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[STORY] Mary My Student (Episode 04)



Mary My Student

Episode 04.

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I was shaken awake the following morning which was a little strange as nobody does that. It was his alarm clock that does that for him.
And I am sure I didn’t set it
“Wake up sleepy-head it’s time to get to work.” A cheerful voice said with the shaking. I was wide awake before I knew it and opened my eyes, there stood Rita already dressed up in her school uniform with a smile on her face.
” Wasn’t there school in today’s plans?” She asked and I didn’t know what to answer.
” What time is it?”
” Not very late for a teacher but would soon be for a student anyway there’s nothing really much for you to do, I’ve ironed your clothes and have set out your breakfast on the table, so all ya have to do is bath, dress up and zoom to work that’s all but as for me I need to get going.
” Rita your are wonderful”
Rita frowned a bit ” are you out of nice endearing names for me?”
” Oh sorry! I gasped ” Darling you are wonderful.” She smiled her thanks.
” I have taken your to unlock the car and get my school bag, here is it.” She threw me a bunch of keys which I caught deftly.
” And…………” she rummaged in her school bag and took out a brown envelope, walked nearer to me and gave it to me.
” What’s this? I asked curiously.
” My nude.”
” Your nudes?” I asked with surprise. ” What for.
” You know after we had sex yesterday’s night, I knew that your mind is not at peace, I know your are fearing being backed into a corner similar to Mary-Collins saga, I know you won’t admit it but since our relationship was out of real love, I don’t want you to go around with a suspicious mind. So the purpose of those nudes is that if I Rita Dominic try to use the sex we had last night to set you up in anyway that is uncomfortable to you, you are free to post it on social media.”
She paused to let what she said sink in. I opened the envelope and pulled out some photos. Sure as death it was Rita nude photos at least twelve of them, from fully clothed to completely nude and even some close up shots of her genitals.
” Why did you do this?” I asked.
” Because I know you might not fully trust me, I don’t want you going around with a feeling of regret.”
I nodded and stuffed the photos back into the envelope.
” So goodbye, see you at school.”
” Why don’t you wait so I could get you there at once with the car?”
” Remember you are the teacher, I am the student, do you want people to think we spent the night together?”
” Well they wouldn’t guess.” I said.
” Who told you? I gotta be off see you at school.”
With that she moved out of my apartment with a on either our faces. I took the photos and hid it in a safe place with a sigh of relief.
” Really Rita wasn’t up to anything, she just wanted to be taken,” I thought. But I took the photos because it was better safe than sorry.
I quickly hurried to the bathroom to have my bath.


I sat in my office grading student’s papers and recording smile.
A smile came to my face as I remembered the past week,
Rita had spent every day of it at my apartment and we had our intimate times to the full. She had taken it upon herself to prepare my meals thus saving me some stress but I knew trying to grade the papers would be a hard thing to do with her around.
I heard a knock on the door.
” Come in!” I replied to it.
With that the door opened and two tall men came in. The said a ” good morning and I replied.
” Good morning, can I help you?”
Just then the female teacher that was trying to get my attention sexually came in walking briskly.
I felt she has some problems with her phone which she wants me to help also using the opportunity to gain some body contact with me.
I had noticed her now and I could have asked her out but I didn’t want to cheat on Rita.
I offered the men a seat but they declined.
” Are you Mr Callum Wilson?” One of them asked.
” Yes I am” I answered.
” We are police officers and we are here to arrest you.” He said as both of them took out their ID cards and showed it to me.
” Arrest me? For what?” I feigned ignorance.
The female teacher also raised a questioning ebrow to them.
” It for rape.”
” Rape?” The teacher asked almost shouting almost shouting.
” Yes Mr Callum Wilson was being reported that he raped his student by name Mary Jasper.”
Then he turned to me” Mr Wilson, you are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent until you are in the police custody because what you say or do would be used against you in the court of law.
The teacher was dumbfounded and stared at me open-mouthed, the look she fixed on wasn’t a ” I can’t believe you did this” look, it was a ” how did you get yourself into this mess” look.
Her eyes were beginning to water.
” It’s okay Nancy, everything’s gonna be fine.” I assured her.
Then I turned to the man. ” Officer do you mind if I finish recording this before I forget?”
” Oh no not a problem, be my guest.” He replied.
Nancy made to move out and I stopped her. ” Nancy not a word of this to anyone just yet okay?”
She nodded. ” Okay!” She replied, tears had started running down her face.
” Come on clean your eyes, don’t give anything away.”
I watched her whip out her handkerchief as she left.
“There nothing to fear Nancy, Rita has got me covered.” I thought.
I quickly finished the recovering nicely and closed the book.
” Officer we’re good to go.” I said and one opened the door for me while the other followed me closely
They stayed closely behind me as I locked the door and they escorted me to their car. They didn’t raise many eyebrows since they weren’t in their police uniform and also didn’t show up in a police squad car.
I went into the car and the other went in after me sandwiching me between them, I wasn’t afraid as I’m sure Mary would expect me to be, because I knew my camera got me covered.

