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[STORY] THE MERMAID – Love Is A Crime (Episode 15)

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Episode 15.

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Their eyes locked in a fierce light. Cassandra stood at one spot looking at him,
momentarily forgetting Agnes who layed sprawled on the floor, coughing badly till she was out if breath and almost losing consciousness.

“I knew it….the very first day you came into the class! I felt that dark power tagging along with you.” Johnny challenged.

He was determined,to cast out the spirit of mermaid using this beautiful soul.

He refused to see the real Cassandra but only focused on the evil mermaid in her.

Cassandra laughed and looked down at her long nails, glancing back at Johnny.

“You are nothing compared to me, Johnny. I will kill you in a flash. How dare you challenge me!” Cassandra roared, tightening her fists again.

“Oh you shut up,you evil creature from the Abbys!” Pastor Frank shouted equally, raising up his Bible.

Cassandra glanced at him with fury and rage.

“We shall see who shuts up!” She cried and raised her palm,
bringing it forward with force as dark thunder emerged from it, running towards the pastor.

He raised his Bible, dodging the thunder.

Pastor Frank laughed and started speaking in tongues,going round in circles while Cassandra laughed harder,raising up her hand again.

Thunder flew from it and smashed into Johnny who cried and bend in pain.

“Johnny, concentrate!” Pastor Frank shouted at his son.

Cassandra laughed the more.

Johnny was furious and angry in the spirit.

His eyes went to the medallion hanging on her neck.

That’s it….her power. If I could get close enough and pull it off then we are going to defeat her without getting injured.

Johnny said in his heart and began to go forward.

Pastor Frank looked at him,alarmed.” Stay back!”

He ordered him but Johnny continued to go forward with an heavy prayer in his heart as he stared straight at Cassandra who stopped laughing, looking fiercely at him.

“We were friends.” Johnny said softly.” We went to the cafeteria together…you fainted and I carried you home. Remember?

It’s me, Johnny.”Johnny said and Cassandra’s eyes began to soften…
and Johnny was getting close….. getting closer and closer to her!.


****IN THE OCEAN****

“NOOOO!!” Queen mother roared as she looked into the spiritual mirror, standing before her.

She banged her fist on her thrown handle, raising up to her feet.

Others were alarmed to see the fire in her eyes. She was furious! So furious!

” What’s happening!” They asked.

“She’s going to die…they are going to kill her.” Queen mother said, getting ready, getting prepared.

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“She brought this upon herself but I’m going to go out there and save her. Aquaria! Take care of my thrown! I’m coming back!!”

Queen mother shouted, disappearing from the water kingdom!


Johnny got in front of Cassandra and smiled.”Yes,try to remember. It’s me Johnny and you are Cassandra.”

Johnny said and his eyes went wider as he saw Cassandra’s face, thickening again.

Before Cassandra could say anything,he reached for the medallion and pulled it down with force.

It came loose in his hand and he went back.

Cassandra’s eyes reddened and she screamed, going forward to attack Johnny when they began to fire prayer points on her.

Fire began to burn her. She screamed, screamed and screamed, grabbing at her hair,her body and clothes. She tore away her clothes, screaming so loud!

“Stop! Stop it!! I’m dying Johnny! Please help me! I’m on fire!!” She cried, trying to deceive Johnny but his mind was made up.

He opened a scripture in his Bible and poured out more prayer.

“For the world is not for you demons!! I cast you…I cast you out of this body for it is the temple off the holy Spirit! Leave!!” Pastor Frank shouted,

while Johnny twisted, twisted and twisted the medallion in his hand,to weaken her the more.

Cassandra tried to fight back to her dark thunder but she could not.

Her medallion was gone.

“Stop…. please!! Stop!! Cassandra cried. She was getting tired, weaker as she fell on her knees. The consuming fire was too much.

She was already burnt in the spirit.

They gave her no chance. They continued to fire out their prayers.

“Get the holy water and the anointing oil! Quick! It’s in my car!”

pastor Frank said to Johnny who jerked the door opened and stormed out of the room, running off.

Victoria and Victor were outside the compound, scared out of their wits.

They could not believe that they have been living with a devil for the past ten years.

They were in tears.

Their father was dead and they were not sure if their mother was still alive.

They saw Johnny rushed out and ran to the car, jerking the door open and bringing pit the required items.

He was about to rush back when Victor and Victoria rushed up to him.”

Johnny! Please,tell us that our mother is still alive! Please!” Victor cried.

Johnny panted as he looked at them. He wasn’t sure too.” I don’t know yet but God is under control!

I have to rush back now!!” Johnny said aloud, running back inside.

He rushed back inside the room, handing the items over to his father.

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He looked at Cassandra.

She was still on her kneeling position,her hands tightly covering her ears.

“You demonic spirit, listen to the word of God! As soon as I pour this water and oil on you,you shall surrender and leave this body!!” Pastor Frank said in a commanding tone.

As soon as he lifted his hand to splash it on her,the air in the room began to blow heavily that it caused them to close their eyes a little. The air was powerful. It was like whirlwind!

The power in the room doubled up! The energy, almost tearing the roof apart.

Queen mother’s laughter rented the heavy air as she appeared in front of Cassandra,her large view covering her entirely.

“Aahh ahh ah!! You dare not!! How dare you hurt my child!! How dare you!! I shall destroy you…I shall destroy you…!!

Queen mother thundered and raised her hand with force. And as soon as she did that,water began to pour from the ceiling, from the ground!

Pastor Frank and Johnny held hands, closing their eyes and talking with each other in the spirit….. renewing their powers and inviting the heavenly father himself down!!

Water from nowhere began to fill up in the room.

The door banged close as the water became a flood… flooding up the room…..the whole room…….!!

To be continued…..

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