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[STORY] Mary My Student (Episode 05)



Mary My Student

Episode 05.

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As I arrived at where my car was Nancy was all over me.
She hugged and smooched me.
” Oh Callum, I was so afraid, how did it go? Are they letting you out on bail or did they let you go free?” She asked her questions without giving me a chance to reply meanwhile holding me tight to her body.
” It’s okay Nancy” I replied.” Everything is okay, they didn’t let me go on bail, I wasn’t just guilty.”
I was holding on my laptop tightly so I won’t drop it.
I noticed Rita emerge from the classroom and started trotting towards where we were standing with a smile, Nancy chosed this moment to plant her lips on mine and engage me in a very passionate kiss. There was many things in the kiss, it was a kiss of hunger, a kiss of want, a kiss that had waited years, she took to the kiss like a starving dog to a platter of raw meat. She kissed me like she had been thirsty for days and had just stumbled upon a cool spring.
I saw Rita stop in her tracks and a frown enveloped her smile, I tried to stop the kiss but Nancy wasn’t having any of it. Rita’s frown deepened before Nancy stopped so we can catch our breath.
I know Nancy never noticed Rita as she had her back on her and wouldn’t have cared if she has.
I tried to extricate myself from her but she held on. ” Callum, I’m so glad you are safe and sound, I have been so worried, can I come to your apartment and spent the night? I won’t be able to stay all by myself after witnessing you being arrested.”

Rita stormed off towards her classroom at this, my laptop fell out of my arm but I caught it before it hits the ground.
” Careful.” Nancy warned ” so what do you say?”
” Eh yes, I mean No, you can’t come.” I stammered.
” Why? Why can’t I come?” She asked in a small voice as if she was about to cry.
I didn’t fell for it but I was short of explanation.
” Eh I I eh, I have a meeting with a friend who wanted to buy my cousin’s land, so it’s going to take me till midnight, so if you were coming to spend time with me, I might be gone all night.”
” Does it really have to be today alone? Can’t you do that some other time? What if you were still in the cell?”
” If I were, I would have let today slide, but I’m not, and I am here in good time so I have to. Sorry about that.”
My heart was now at my throat, I stared towards the classroom and could see Rita watching us through the window.
” It’s okay I thought you would have a chance, so you could tell me everything that happened at your apartment, but no worries, there’s still another time.”
She then started to walk away and then paused as if an afterthought, came back and pulled me in for a kiss, I turned my head to avoid her lips, but she held my head and turned it back, planted a soft kiss, whispered” I LOVE YOU”, before walking off to her car. She started her car and was out of sight in minutes. I dumped my laptop at the back seat of my car and waited for Rita with bated breath.
” I hope Nancy hadn’t ruined things for me.” I thought. I was about to call out when Rita walked out of the classroom with her backpack on her back.
She was frowning and seemed to be sulking while fidgeting too.
She walked up to me and muttered a good afternoon Sir.
I found this funny but didn’t laugh,
She opened the car door and took her seat in the front without a word, I went in through the driver side and watched her quietly for a moment, ” look Darling I’m sorry, it wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t just push her away just like that, you know you are the only one I want.”
” I know, I was just jealous, I know she liked you as well.” She replied nonchalantly.
” Where you jealous that she’s going to take your place?”
” Whatever!” She replied still not smiling.
” Are you angry with me?”
” No I’m not.” She answered staring into space.
” Okay I would find out.”
With that I pulled her near and began tickling her, she squealed and wriggled herself like a maggot attacked by ants, after a while I stopped. There were tears in her eyes from laughing so hard.
” Are you still angry with me?” I asked with a smile.
” I said I’m not, please don’t tickle me again.” She replied.
” What if I do?”
” No please don’t.” She said shying away from me.
” Okay! okay!” I said and fired up the engine.
” How did it go?” Rita asked much relaxed now.
” It’s a long story, I’ll tell you everything at home. So why did you snap at your classmate?”
” Oh did you see it? She was bothering me.”
I moved the car out of the school compound and waved to the security man.
We got to my apartment and Rita got out while I parked the car in the usual spot.
” Sweedy can I watch the footage of Mary and you?” She asked sweetly.
” Of course, here are you” I handed her my laptop.
” You know I won’t know where you hid the whole thing and I don’t want to tamper with your private files, so finish what you are doing and come and do it yourself.”
” Okay!” I mumbled and watched her big ass sway side to side as she walked inside.
Soon we were seated together watching the video Mary came in and tried to blackmail me.
We have already had lunch that Rita prepared.
” This was a very brilliant idea from you, I didn’t even give it a thought.”
” And it was wise of you to heed it and not dismiss it because it came from a teenager.”
” Why would I? brighter ideas came come from people way younger than you and as you can see have I didn’t heed your warning I would have been in the police cell now.”
” Thank God you’re not. Anyway why not tell me everything that transpired.”

