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[STORY] Mary My Student (Episode 02)



Mary My Student

Episode 02.

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I sat down for a while waiting for Rita to show up but she didn’t. I don’t really know what was going on, why doesn’t she come anymore as she always does before the bell for dismissal goes I have started getting used to her coming into my office before school closes that I missed her.
Rita Dominic is my student, she is the only one I could call my heart’s lovely. At least she had shown that she is. Our closeness to each other is tastement to a crush albeit not a mutual crush.
I can still remember how I met her and it wasn’t through asking her out, the school regulations had put a stamp against student-teacher relationship as it encourages laziness on the student’s side and cheating on the teacher’s side. Plenty cases of unwanted pregnancy from the male teachers has caused the practice to be branded a crime which can cost the teacher a job. Also it was because of another case which two married teachers fought over a boy in SS one. This was one shameful thing almost made the school a laughing stock, so that made the school authority very strict on the issue. I met her in a totally different way.
Well it was when I gave my class an essay, that they should write on the topic” AN UNLIKELY ENCOUNTER.” I asked them to imagine meeting somebody they never expected to meet, how things went with them and how they ended up. I urged them to make it long and not some “wham bam thank you ma’am” story. As I wanted to see the novelist in them. I asked them to submit the first half of their essays for review so that I can see their progress and level of creativity. This had brought in an excited buzz with my students as I dismissed them home.
The following week I collected their notes for review and took it home and took my time poring over their notes, following the stories, looking for mistakes correcting some or highlighting it for the owner to do so. Many of them were quite creative like the one of the student told how he met president Donald Trump his essay was exciting and almost convincing only that his essay contained a lot of geographical errors and also the inability to tell the weather at the time of the month. Maybe he forgot or didn’t know that not every time is winter in Washington DC. So I suggested a map and a globe for him in order for it to help him more in his work.

Some others were quite trash, from those I suspect were the copiers in my class. Unfortunately for them, this wasn’t something they could copy from their colleagues.
Like the one girl narrated on how she met Satan on her way to school and Satan stopped her and tried to woo and ask her out, so she slapped him and pushed him away, that satan was angry and disappeared with her to hell and when they got there she discovered that Satan does not have money, that he is a beggar in hell and that there is no fine girl in hell. Satan does not even have bicycle talk less of motor, so she disgraced in front of his family and then Satan tried to beg and she removed knife and was about to chuke him to death when she reappeared back to earth. This got me rolling on the ground with laughter. So I set her book aside and focused on the others. Everything was going smoothly until I got to her book. Her essay went thus ” My Unlikely encounter happened on my first day in the secondary school, not my starting though, I had to change school so as it was I was beginning my SS 2 class in a new secondary school. I knew nobody but I was sure I am going to make some friends.
I called at the supermarket to get some sanitary pads and some chocolate bars. I had finished my purchases and was about moving out when a hand of a young brushed against me and it sent a shock through my skin making me drop the stylish polythene bag I was holding spilling the contents in the process. He stopped beside me and squatted down and helped me pick my things and apologised softly though what happened was at no fault of his. I looked up to his face, he was smiling, he wasn’t a very handsome fellow though but his smile had wooed me without him saying a word. I stood up slowly with him still looking into his face, I had to resist the urge to kiss him right there. He said ” I’m so sorry.” again but it didn’t sound like an apology to me, it sounded seductive, hypnotic and like music to my ears. After that he left me standing there alone and disappeared into the crowd. It was when I lost him that some sense came to me. “I should have asked what his name was or should have gotten his contacts.”
I walked outside and scanned the crowd for him, but it was too late, I had lost him. I knew nothing about him apart from his smile and he didn’t volunteer anything, the only words that left his lips were” I’m so sorry.” I went home that day kicking myself. The other days saw me hover around the supermarket hoping to catch a glimpse of him, planning to right the wrongs of the previous day but I couldn’t find him so I have up.
The following week I started my new school, it was a like a slum compared to my previous school but I liked it because of the good reputation it had. I stopped at the “flame of the forest” tree in the school compound that was in bloom to admire the fallen flowers.

I then noticed a young man emerging from a car cradling an attendance book and some books in his arms, he then turned and looked towards my direction and my heart stopped beating, my head swarm like I was high on narcotics, my stomach melted and the world around me slowed to a stop. I knew him at least I knew the smile, it was the guy I met at the supermarket a month ago and he was probably a teacher in the school. I wanted to go to him and hug him tight but I couldn’t.”
At this point I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that her essay was about me.
I could remember the day that happened, and it was one boring afternoon that I decided to get some noodles. I could still remember knocking down a girl’s bag and helped her pick them up but I couldn’t remember the face as I wasn’t interested, I forgot about everything as soon as I left the supermarket.
Her essay continues ” during the lesson period he came into the class and treated English language, his words were music to my ears, I couldn’t focus on the lesson, I was drown in the sound of his voice. It was seducing me, it was arousing. I had taken the front seat hoping he would notice me but he didn’t. I was so frustrated when he finished his lesson and left without saying a word with me every day of his lessons were torture to me, as I long to touch and kiss him on the lips.”
Her essay ends here. I could remember I was confused on the essay. Was this girl waiting for an opportunity? How long is this going on. My student having a crush on me.
On this particular day she was writing about. I had smiled at her seeing her at the flame of the forest tree because there was at least one person who shares the same passion with me which was seeing the tree blossom.

