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[STORY] Mary My Student (Episode 03)



Mary My Student

Episode 03.

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I waited but Rita didn’t show, then suddenly the school bell sounded dismissal and I quickly packed my stuff, locked the office and hurried to my loyal three years old Toyota Camry at where I normally parked it.
There my Toyota Camry stood meekly waiting for her owner or friend. She was courtesy of an uncle who was running for the post of a councillor, it was the first time I’ve gain anything from a politician or politics as a whole. Well she has been my friend for three years and had stood with me through tough times, she had waded me through floods, got stuck with me in a quagmire in the middle of nowhere, she had sheltered me from the rain and sun, kept me cool on hot days. she had waited on me without complaint, she had been my friend, I have also tended and suffered with her through her own problems like when she had a flat tire or an electrical fault. I tried all my best to provide her daily needs of fuel and monthly needs of oil change.

I always visit her whenever she is at the infirmary awaiting repairs or servicing.
There was waiting patiently as she always does for my return.
But someone else was there as well, it was Rita bracing her big butt against the car and looking into space, fuming at something.
Her presence lent some sense of urgency to my legs and I walked faster than before in order to get to her.
I got close o the car and cleared my throat to get her attention.
Her head jerked towards me and her frown melted into a wide smile.
Whoever or whatever made her frown, it wasn’t me.
” Hiya! Honey! What up? You haven’t been coming to see me in my office anymore, what’s wrong? Have you suddenly developed cold feet in the relationship?” I asked her in almost a joking tone.
She started at me scanning me from head to toe, but it wasn’t that of disdain, it was the one you do when you can’t quickly get the right words to answer a question.
” Are you not the one that refuses to come out of your office?” She answered me in a sweet voice.
” No it’s not like that, I was always waiting in case you’ll show up.”
” I always wait here for you beside your car, when I’m tired I would just go home.” She replied.
” Why here, why not the office?” I asked in a surprised tone.
” Come on I’m just surprised why you don’t understand the reason I don’t show up in your office anymore, have you forgotten you’ve installed a camera in there?”
” Oh my!” I gasped ” I completely forgot about that.”
” That’s why I always waited here for you, you know I can’t hold myself when I’m around you, so I didn’t want the camera capturing us in our heat of passion, which one way or the other it gets to the school authority and gets you dismissed from work, I would never feel good with myself if that happens.”
” I understand.” I said with a nod.
” Anyway today I was determined to wait today until you come out,” she continued. ” The woman I stay with would be out of town for a week, and I won’t like feeling lonely when I have you but you seem rather early today.”
” In that case get in the car let’s go.”
” So?”
” So what?” I asked raising my brows.
” Has that idiot committed herself yet?”
” Yes she has.” I answered triumphantly and then narrated the whole thing to her.
Rita clicked her fingers and said ” serves her right, she would never know what hits her when she pulls off her shenanigan.”
” With that being set let’s go.” I said.
I tried to open the car door for her but she stopped my hand and her big black eyes like pools of mercury stared into mine.
” Remember I am your student, so I can do this myself.” She said.
With that I let go of the handle and she opened it for herself and settled comfortably at the passenger seat. I dumped my books at the back seat and slid into the driver side.

Rita was quite a girl, just like me she wasn’t blinded by vanity, she didn’t like or dislike anything or the condition of the car. She only commented on the vanilla air freshener that I use in the car.
” Smells nice.” She commented.
” Yea.” I replied. ” But not as nice as your chamomile perfume, in fact after inhaling the fragrance from you I always forget that this one here, it always lingers in my senses throughout the day and even in my dreams.”
She smiled, obviously flattered.
I stole a look at her thigh that was a little exposed, she noticed it and pulled her skirt back exposing more flesh. This caused me to blush.
I inserted the key into the ignition and fired up the car, she purred softly as it normally does then I switched on the air conditioner and felt the cold breeze caress my tired limbs, I pulled out of school compound and waved to the security man. My car hit the road and we were soon on our way home. After we were some metres from the school compound she asked me to stop the car, I eased the car to a stop wondering what was brewing. She sprang on me and fixed her lips to mine and engaged me in a hot kiss, hotter than we’ve ever done before. We snogged and necked for five minutes before we stopped to catch our breath.
” D–n I missed this.” She gasped.
Is that why you wanted to kill me?” I asked through my gasp.
She gave a short laugh. ” The kiss is two weeks old, I was trying to justify the length of you depriving me of it.”
” Works for me.” I said shrugging.
I started the car again and we were off.
We got to my decent apartment amid some chit chat. I stopped the car and we got out. She moved towards the door and I tossed her the keys while I moved the car to my parking spot and got it locked.
With my books in my arms I elbowed the door open and found her drinking water from a glass, droplets of water formed rivulets as it ran down her beautiful neck.
I dropped my books on the table and walked up to her and kissed her neck.
” C’mmon what are you doing, I’m all sweaty and dirty.” She protested with a smile.
” I like it that way.” I said softly and she giggled.
I soon stopped and she stripped off her school uniform and I showed her a robe left behind by my ex-girlfriend and she changed into it. She took her school uniform to the washing machine and dumped it in.
She then moved to the bathroom to take her bath.
After a few minute she was done quite surprisingly fast for a female.
She spent half of the time I expected her to spend at the bathroom.