I went on to narrate everything, how Mary acted, and Rita listened attentively and muttered” serves her right.” When I finished.
” I almost got you into trouble myself from that panties. How did you work yourself out without mentioning me?”
” Well I just said, it was a one night stand.”
Rita shrugged. ” Honey if you want to do anything with me, you better do it now, because I’m not going to spend the night, the woman I stay with would be back this evening and if she doesn’t see me, she might look for me and it wouldn’t sound nice if she finds out that I am at a teacher’s apartment. That woman is a pretty loudmouth and is known to spice up stories to make it more juicy to the ears so if she discovers I’m here it might spell trouble for you.”
” It’s okay Sweedy. But you know I haven’t heard you talk of ex-boyfriend before? Didn’t you have a boyfriend in your former school.
Rita chuckled. ” No I didn’t have any boyfriend, it wasn’t worth the stress and headache.”
” Why that?”
” There it was a common thing for another girl snatch your boyfriend before your very eyes.” Rita said with an air of apprehension.
” I don’t still get you.”
Rita stood up. ” You see how I am? How curvy and thick I look?”
” Yes I see and you are an object of jealousy to some of the girls.”
Rita smiled shyly at this.
” Fine, at my former school, I am just among the average,” she said.
” What do you mean?” I inquired.
” What I mean is that the girls over there are more endowed than I am.”
” Unbelievable!”
“They have bigger boobs, larger ass and curvier bodies and they go by this slang ” dogs eat bones, real men eat meat.” Which means that if you are not like them you are meant for dogs.”
” Hmm!!!” I mumbled.
” If you are a slim girl and your unlucky enough for a guy to ask you out, it’s better you turn it down to serve yourself an embarrassment because you would be surprised when a big girl with ass far bigger than yours shows up and kiss your boyfriend in front of you, and take him away if you try to interfere they either beat you up or ridicule you in front of others and they would laugh at you. And whenever they stand before your boyfriend they would ask him whether he liked bone or meat, sometimes he may reject but they would never give up. If they guy is proving stubborn and refuse to fall for them they will get him with some form of blackmail, but he would never be a slave to them.”
” That wasn’t good now? There are many boys in the school why don’t they go for their own.” I queried.
” No there wasn’t, girls made up approximately 75% of each classroom. The boys weren’t much though it wasn’t obvious from mere looking.
So to get a boyfriend was rather the survival of the fittest.
And quite interestingly, they were very submissive and faithful to their boyfriends even the ones they snatch from others. Boys were being sought after like a piece of gold. One even went as far as snatching a teacher’s boyfriend.”
” Ah, How did she go about that one?” I asked with interest.
” I don’t know, but how everything got out in the air was when she called the girl out in the classroom and asked her why she snatched her boyfriend.”
” Was that her boyfriend a student?” I asked quite hastily.
” Yes!”
” Wasn’t there a rule against that?”
” No!”
I shrugged okay and Rita continued ” maybe she thought the girl would be ashamed, quite stupid of her. The girl came out to the front of the class and scanned the teacher from head to toe with a sneer on her lips. The teacher was very pretty with a face of a fairy but was slim, she had barely-there boobs at least her ass was big but not half the size of that of the girl standing before her.
” Oh what were you saying?” The girl asked in a mocking tone.
” I said why did you snatch my boyfriend?” She repeated herself.
” I was saving him from bondage.”
” What kind of bondage?”
” Why am I even answering you, what do you have that I can’t snatch your boyfriend, or do you mean these wrinkled oranges you call breasts, here is something for a change ( she cradles her breasts) he loves these firm, big succulent t–s more than those things. You know the only thing you can boast of is your pretty face and this half size ass,” she said slapping the woman’s ass quite rudely.
The class was tense with suppressed laughter.
” What nonsense is that?” The teacher asked angrily and made to slap her but she acted fast and stopped her hand and twisted it making the woman squeal in pain.
” Don’t dare try to lay a f—–g finger on me.” She warned. ” The reason I snatch him from you is because you don’t deserve him. Go and find a husband and marry, don’t be preying on teenagers. Do you think that poor boy would be able to dig out of your sucker well? Leave him to enjoy what teenagers enjoy. And lastly dogs eat bones while men eat meat, do you think he would chose a bony thing with a pretty face over a hot plump sexy thing like me? Of course not, he’s no dog.”
With that she pushed the teacher away and began to move away from the classroom. The teacher lunged after her maybe with the motive of knocking her down, but the anticipated it and stepped aside quickly before sticking out a foot for her, tripping her as she slammed her face into the door breaking her nose in the process.
” Try that again and you’ll have yourself to blame.” She warned.
They were reported to the principal who only punished the girl for disturbing the class but blamed the teacher for bringing in personal matters to the classroom. And the punishment wasn’t much just two days suspension.
But the teacher out of shame resigned, packed her stuffs and left. Her position was quickly filled in a matter of days, not even up to a week and everything continued as if nothing had happened. So with all that saga I wouldn’t risk my heart for any boyfriend there. And besides the woman was just outright stupid if she was to do such a thing, she should have confronted the girl elsewhere maybe she thought the girl would be intimidated.”
” Quite interesting.” I said in wonderment.
” Yea! really!” Rita concurred ” and the most interesting part is that if one of them finds out they are both dating the same guy they’ll become friends immediately instead of the other way round, and if I had a boyfriend, how would I have done now that I found you.”
” There would have been some ways about it.” I assured.
With that she drew nearer and kissed me on the lips and whispered” I love you.”
” I love you too.” I whispered back.


