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[STORY] THE MERMAID – Love Is A Crime (Episode 14)

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Episode 14.

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Pastor Frank dropped his phone on the empty chair beside him as he looked at his wrist watch, wondering what was wrong.

He looked around the woman sitting with him in church.


“Sister Agnes,I don’t think we can go to sister Evelyn’s place again today.

I just received a call from my son right now. I don’t know but his voice sounds so urgent.

He asked me to call him as soon as I get home” pastor Frank said, packing up his Bible.

“No problem, pastor. I have this urge to go home too like….I’m feeling strange as if something is wrong somewhere.

Let me also rush home. We can postpone the visit to another time.”

Agnes said and after saying goodbye,she left the church.


“Blood of Jesus!!” Victoria continued to scream as Cassandra covered her ears tightly.

She was not able to attach her with her hands, covering her ears.

Victoria screamed her father’s name,everyone but none came to her rescue.

She continued running around the room, shouting the blood of Jesus but Cassandra wouldn’t even stop a but from following her around the room.

Victoria had wanted to run out of the room but the door was already locked!

Victoria’s face filled with tears.Her mother had taught them how to pray buy she couldn’t stand and do it.

Not when her demon is right on her trail!

Lord… help me!

Victoria was slumping to the ground….she was getting tired.


Johnny went about the houses in the street, looking for the right house but it seemed as if the right one had disappeared from the surface of the earth.

Johnny continued praying to God,to show him the way….but the heavens were silent on him.

“God! Why don’t you view me the house as you showed me who she really is!”

Johnny shouted and the few people in the street turned to look at him…they thought he was already mad.

“No…I won’t give up! People are in danger.”

Darkness was fast approaching…..he had to be fast!


Agnes ran inside as she heard her daughter, screaming.”Victoria!!” She screamed running inside the house.

The little girl still fought on for dear life!

She stopped and screamed severally again at the sight if her dead husband on the floor.

She ran to him, tears flooding her face.”Osmond!!”she screamed, shaking him all over.

At the loud scream if her daughter from the room,she leapt to her feet and ran.

She ran and flung herself at the door, bouncing inside the room.

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She could not believe it… could not believe the devil-image-like she saw, following her daughter with her hands like claws.

“Cassandra!!” Agnes shrieked and ran towards her, grabbing her and pinning her hand behind her.

“Victoria,run! Run!! Go get help!! Call the pastor!!”Agnes shouted at her exhausted daughter, battling with Cassandra.

Victoria bolted out of the room screaming for help all the way out.

When she saw her father’s corpse on the floor her speed increased.

She thought she was going to go crazy.

Cassandra gave Agnes the hardest blow of her life,throwing her to ground with a loud thud.

Agnes yelled in pain, moving back at the sane time getting ready to bound the devil.

Cassandra gave her no chance,she lifted her up to her feet as if she weighed nothing and slapped her severally before allowing her to fall back on the ground,blood sputtering from her mouth,her nose.

“You caused it all didn’t you?” Cassandra laughed,her voice sounding as if thousand voices joined up in a chorus.

“You took her to mother of babies for a baby and for your own money.

Her womb was destroyed and she had me,the mermaid.

Why are you stopping me from doing my work on Earth!! I shall destroy you!!”

Cassandra roared,her eyes pure red as Agnes tried to scream the blood of Jesus..but no she couldn’t….she could not.

Instead..her eyes were closing… closing and going down!


Victoria ran out of the compound and just then Victor met her on her way out.

He was coming back from an evening lesson he attended.

He was alarmed to see his sister like that.

He g got home of her, immediately scared.”What’s wrong!” He shouted.

Victoria felt like falling against her brother but she knew she couldn’t.

Her mother’s life depended on her. She pointed towards their house.” Mummy… mummy is in danger! She’s going to I’ll mummy!!

We have to get help.! She told me to call the pastor!” Victoria said,her fave so cracked up she could hardly talk.

Victor was confused. Who was going to kill their mum?

Whatever that means,he couldn’t care for that moment. He held her hand and together,they took the race.


Johnny was getting tired. His father was already on his way in his car. He had given her direction of the street and he seemed to be familiar with every direction.

Just as Johnny turned left to walk out of the shade he was standing, Victor and Victoria cane into view and almost immediately,he heard a voice from the sky.

…. Follow those kids…the direction you seek is here….

Johnny ran and ran, catching up with them.”Wait!” He grabbed Victor’s shirt and they stopped, panting and looking at him.

His eyes widened both with theirs.

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“Johnny!”Victor cried.

“We are heading to the church!Our house is on fire!” Victoria shouted,crying.

“Cassandra…..lives with you guys??…how…is..she related…?” No! Johnny shook his head. This was not the right time for that!

Someone’s life was in grave danger!

“We have to hurry! My mother is in danger!!” Victor cried.

Dad! Where are you! Johnny asked aloud in his heart looking about the road which was now becoming dark and just then,he saw his father’s car speeding up towards them.


“You have no more time,Agnes. Others are dead. Your set is gone. Why should I you still be alive…”

“I cast you back from whichever pit you are coming from in Jesus….”

“Oh shut up!!” Cassandra roared and kicked Agnes hard on her side.

Agnes couldn’t move again, wasn’t able to do anything,she couldn’t even lift a finger as Cassandra sat across her,grabbing her neck and laughing out at her bulging eyes.

“Goodbye,Aunty Agnes!!” Cassandra roared once more and held her neck tighter…. squeezing life out of her.

just before Agnes could give up the ghost, the door burst opened and Johnny with his father bounced inside,new power and energy circulating the whole room.

“Cassandra!! Stop….!!”

It was Johnny’s voice,in a very powerful commanding tone and immediately Cassandra’s hand left Agnes throat as she slowly turned… slowly turned to look at Johnny… Johnny who has set her heart on fire!!…….

To be continued…

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