She emerged from the bathroom like a dark-skinned angel donning a toweling robe. It was bodyfitting on her while it was quite loose on my ex-girlfriend.
Unfortunately I wouldn’t get to enjoy my much loved chamomile scent on her as she didn’t bring it along. So she had to settle for my cheap body cream and cologne.
This again proved she wasn’t a vain type of girl as she didn’t ask any silly question or despise the cream.
She then sat down on the loveseat beside me.
” So what made you leave your previous school?” I asked barely allowing her to settle.
” I had to leave at the advice of the school authority for my safety or so they said.” She answered nonchalantly.
” What warranted that?” I asked further.
” I had a fight with a teacher who we never knew was a witch and on a mission to eliminate any prospect with a bright future.”
Intrigued I asked her to tell me the whole story and she began.
The name of that teacher is Cecilia Morgan. Every one knew her as Mrs Morgan. She was very pretty and has a kind face. She was much loved by the students, you know in a big school like that it’s not easy to pull that off. But she did anyway. She was very generous, always giving gifts to the students, little did we know.
Her gift sometimes were just outright bizarre. Like the one he gave a boy a golden spider as a birthday gift. The boy was one of the brightest kids in the school. Though he found the gift a bit strange, he accepted it as he was no arachnophobic. Unknown to everyone, this became a source of nightmares for the poor boy as we later got to know. The boy would dream of either being chased by a giant spider or he would be caught and the spider would wrap him up in a web, and whenever he wakes up his body would be full of spider bites.
He tried to find the golden spider where he kept in order to either throw it away or return it, but it was nowhere to be found.
She had the habit of giving pens with a red barrel to students that scores highest in her class as a gift.
But the one that got my attention was after two students she has given those pen died. They were two girls Nene and Ada
Unknown to us was that anytime she gives the pen to a student the student’s life is transferred to the pen which now means that the ink is that person’s blood, so the more he or she uses the pen, the more their blood is reducing and they would be growing thin gradually when the pen runs out of ink, they die
This students I’m talking about were so bright.

I attended the burial of Nene and was still there after everybody had gone out after doing the lying in state. Beside the girls coffin was the book she had written a novel ironically titled ” My Best gift from my teacher” I stared at the girl’s corpse in the coffin with her hand folded across her chest, she had cotton wool stuck in her nostrils.
I then moved over to the table the book was on and picked up the pen and stared at it for a while.
If any of the girl’s family thought my behavior was strange, he or she didn’t show it. I opened the pen’s barrel and checked the ink, it was dry, the girl had concluded her novel with the last ink which was her last drop of blood.
I stared hard at the empty pen, my face furrowed in a frown. I strongly felt that the pen was one way or the other connected with the girl’s death.
I then decided to pay Cecilia Morgan a visit to confront her on the matter, this was a rather daring thing, but I was determined to see the root of the matter.
I got out as the people carried the coffin outside and headed to her apartment.
As I got nearer to her house, something forced me to stop, I didn’t know why, nobody hailed me.
I was about to keep moving when I noticed this plant with broad leaves. I have never seen the plant in my life before, so I wondered how it got there. I picked two leaves off the plant and studied it, I couldn’t give a name to it.
I moved away from it still holding the leaves, I then noticed something strange. Though the sun was shining brightly, my shadow was nowhere to be found. I was surprised and searched around me but I couldn’t find my shadow so I concluded that I was invisible maybe from the leaves.
I contemplated it was better this way as I could catch her red handed at whatever she was up to.
I got to her front door and it was locked, I noticed something on her roof, it looked like a human eyeball but was green and was being held by a stick that seemed to be growing out of the roof. I think it was serving the same purpose as satellite dishes. I turned around to the backyard and found the door open so I went in. I got to her sitting room and found her holding one student’s book and peering carefully at some mirror on the table she was sitting at.