The following week was Mary’s trial along with other convicts. Her mother couldn’t afford a lawyer so there wasn’t anybody to stand in the way.
I attended the trial and sat together with the crowd as Mary cut a forlorn figure in the dock her once glossy cornrows were matted with dirt or sweat.
She surprisingly plead guilty when the charges against her was being called out. She was sentenced to 17 years in prison with option for parole after 14 years and that was due to the fact that I didn’t press my own charges and demand for damages, she would have gotten more than that, at least 21.
Mary’s mother was surprisingly quiet and dry faced. As for me I didn’t feel any remorse or pity for her, sometimes you have to get caught in your own trap to give others a useful lesson.
I waited behind after the court had dismissed and had the pleasure of seeing Mary being led to the black Maria.
” Mary!” I called and the policemen leading her stopped.
I walked up to Mary and it was pleasant to my eyes to see Mary all bundled up in a pair of new handcuffs cutting a dejected figure.
Her face was bereft of hope or comfort. At least she would be 35 years when she would be out of jail.
I looked at Mary who avoided my eyes, I had no pity for her as this was the position she wanted me in but it backfired thanks to Rita and her brilliant idea.
” Mary!” I said and she didn’t respond, I knew she wouldn’t. ” You see your life? I know you never expected to be in this position ever in your life. This was the position you wanted me to be, right? Either this or I be your sex slave, but you thought you were smart but I am smarter. I knew you had no idea I had a camera in my office recording everything you said and did, well it’s because I wasn’t planning of going the same Collins went. You took the poor man unawares, but never me.

