”Victoria….”

“Get out of here before I call the police!” Victoria shouted.

“Victoria,I’m not here to plead for shelter. I’m here to seek for forgiveness.

Everything I’ve done….I was on a mission… mission to bring souls into the mermaid world…the water kingdom.” Cassandra said,her voice quivering.

Everywhere went dead silent. Cassandra walked and knelt in front of Agnes.

The tears she had refused to she’d in front of Victoria,came pouring down in a rush.

“I don’t even know how to say to begin my explanation on how I killed my grandma…my mum and my dad.

The guilt is killing me right now. For seventeen years….my soul was tormented by queen mother…I always wanted to kill,wanted to destroy. All I plead for is your forgiveness.

Even though I’m going to live with the guilt forever….just forgive me so I can be free from your wraths.” Cassandra cried,her beautiful face all wet.

Victoria bent down, looking away and crying while Victor consoled her. Agnes was in tears too

Johnny was tempted to join but instead,he went to Cassandra and pulled her up, cleaning her tears away and just then, a knock came on the door.

Agnes slowly stood up, walking to the door, wondering who it was.

She breathed in and threw open the door then stopped.

Her eyes widened in horror. She could not believe it… could not believe what her eyes were seeing right now!

She flinched, moving back and shaking her head.”No…no….you! It can’t be possible!!……..

To be continued……..

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