There were many strange things around where she was sitting.
On the table was a crow a toy bat on a cross, two eyeballs of whatever, some books and a basket beside her.
Some strange kind of smoke were coiling out of the basket.
I heard her say ” another prospect with a bright future” before dipping her hand into the basket and took out two of the red barrelled pen she always gives to students and wrote the names of those that had passed on it before putting them in her purse.
I gasped and she jerked her head around and looked directly at where I was standing but didn’t seem to see me and turned her head back.
She finished whatever she was doing and got up and walked away.
Out of curiosity I ventured nearer and looked down at the mirror.
I didn’t see anything for a while, then I began to make out blurry images then it finally became clear.
I saw numerous skyscrapers, beautiful landscapes, expensive cars, many things that were just wonderful. But my head was beginning to hurt, I felt as if something was trying to force it’s way into my body, the room started swimming around.
I took my eyes off the mirror and felt immediate relief. I wondered whose future was that.
I took a minute to scan her room looking for something I could take to disrupt her concentration, there were many paintings of strange scary animals and demons so I couldn’t take anything.
I then walked outside and decided to go home. I then stopped and broke off the eye and took it with me. As I got out of the compound a glanced at the spot the plant stood, it was no longer there, I looked at my hands and the leaves I was clutching has vanished mysteriously.
So I hurried away from her compound.

The next day I wore a pair of jeans shorts and sport bra under my school uniform as I planned to hold her to a fight. I did some exercises and practiced with my punching bag.
I waited a bit as I wanted to meet her in the classroom, I knew the only way to make everybody believe who she really is was to make her confess in front of them.
So I took that eye with me. My body was all tensed up and ready for action. I got to the school a bit later than I use to and the principal was there issuing punishments to the late comers.
He seemed pretty moody as he always does for the past three months. I threw him a quick ” good morning Sir” as I stormed past him and he acknowledged it with a nod and waved me off.
Many of the students that knew me were surprised at the scowl on my face and some stopped to ask a question or two but I ignored them.
I moved to the SS one block as I knew she would be there and burst in rudely.
This startled her and she stared at me with surprise.
I walked up to her boldly and stared at her in the eye.
She was like ” what is it?”
So I answered ” what part have you played in those two girl’s death?”
” What nonsense? ” She retorted” are you trying to say that I’m responsible for their deaths?” Her voice rose in anger.
” Yes you are and I want to know the reason. Why did you kill those two girls?” I’m sure my eyes were glinting with ferociousness.
The other students were shocked at my boldness to accuse her, a teacher for that matter for such a thing.
The principal and other staffs of the school had assembled outside the classroom but did nothing to interfere, all of them had the same hopeless look the principal was having on their face.
Cecilia turned and look towards the teacher as if she was expecting any help but they offered none.
She then turned to me and said ” do your worst, I’m not telling you anything, go f–k yourself.”
“Your daring me?” I asked her.
” Yes! ” She replied. ” Who are you?”
” If you don’t want to talk, I’ll beat it out of you.”
” You, beat me, you are a good comedian” she said in a scoffing tone. ” Do your worst maybe I would have to teach you a lesson for meddling in things that doesn’t concern you.”
With that I started stripping off my school uniform.
The students might have thought I had gone mad when I started removing my clothes until they saw my shorts.
I handed the clothes to a student, then I lunged at her and she brought herself to a defensive stance and aimed her fingers for my eyes, I was smarter because I expected it, i ducked and kicked her and she fell heavily. She got up and sprang on me and held me trying to heave me off the ground and go for a throw but I struggled and held my stance. She strained herself to lift me up but didn’t succeed, I feigned a slip and she fell for it landing heavily on her face and got a bloodied nose.
I made the mistake of trying to kick her, she quickly grabbed my leg and I fell she quickly jumped on me and tried to hold me down, I elbowed her and she gave me a space , I then gave her a hard punch on the side and she howled I pain and let go of me.
I got up and began punching her all over. she managed to get up and was successful in blocking my punches and try to counterattack.
She made one false move that out odds heavily on on her, I gave her a cunning opening and she fell for it and tried to kick me in the g—n.
I held her leg and flipped her over do she landed on her back.
She turned over and tried to get but I had jumped on her and held her hands behind her back and pressed it down with my knee.
Now you f—–g tell me the part you played in those girl’s death?”
I asked her forcefully.
” I am not telling anything.”
A curious boy had taken the eye shaped thing out of my uniform’s pocket and was looking at it carefully. I beckoned on him and he tossed it to me.
I then showed it to her and asked her ” what is this?”
She reacted in a quite surprising way. ” Where did you get that?” She screamed ” give it to me now.”
She forced me off her body and made to snatch it from me but I held it back.
” No giving it to you until you answer my questions, now what part did you play in those girl’s death? Tell me or I destroy this d–n thing.
She was like ” Okay okay! I’ll tell you, those pens I give to the students are evil, once the get it, it becomes them and the ink becomes their blood anytime they are writing with it their blood is running short and when the ink runs out they die. It’s not my fault I’m just looking for a promotion, so this is what I had been tasked with, I have to get of many prodigy and students with bright futures, the more I do this, the more my chances increases, my mission here is to rid the school of many bright students as I can.
” What have you done to the principal?” I asked her firmly.
” I hypnotised them, I captured their hearts, so the school board cannot take any decision that is against me, they are under my control, I don’t know what you did to them that they didn’t obey my telepathic commands. Now give me that.”
I backed away from her and she was like ” don’t dare let it touch any green grass.”
So with that I threw it out of the window and it landed on the grass outside.

” Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed and her voice echoed through her whole school and even outside which was a rare occurrence and rushed to window and watched the thing outside as it melted down into the grass.
She looked at with eyes full of hate ” what have you done? What have you done? You’ve now stood me a chance of getting a promotion, all the sacrifices is gone, all what I had done is now null and void thanks to you. And now you have brought this idiots back to their senses. I am leaving but I’m coming back for you, all the punishment I’m going to get from what you just did, I would make sure you get it two fold.”
With that she hurried out of the classroom to her car and sped away in a cloud of dust.
The principal spoke and his voice had returned to normal no longer the dull voice he had adopted.
He came into the class and asked all the students who had received those pens from her to bring it out.
They did and I wasn’t surprising she gave it only to the brighter students. The news soon got round the school and the other students who had received any kind of gift from her surrendered it and it was burnt publicly.
After that the principal issued an official dismissal letter for her but since then we never saw her back anymore.
The other students started discussing various things they experienced when in custody of the mysterious pens.
One narrated on how he was getting sick everyday and his parent were becoming regular customers to a local pharmacist another always dream of being stabbed with a pen the size of a tomahawk.
A policy was created in the school that no student was to receive any gift from any teacher because of that.

A week later before the school closed the principal called me into his office. He congratulated me on my bravery for facing Cecilia without fear of reprisal and thereby saving him and the students from harm, but he further said that I was in danger if I continued staying in the school, that Cecilia might have something sinister in her mind for me.
“She might sent someone to kill or maim or abduct you because you ruined her plans,” he said. “right now the police are searching for her but they haven’t found her yet, and the worst of it is that she might harm before we could lay a hold on her. We went to her house but she had packed up and disappeared. So what we have to do for the better of you is that you have to find a good school in a remote area where she wouldn’t even think of finding you okay? I’m very happy that I didn’t stop you that morning God has really used you to save us”
I had to agree with him though no student knew it. They searched for schools and decided on this one because of its good reputation.
Prior to my arrival I encountered you and now I’m in love with you.”
She finished her story and I gasped.
” Sounds like a fairy tale isn’t it?” She asked and I nodded ” but it is true, I think the same thing that moved me to do that is the same that made me warn you of Mary, if not you would have been a victim now.”
“I agree with you.” I said ” but what is that thing? Is it the eye?”
Rita laughed, ” No! Not the eye, it’s just a gift. But talking of the eye, I wondered whose future was that in the mirror.”
” You don’t know?” I asked feigning a surprise.
” Yes seriously, I don’t.” She replied.
” It is your future. Your future is brighter than you think.” I said with an assuring tone and she smiled shyly and I admired her dimpled cheeks.
” Got any food? I’m hungry.”
” Yea but you have to cook it, I grabbed a bite from the fast-food yesterday and this morning as I was too lazy to cook.”
” That’s not a problem, I’ll cook.
” There’s a couple of frozen chicken in the fridge you can use to to cook,” I directed ” what are you planning to cook?
” Rice and tomato stew.” She replied.
” I think I was craving for egusi soup.” I said.
” Yea I can prepare the two in a heartbeat and then gave me a peck on the lips before heading to the kitchen, I watched her big ass sway as she goes.
” Reserve the broth for me.” I called after her. ” I do love it very much.”
” Not a problem honey.” She called back, so you drink chicken broth, no wonder you are so fresh.”
I chuckled at this.
She was soon through with preparing the food and the soup.