When I told you f–k you, you said you’ll see who gets f—-d, now who’s the getting f—-d?
Yours is better, by the time you are out you would still be young enough to start over, but if you have succeeded in getting me in as you planned I would be a miserable old man by then. Anyway I don’t have much to say I just wanted to say this last words to you, maybe by the time you are out I won’t be around. Mary lifted her face to look at me and I showed her my middle finger and said solemnly” F–K YOU MARY” I watched her face squeeze with anger and knew she was wishing she could kick me in the balls.
“I hope this would be an “Alive in wonderland” experience for you so that in your next life you know you joke with.
With that I nodded to the policeman who were too patient to my amazement and the led her away pushed her into the black Maria and slammed the door shut.
Then a short while later the truck drove out of the courtyard taking Mary to her new home.
I later visited the principal to relay to him the whole news and showed him the footage of which Mary unknowingly exposed herself before the cameras. The principal was silent for five minutes. Then he spoke ” Mr Wilson, I am sorry for the way I handled Collins case, I was wrong in everything, and it wasn’t all because of Mary’s lies, it was also from my personal jealousy of him, I was jealous of him at how the students loved him and adored and I somehow found the incident as an opportunity to give the devil his due as a chance to paint him red.
I wish I could see him so I could apologize, I exaggerated the whole event, the students were sad but most of the teachers were happy at what happened as the were also jealous of him as I do. Tomorrow I am going to address the students and ask for their forgiveness and also tell them the whole truth.
With that I bid the principal goodbye and I left his house.
On my way home, I imagined how Mr Collins would feel if he got the news now that his name is cleared, that he was innocent afterall and was just a victim of false accusations. Would he be relieved? or would he be angry that nobody believed him? Would he burst into tears that his name has been tainted for no fault of his? Would he begin to sing and dance that his accuser in now in jail serving the government?

Ever since the rape incident I had never had a glimpse of him and I could safely assume he was now living somewhere with a different name and different look. How I wish I could get to him now and tell him that he is innocent, but he never left any clue to where he was. I would still thank Rita wherever I go because without her bringing up the idea, I would have been in jail as I am talking. Anyway I hope I would find Collins one day.
The next day was interesting.
Many of the sighed in frustration when the principal stopped them as the were about to disperse to their classes.
He went thus ” My beloved students, I stand before as a master, as a teacher and also as a prodigal son.” This led the students to exchange glances with each other as the didn’t know what the principal was up to.
” I am standing here to ask for your forgiveness, I am sorry for how I handled the case of your beloved teacher Peter Collins.”
Almost all the students sighed at this point while the others groaned.
No one wanted to be reminded of the whole incident or bad luck that befell their beloved teacher but why is he apologising now? What’s the need? About 90% of the school population has agreed that he was innocent and that he was a victim in the whole saga so there was no need of the principal boring them with his apologies.
” I am sorry for what I did, I should have done things differently, I should have investigated deeper but I didn’t, I blame myself it is all my fault. But today I am happy to announce to you that Mr Peter Collins is innocent of the rape charges Mary Jasper put on him, he didn’t rape her he was a victim of false accusation.”
This was met with a ” yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the students. It was quite surprising as the students jubilated, I’m not sure they would have jubilated half of how the did if the school won a major tournament, it was deafening and I was sure the people living outside the school fence would be disturbed.