The driver started the car and they moved out of the school compound. I glanced back at the rear windscreen and I could see Rita outside her classroom standing still and staring at the car that was fast leaving the school with a frown on her face.
I could feel her saying” good luck.”
We got to the police station and the men ushered me into their questioning room, and there was Mary sitting there sobbing pitifully. Her mother was beside her comforting her.
” I don’t know what is wrong with all this male teachers oo, are you the only girl in the school? Was I committing a crime in bringing you to this school? Ehn are you the only fine girl in the school, what really made my daughter to be rape bait?”
The policemen showed me a chair and I sat down opposite Mary and her mother.
I smiled at Mary and said ” so Mary you finally pulled this off as you promised.” She looked at me with eyes full of hate and replied ” I hate you, you defiled me, you tool away my pride, you are such scoundrel, you are wicked, what ever made me to trust male teachers again? I trusted you, when you invited me to your house I didn’t know you had something dirty in your mind, I hate you with a passion.” She said with all the venom she could muster.
The policeman cleared his throat to get my attention.
” Mr Wilson, do you know this young woman?” He pointed to the Mary.
” Yes” I answered, ” I know her, she is one of my students, her name is Mary Jasper.”
” Did you invite her to your house as she claimed?”
” No I didn’t, i never invite students to my apartment, any business I have with students stays in the classroom or the school compound and never beyond that.”

He turned to Mary ” Repeat your story young lady.
Mary mother cleaned Mary’s eye which had began pouring fresh round of tears.
She sniffed and began. ” Officer this man here is my English language teacher, I went to him with a problem I was having in my English textbook which I needed some help. But instead of him focusing on showing me what I wanted to know, he was busy looking at my breast and telling me my breast was big and nice, I told him not to say that but that he should show me what I wanted to know. Instead he began asking me if I have a boyfriend, if we were sexually active. I didn’t answer any of this, I told him to show me what I want and he said he would only show me only show when I come to his apartment, I told him I can’t, that students were not allowed in teacher’s houses, but he said it was there or nowhere else. I trusted him, I didn’t know he was a scoundrel, a rapist, so yesterday I went to his apartment so that he can let me know what has been bothering me,
When I got there he invited me inside, I have brought my book along so that he can teach me what I wanted. Instead of that he began touching me intimately, I told him to stop but he didn’t, I suggested that we should go outside instead.
He disagreed and continued touching my breast, I threatened to shout if he didn’t stop touching and he stopped and got up. I didn’t know where he was going, I thought he has stopped what he was trying to do, I didn’t he was going to lock the door so that I would not be able to escape.”
She paused at this point and cried more and her mother shook her to comfort her ” it’s okay Mary stop crying, the criminal has been caught, he would be dealt with. Nne sorry.” I almost chuckled at this point but I kept my cool, I didn’t know that Mary was such a good actress.
Mary sniffed and blew her nose into the handkerchief her mother offered her before continuing with her story, ” he came back and started touching me more forcefully than before and I tried to shout for help and he covered my mouth and dragged me to his bedroom and threw me on his bed, I tried to get up but he forced me down. He tried to remove my shirt but I did not allow him, I tried to fight him off but he was stronger than me.”
Now this was another blatant lie,
Mary had the stature of Rita, both of them are a bit muscular,
Unless it is in the case of a total submission of one party before what she claimed can take place.
Mary and I are evenly matched if it we were to have a brawl and the only one that can emerge the winner was the one with a better fighting skills. It was little hilarious as she claimed it did all that still covering her mouth with one hand but I kept my cool and didn’t laugh.
She continued. ” I hung onto my clothes but he tore it off my body and went for my bra, I used my two hands to cover to hold my bra and he slapped me, this scoundrel slapped me, this son of a b—h slapped me and forced my hands off my bra, he removed my bra and threw it away, when I begged him to stop he slapped me again and ordered me to keep quiet. He tore my skirt off and tried to remove my panties,”