She had done that in an unimaginable speed. The aroma of the food made my mouth water as she brought it to the tiny dining area.
” You seemed pretty fast about it.” I commented.
” Yea, thanks to your gas stove.” She replied with a smile.
We settled down, said the grace and we began eating. She was a d–n good cook, the meal was delicious and I ate and ate until I was sprawling on the dining chair feeling like a Python that had swallowed a goat as I waited for some of the food to digest so I could have space to breathe.
She quickly clean up and did the dishes, something i always reserve for later.
After the meal we chatted on various subjects and spent some time watching action adventure movies on my phone. It was no surprise that she liked” Mad Max Fury road” the same way I do.
After night had fallen, I took a shower and got ready for bed.
I played down on the bed waiting for her finish her shower so we could cuddle.
I was a bit surprised when I saw her nude silhouette at the door. She walked in slowly and got on the bed and began crawling seductively towards me batting her eyelids sexily.
I was like ” baby, what are you doing?”
” I’m about to have sex with my love.” She replied with a sexy hiss.
” But this wasn’t included,”
” I know, but I had been with you for a while, I need this darling.
She crawled up to me and sat astride on my legs. She was already wet.
She looked at me with sexy eyes. ” “Take me baby, I’m so hot for you.”
My body must have forgotten what sex was like because I was beginning to feel as if it was my first time, I was nervous, I haven’t had sex for a year and a half, but I was starting to feel the effects of Rita’s seduction.
” I thought we talked about this.” I tried a futile last ditch attempt to resist the sex goddess.
” Yes Sweedy,” she hissed sexily. “but I know you need me, your body deserves and craves mine I can see it in your eyes, look me straight in the eye and tell me you don’t want me, I will believe you.”
I know I wouldn’t be able to tell her I don’t want her, I know I wouldn’t have gotten to this situation with someone else, how would she even had access to my room at this hour.
” I haven’t had sex for a long time,” I said rather lamely. I regretted it as soon as it left my lips, but she didn’t laugh or scoff at that.
” I know but you sure hasn’t forgotten how to do it.” She said.
” How about contraception?”
” Don’t worry bout that, I am on the pill and I’m in my dry period now, so chances of pregnancy is very slim.”
” What……?” I tried to say something but she put a finger to my lips.
” It’s okay!” She whispered softly. ” Stop talking just take me.”
She lowered her lips to mine and we kissed passionately more hungrier than we’ve ever done albeit a short one, before she lowered her boobs to my face and pushed a n—-e into my mouth which I began sucking gently on it and she moaned.

Now this is one fraud you would find in every female, whenever you suck their breasts during sex they would moan, but the won’t when they are breastfeeding a baby.
Anyway it was just an observation and didn’t worth bringing it up in the heat of passion and spoiling the mood.
She slid down my body and took my semi-hard d–k into her mouth and s—-d me to full hardness looking into my eyes as she went on. This was something my ex-girlfriend never liked to do and I didn’t always bother her.
After I was hard she climbed up the bed and lay spread-eagled for me. I dropped on my knees and gave her cunnilingus before sliding my hard d–k into her to consummate our love.
We didn’t f–k, we made love, it was gentle and sweet as her p—y gripped my d–k as a vice.
After like 50 minutes we were done and we both dozed off in each other’s arms.
I didn’t miss the satisfied smile on her face as I switched off the bedside lamp.
I felt a little regret, ” I hope Rita is not also up to something.” I thought as I lay down and she inched herself closer.

To Be Continued…

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Reno Omokri
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Bishop Kukah: Muslims Going House To House In Sokoto, Looking For Christians To Kill Is False – Omokri

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HIDDEN MOTIVES by Amah Heart _ AllNaijaEntertainment
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ANE Billboard Hots!