The principal tried in vain to silence the happy crowd. He had to beckon on me to come and help me quiet down the crowd. I mounted the stage and waved my hands and the students kept mum immediately. I felt a little proud that I could do that what the principal didn’t succeed in doing.
” But that wouldn’t have been possible if not for your teacher Mr Callum Wilson. How many of you know Mary Jasper?
” That lazy cat.” A student said unconsciously, ” everyone knows her.”
” Fine!” the principal went on ” I didn’t believe Mr Collins went he said that Mary offered her sex in exchange for grades and not only that, she also asked him to be her sex slave. So Mr Collins rejected it and ordered her out of his office and she promised the man that she would taint his name and kept to her word and accused him of rape. She put everything in the right order and forced us to believe her instead of the truth. This made Me Collins to lose his job and good reputation.
But here.” The principal held up my hand.” Mr Callum Wilson is your hero.” The students were all smiles now and were looking at me with proud eyes with made me feel a little shy.
” And how did he do it, he installed a camera in his office and Mary Jasper went to repeat the same nonsense he tried with Mr Collins, not knowing that everything she said was being recorded, it was here that Mr Wilson tricked her to admit that she actually set up Mr Collins because he rejected her request, she used the incident to threaten Mr Wilson, but since the camera was there Mr Wilson wasn’t shaken, he turned down her malicious request and dared her to do her worst and she did, last week she went and reported to the police that Mr Wilson raped her just as she did with Mr Collins and the police came here and arrested Mr Wilson, I’m sure most of you didn’t notice?”
” I’m sure sir, throughout last week we didn’t see any police squad car in the school premises and I didn’t skip any day.” A student answered while the other students agreed with a nod. The hall was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
” It was because they didn’t come here with a squad car and also they wore mufti that’s why nobody noticed. As I was saying, it was after Mr Wilson was arrested that everything came out to light, it was there Mary was being exposed as a liar, it was there it now became known Mr Peter Collins was innocent and how many of you knew that she was an atheist and a pagan? I’m sure nobody did.”
This brought a gasp of surprise from the students as they shook their heads vigorously.
” Does anyone know what happened to Mary Jasper?”
” No sir!” A female student volunteered an answer. ” We haven’t seen her since last week.”
” Well you won’t be seeing her anymore, she has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for her atrocious act.”
“Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!” Another loud joyous cheer came from the students, louder than before.
” Now I want to warn you students, I hope you now know that there is a camera in Mr Wilson’s office, so if you go there to try any nonsense the camera would record you and when he brings it to us we would deal with you properly. Now I use this medium to warn and advise you to be hardworking and be attentive in class, ask questions where you don’t understand and stop the bad habit of skipping classes. Had Mary been hardworking would anything had led her to try to blackmail a teacher thereby landing herself in jail?”
” No!” The students answered.
” Now I want three hurrays for your hero Mr Callum Wilson.
” Hip hip hip.”
” Hurray” the students answered each hurrays louder than the former.
” Sir we don’t we try this hero clap
It goes like this, Hero, clap*clap*clap, clap*clap*clap*clap! Hero!” A student suggested. The other agreed with him and without being prompted, they started doing that. They clapped for me without tiring, it was obvious that they were happy.
I turned to look at the teachers, most of them were smiling while the others stood with a frowns and sneers on their faces at the students jubilation. I concluded that those were the jealous, bad minded ones. I stole a quick glance at Nancy and she was all smiles obviously the happiest among the teachers.
The principal saw that he could not do anything to stop the celebrating students and left them to enjoy their fun.
The students had quickly composed a song and turned the desks into makeshift drums
” Mr Callum Wilson is a hero, eh
Callum Wilson is a hero.
He has bruised the serpent’s head and sent her to hell.
Mr Callum Wilson is a hero.”
Then they added the hero clap at the end.
All the students looking for a chance to give me a hug and the bold one a kiss on the cheek.
I searched to Rita and found her a little farther off smiling, singing and clapping along with other students while also watching the students crowd around me.
I had to extricate myself forcefully and take to my heels.
But this only made the students take the celebration into their various classrooms and it was well over two hours before it died down so the teachers could go into the class and teach.
Rita came into my office during the closing hour and hailed me as a hero and gave me the hero clap.
” Now it’s turn for a kiss.” She said before sitting down on my laps and pulled me into a very hot kiss.