She broke down again at this point and her mother continued comforting her.
I smiled inwardly and kept my cool.
I tried one last time to defend my dignity, my pride, but he was too strong, then he raped me, he defiled me, he rubbished me,
Oh God why always me? Mr Collins has done this same thing to me but I didn’t learn my lessons, I trusted you too much. You male teachers are dogs, you are worthless, I didn’t know all of you are the same.”
Her cry took a higher pitch now as her tried her best to keep her under control.
” Seriously I didn’t see this coming, had I known you were planning this all this while I wouldn’t have walked myself into a trap. I don’t know why my body could disappoint me like this, even though you were raping me I was already nice and wet for you, my body betrayed me”
” Young lady would you please continue? What happened after that?” The policeman urged.
After raping he laughed and said ” that’s the lesson I wanted to teach you, how did you like it?”
I didn’t answer him, I was so ashamed. He then left me saying I could dress up and go
My body was weak as I was dressing up I didn’t even know that I forgot my panties, I left and reported this to my mother and my mother decided we go to the police the following day which is today.”
She concluded her statements with more sobs and her mother didn’t tire to comfort her.
The policeman turned to me ” did you rape her?”
” No I didn’t.” I answered confidently” and I never invited her before to my apartment neither has she ever shown up yesterday at my apartment.”
The policeman turned to her mother. ” Mrs Jasper would you mind repeating your statements.
” No I wouldn’t mind. I was waiting anxiously for Mary yesterday, night has fallen and she was not at home, I was beginning to worry as I did not know where she was. I was still worrying when I saw somebody creep into the house, I thought first it was a thief and was about to raise alarm but I discovered it was my daughter, I went to her and found out that she was crying, I asked her ” Mary wetin happen?” And she answered ” my teacher raped me.” This is the second time a teacher from this same school had raped my daughter, but since it was already dark, I decided we would come to the police station in the morning to report.
My cried all through the night and refuse to eat until now.”
I smiled inwardly again ” after what will hit you, you’ll ask for food.” I thought.
” So Mr Wilson, did you rape her?” The policeman asked me again.
” No I didn’t.” I answered boldly.
” As it is we went to your apartment and we found some items that implicates you.” The policeman said in a palliative tone.
” What are they? I want to see it.” I asked, I was a little frightened that they might have found Rita’s nudes, but I knew where I kept it would be hard to find, even with a careful thorough search.
The policeman laid out some items of clothing which includes a ripped shirt which seemed to have taken off with force, a bra which one of the straps have snapped off and a rumpled skirt that seems the wearer was involved in a scuffle. I wondered where Mary got all this.
” And this.” The policeman said holding up a big pair of panties. ” We found in your apartment and she claims it’s her own what do you have to say about this?”
Well the panties belonged to Rita, I could recall when she took them off before getting on the bed with me. She might have discovered the panties cabinet of my ex-girlfriend who was a penchant for buying worthless things she has a habit of buying oversized panties just because they were stylish and would never wear them.
At least that was a genuine reason for her to forget it or she didn’t find it quickly but had to hurry to school. But as it is I couldn’t involve Rita in the whole issue, it wasn’t a risk worth taking, there was no reason to risk my job.

The policeman held up the pair of panties, Mary and Rita had the same body shape and size of ass so Mary wouldn’t have any problem fitting it. ” So Mr Wilson, how did this get to your apartment?”
” It might have been dropped by the girl I had sex with yesterday.”
The policeman exchanged glances with the other policeman and I knew he didn’t believe me anyway it sounded like a lame excuse.
” Who was her? Where is she from?” The policeman asked calmly.
” I don’t know, it was a one night stand.” I know Rita would never be happy with me calling her a one night stand but it’s better safe than sorry, I dare not f–k up with my job on the line.
The policeman nodded, the way a grown up would do when a child tells a transparent lie.
” But Mary I’ve never seen you wear this clothes before, when did you get them” Mary’s mother cut in.
” Mummy it’s because I haven’t worn it before, it was my first time of wearing when I went to his apartment yesterday.” Mary answered.
” Well officer, it seems I have kept quiet on the issue all this while but I want to let you know that this girl sitting, is a bloody liar, a blackmailer, a manipulator. She offered me her body in return for grades and for me to be her slave taking orders from her and not the other way round so I rejected it and promised to get me arrested on something I didn’t do, she even claimed that she gave the same offer to Mr Collins which he turned down and he set him up and got him arrested on charges of rape.”

I see Mary’s face lit up in a half smile with the corner of my eyes when sees that the police didn’t believe me
Well that still sounds pretty lame Mr Callum Wilson but we are going to take your statements, what is your own side of the story?”
I began ” it was about a month ago, Mary came into my office and said to be quite rudely ” I want you to lick my p—y and f–k me and for you to be my toy boy, anytime I want sex I call you regardless of whatever you are doing, I also want straight A’s in my English and agricultural science. And in this relationship I am going to be the domme and you the sub, that’s what I want.” I was kinda surprised and insulted at such an offer and ordered her out, she confessed right there that it’s like I want what happened to Mr Collins to happen to me, she said Mr Collins was innocent of any charges laid against him, that the reason that happened to him was because he didn’t agree to her request.” I dared her to do her worst and ordered her out of my office, I think that was the last time I met her other than the classroom. She didn’t bring any problem for me to review, she never does that, she’s one of those that scores lowest in the class hence her offer. I never invited her to my apartment and she didn’t show up at my apartment yesterday, nor has she ever done before.”
” Liar!” Mary almost shouted” bloody liar, aren’t you ashamed? Look at such a cheap lie after raping me you are trying to defend yourself saying I offered you my body, look at you.”
” So Mr Wilson per her accusations we have evidence that you actually committed the crime, now you claim you didn’t do it what’s your evidence to prove that she’s actually lying against you?” The policeman said calmly.
” Officer, it’s only God and…………”
” I know it would always be God” Mary interrupted, ” when you were raping me God wasn’t there? Now let him come down and defend you, let him come down and tell them you, that stinking idiot didn’t rape me.”
” Mary! I said sharply. ” Enough! I’ve had enough of your insults, I am your teacher and I deserve respect from you.”
” Oh! teacher!” She mocked ” Aristotle the great teacher, Wilson the great rapist, look at your mouth, do you think this is the classroom, how do you respect a rapist who doesn’t want to be respected, well I think you would have all the respects in jail. Mtcheeeeeeeew” she added a clucking sound at the end.
” Young lady, respect yourself when you were giving your own statements he wasn’t interrupting, so calm down let’s hear what’s he has to say.”
He then turned and nodded for me to go on.
” As I was saying officer it’s only God and the camera I had in my office when this event took place that can prove my innocence.”

I glanced at Mary with the corner of my eye and notice her face take on a shocked look.
” Sorry! Did you say a camera?”
” Yes!” I answered boldly” and if you don’t mind you can go with me let me get my laptop from my office, the footage is there.”
” In that case let’s go get it.” The policeman said as I got up.
Mary’s face had taken on a stunned expression now and she was no longer shedding tears profusely. Her unsuspecting mother was only happy that her daughter had stopped crying, but it was only Mary that knew that she would soon be in deep shit as her scheme was about to be uncovered.
I walked out with one policeman following me and the other going ahead of me. We got into the car and drove down to the school compound.
The driver parked the car and the policemen got out with me. I unlocked my office’s door and they got in with me, I moved to the inner room unlocked it, went in and unplugged my laptop. It was only one policeman that followed me inside, the other had stayed behind.
I got out with them, locked the office, then we got in the car and off we go.
I glanced back towards Rita’s classroom and she was there staring at the car I was in.
A fellow student tried to engage her in a conversation and I saw her snap at the girl. I couldn’t make out what they said.

We got to the police station and we went inside the questioning room and I set down my laptop
I could see that Mary’s face had evolved from shock to fear and then finally to anxiety.
I said ” officer like I said, the prove that I am a victim in this whole issue is right here, but first I am going to play the footage of the one you came to arrest me, so you can be sure that it’s no fake but genuine.”
” Go on, Mr Wilson, I’m eager to see it.”
” But you might want to hold her, she seemed ready to destroy the evidence.”
With that the other policeman who hadn’t said a word since we met went and stood behind her.
I then played the footage the policemen first came to arrest me.
The knock on the door sounded quick loud and clear before I said come in. The camera video shot the policemen in various angles and everything they said was loud and clear the camera even zoomed in on the book I was recording scores and showed clearly what was written. The policemen nodded as it was clear that it was genuine.
I also streamed the one they followed me to get my laptop. The other policeman had stared directly into the camera without knowing and laughed when he discovered.
” But seriously I never saw any camera up there,” he said his first words that day.
” It’s because it’s carefully hidden, you would only find it if you know it is there.” I answered with a half smile.
I then played the footage of me and Mary. Mary made to spring up but the policeman was watching and quickly stopped her.
” Calm down young lady.” He said soothingly.
I situated the laptop where everybody could have a clear view of whatever is going on on the screen.