Her ass seemed to be growing bigger and firmer each day and the way her waistband tightened around her midriff gave her a perfect hourglass shape.
” You this wouldn’t have possible had you not given me the idea, so I think you are the hero.”
” Oh come-on silly, if you had dismissed my suggestion yiu would have been in hot soup now and I wouldn’t have been any hero.” She replied with a cute smile.
” Oh shit the camera,” I said sharply. ” It’s recording us.” But Rita wasn’t startled.
” So you think I don’t know you didn’t plug your laptop back? And beside even without the camera students would be wary of your office because they feared what they would day and do would be recorded, it’s only you and I that knows the truth and as for Holy Mary let her enjoy her newfound life in jail, I’m sure she would come back with a testimony that Jesus is Lord.”
I chuckled at this and we kissed again while I ran my fingers across her smooth thighs. But we had to stop before things get out of hand.
” I’m coming to your apartment tonight, so be prepared for me.” She whispered to my ear.
” Sure Milady! I’ll be ready for you.”
” Remember use no tramadol.”
” Off course you know I don’t use drugs.”
” Good.” She said before bidding me goodbye and sashaying out of the office.
Nancy later came in sporting a wide smile and congratulated me before asking if she could come to my apartment that day. But I said no and quickly thought up an excuse, I said I had already planned to visit an imaginary aunt somewhere. I didn’t miss the look of disappointment on her face.
But I couldn’t help it, I can’t take her to my apartment because she might Rita there and again I knew if I allowed her to come we might have sex with each other but I was never planning on cheating on Rita for any reason. I didn’t want to break one of my rules which was ” Cheating is not allowed in a relationship.”
I was however quick to throw in a cushion. I told her I wasn’t very free for some days but that I would invite her when I have a chance. She felt assured by this and bid me goodbye before getting out.
I leaned back in my chair and breathed a sigh. ” What have I gotten myself into?” I thought, ” I couldn’t just tell her I am in a relationship with someone else, it would hurt and if she discovers it’s a student she might get me into trouble, maybe if I could continue evading her she might come to a conclusion that I don’t want her and give up or she might not, she might try to know what I like in other women that she doesn’t have and make herself have it.
I just have to hang on and hope for the best.”

Mary was being transferred to another prison in a truck, she had found out a totally new world and agreed within her that the world she previously lived in was a bed of roses. Here was a hell on earth, no freedom, monitor everywhere, you are being monitored as you are peeing you don’t chose the clothes you wear, you are given a prison uniform, you only eat what is served and you don’t make any choices, she thought of her mother, how would she rate her now? She had trusted her daughter only to be seen her exposed and forever living with the memory that her only daughter is a prisoner. Would she be alive when she is finally out? She didn’t know. She was barely a month here in jail and was already regretful.
This was the place she had wanted people to go because they didn’t want to satisfy her selfish wish but she turns out to be the one coming here instead.
The truck carrying reached its destination and they were pulled out their legs and wrist bounded in chains.

The screening took place before they had their bonds removed, she was shown her cell and it happened to have only one occupant who was facing away from the door.
The other prisoner turned around and Mary saw that it was a woman, a very pretty woman. It was Cecilia Morgan the witch.
” Oh my goodness, fresh meat is here.” She rushed up to her and circled her like a shark before sniffing around her the way a sniffer dog would do.
Mary was immediately intimidated by her.
The woman suddenly stopped, ” I smell Rita on you.”
“Which Rita?” Mary asked shakily.
” Rita Dominic, the one who got me where I am now. I smell revenge, she got you here too.”
” No she didn’t.”
” Yes she did, if not directly but she has a hand in your arrival here, I can smell that on you. But I don’t care, I would take out my venom on you, I am to be here for the rest of my life and as long as you last I’m going to make your life a living hell as a revenge.”
” But you said it was Rita, I haven’t offended you in anyway.” Mary said with a frightened voice.
” I don’t care, I smelt her on you and that is all I care, she stopped me from gaining a promotion thereby making me a blood seeking witch, you can call it vampire witch I don’t care. I don’t know what they put in this prison that stops me from going out, anytime I need blood and tries to get out of this hellhole I would receive an electric zap and I would be weak for days. So now that you are here you are now my source of blood.

Mary backed away from her and cowered at a corner.
Cecilia began walking towards her and she screamed” Don’t come near me.”
You can scream all you want, but I want to let you know that the securities don’t care what happens to you their purpose here is to stop you from escaping.
Now allow me to taste that sweet young blood of yours.”
As she was talking her teeth were growing into fangs.
“Don’t worry I’m not a real vampire, I would not turn you into one, what I want is your blood to keep myself going and nobody is going to see a bite mark on your skin.”
With that she grabbed Mary’s arm and opened her mouth to bite her.
” Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mary screamed.

To Be Continued……

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