The footage opened to me resting in my office before Mary came in and stood with one leg on chair baring her white panties. The camera zoomed in on her panties because there was something printed on it, it was LOVE written in bold letters.
The look on Mary’s face has evolved further from anxiety to terror then finally to horror. I was enjoying myself. There was also this shocked look on Mary’s mother’s face and everything unfolded before her very eyes.
The footage ended with me giving a short laugh then saying ” foolish girl.”

Mary was no longer crying, she was speechless, she has been rendered dumbfounded, her scheme has been uncovered.
Her mother who had been sympathizing with her all along turned against her. ” Mary, so this is true? So this is what you have been doing? You made that man to lose his job and good reputation because he would not agree to your foolish idea, is this what I suffer day and night go send you to school to do? If you wanted to do prostitution why not go to Italy. That’s where your age mates are going, instead of you putting the lives of the innocent in danger, oh I am finished, my daughter has killed me.”
” Mom it’s not like that, it is li…………” Mary tried to foolishly defend.
” It’s like what? Ashawo, 419, if you talk nonsense again I kill you there, it’s like what?”
I turned to the policeman and said ” officer I have given forth the evidence of my innocence and as they say cameras don’t lie, what do you want me to do now?”
The policeman was too stunned to speak for a while. He was really shaken from what he witnessed.
He then spoke ” Mr Wilson, we are sorry for everything that happened, we shouldn’t have doubted you, but we have found out you are innocent and as it is this would have would have fetched close to 25 years in jail. But how come, who gave you the idea that made you act so fast?”
” Officer you know after what happened to Mr Collins, I sat down and thought, I knew Mr Collins wasn’t a type of person that would rape even when he is drunk. From then I felt I was the next target, I was sure I could feel the bull’s eye on my back. So l decided to put things in place in case it happens. I thank God that it didn’t happen before I could install those cameras. She though she was smart but I have shown her I am smarter.”
Though in truth all credit goes to Rita Dominic as she was the one that gave me the idea, because I didn’t even feel myself as the next target as I claimed. I was bound to be taken unawares, but I couldn’t mention her there so as not to land myself in trouble.
The policeman turned to Mary’s mother. ” Mrs Jasper, we are sorry but we have to arrest your daughter for false accusation of rape while also trying to get an innocent man into jail.”
Mary’s mother was terrified, ” officer abeg don’t arrest her. ” She pleaded. ” Please forgive her she would not do it again please pity me, she is my only daughter, her father has died for a while now, she is all I live for now.”
” Madam we are sorry, but it is this same thing the government is paying us to do, they pay us to root out blackmailers, manipulators and other similar atrocities, we are sorry we don’t forgive here at the police station. Jack!” He spoke to the other policeman, ” handcuff her, the other policeman moved producing a pair of handcuffs from his pocket then holding Mary’s hands behind her back. I then heard the click. There was something special about the handcuff clicking locked, it sounded like a swoosh of a sword before it cuts into something. It was like a lawyer’s mallet signal a discharge and acquitted case. It was so special.
As the policeman was about to lead her away he stopped and said to me ” Mr Wilson, I’m sorry this happened, I myself have been a victim at once, I went to jail for ten years over a crime I didn’t commit, I was framed for murder and it was the love of my life who fought tooth and nail to root out the root and got me out of jail and got me back my job, while those involved in the scandal were punished by the law, I married her immediately the coast was clear and we are still living happily today. I’m sorry it happened but good thing you are proven innocent quite early.”
With that he led Mary away.
Mary’s mother was crying, wailing and begging but it didn’t help.
I pitied the woman, she thought her daughter was right, not knowing she was blindly assisting her in her tricks.
The policeman turned to me, ” Mr Wilson, I think you are free to go we would call you if we need you.”
Then to Mary’s mother” Mrs Jasper you can go, your daughter would be here before we can arrange to get her to court, as she is 18 she is eligible for a jail term and she might get like 15 to 20 years but it depends on the decision of the judge.”
” Officer is there no way you can help me?”
” No I’m sorry there’s no way we can offer any help, you should just hang on and hope the judge is lenient and sentence her to prison for lesser years.” With that he left her as she continued wailing and hitting herself.
The driver of the police car took me and dropped me off at the school compound per my request as I wanted to get my car.
I think I could make out shapes of Nancy and Rita waiting for me. Maybe anxiously one waiting at the car the other at the classroom.
“Phew.” I breathed. ” The devil’s plans had not worked on me.” I thought as I marched on like an explorer reaching his destination.

To Be Continued…..

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