I later found out that her name was Rita Dominic and I had developed a habit of pronouncing the Dominic as if it was spelt Dominich.
I rated the essays after going through them and returned them to the owners. I felt that she might expect to ask her to see me regarding her essay so I refrained and didn’t ask her to come see me.
I didn’t want to get myself into any tight situation. I watched her face when I handed back her notebook to her and could quickly read the frustration as she didn’t even check the ratings but opened immediately to where she expects me to write “SEE ME” but found none.
I had asked them to put an hold on the essay until later.
Before I continue let me describe Rita, she was a plump but beautiful girl, thick in all the right places, she smiles easily, her face is round and she sported a broad nose, her black eyes were like pools of mercury and she has pearly white teeth.
She had large boobs probably double D cup breast. Which was always straining to burst out of her school uniform. He had large ass too and had balanced calves. I always enjoy the way she walks always sure of her self and playful.

The school uniform consisted of a white shirt with green pleated skirt or slacks. She was the type that prefers a bigger waistband and it look pretty to me. Though the school allows plaiting of hairs, Rita always prefer a low cut hairstyle on her jet black hair. Anyway the hairstyles the school permits were cornrows, Ghana weavings and straws.
A month later after handing their essays to them, I got a surprise visit from her one day. It was after I had taught my last lesson for the day and was taking a breather in my office waiting for the school to dismiss that she breezed in like an angel. She must have been nervous about something that she forgot to knock. I looked at after she said a ” good afternoon Mr Wilson” and I replied but before she could say anything more I said.
” You didn’t knock before you came in.”
” I’m sorry.” She apologised.
” Okay you go outside then knock before you come in.”
She quickly moved out of the door then knocked, I invited her in.
Then I asked her ” how can I help you Rita?”
It was here she confessed her crush on me, it was here she told me of all the torture she was having anytime I come into the class to give a lesson.
She was like ” Mr Wilson I know I shouldn’t say this but I have to.
As you can see, I have been excelling in all the subjects you handle, so this is not for grades, I wouldn’t even want you to reward me underserved grades.
I have been waiting patiently hoping you would make a pass at me but it seems you see me as just one of your students and nothing more, so I have to come for what I want, I love you, I adore you, I cherish you, I want to be your girlfriend please take me.”
I haven’t siad a word since started talking.
I marveled at the girl’s braveness, I know many a student wouldn’t walk up to a teacher and confess her attraction to him, instead they would be secretly crushing on him.

I felt flattered to discover that somebody as beautiful as Rita had a strong crush on me, I wasn’t really that handsome but I wasn’t a baboon either. Her words seeped to the recesses of my heart. I beckoned on her to come to my side and then hugged her to myself. She melted into the hug and then her eyes looked up to my face.
” Okay! Rita! I love you too, I would be your boyfriend.”
My words were met by a big smile from her. I lowered my head to kiss her on the cheek but she offered her lips instead and we kissed. It was short and sweet, but we quickly had to stop before things get out of control.
” I appreciate your braveness. Not every student would have the mind to do that.” I said.
This was true as there was even one of my female colleague that I was sure she had an attraction on me judging by the way she was always dressing to impress me. I had barely noticed her due to the fact that my ex-girlfriend had left a bad taste of women in my mouth. I had begun to notice her and was planning on asking her out before Rita showed up from nowhere.
I knew she would be kicking herself if she finds out that somebody else had taken the place she covets.

I had quickly set the rules of our relationship.
1 it was to be a hands off relationship, sex would not be involved for a while. ( Well I didn’t want the situation of knocking her up and either risk my job or the girl’s life) also I didn’t want a situation in which after having sex with her she then use it to blackmail me and make me the submissive in the relationship. this was also to test the girl’s patience.
2 While in the classroom we are teacher and student and not lovers, we’re only lovers outside the classroom.
3 what happens in the class ends in the class.
4 no award of free grades, you work for your grades and that means in the classroom and not on bed.
But kissing, fondling, open discussion was allowed. Touching each other’s private part was allowed but with clothes on.
Rita agreed to all these and we left on a happy note.

Rita would always show up in my office before the bell goes for dismissal for a hug and kiss.
She would sit on my laps and I would feel her big ass press down my balls, but it was a comfortable feeling, I also love touching and fondling her big boob and she never encourage or discourage me,
She was playing according to the rules. She also seemed to improve more on her performance, well she has never scored below 80% but at it was now she seemed to have made it a point not to score below 90%.
I was happy and proud of her and always looked forward to the closing hour to see her breeze into my office. Her chamomile perfume always lingered in my nose for the whole day and the image of her in a tight white shirt with her boobs threatening to burst out of her shirt, her lips shiny with lip gloss which I’m sure she always applies before coming into the office, and her green pleated skirt, with her ass and hips feeling a generous amount of the skirt, complete with her white knee high socks and black sandals was always a subject of my dreams in the night.
The classroom was always the hardest part, we behave very well and nobody got the tiniest bit of hint that Rita and I were anything other than teacher and student.
But the word Sweedy and Darling always threatened to get in the way anytime she stands up to ask or answer a question. This always cause to catch herself and I was beginning to see that her fellow students were noticing it, but I couldn’t blame her, that always happens when you are in love.

I was still sitting in my office trying to wrap my head around the whole incident of Mr Collins’s rape accusation. This was being felt in all the classes, the students were quiet and almost emotional, even when it was time for break nobody went out frustrating the lady at the canteen who was sure of making it big but was disappointed as nobody showed up. This happens when something bad happens to your favorite teacher, you wouldn’t believe he did something bad even if he actually did.
I had somehow managed to keep my grieve aside during the class.
I couldn’t and would never believe that Mr Collins raped a student, he was so god-fearing, so devoted to his wife, so open and pure. I know that a hell lot of money was being spent on the whole saga to prevent Mr Collins from going to jail. Though I would have loved to hear Mr Collins side of the story but he had quickly packed and left the town without volunteering any explanation.
I was still contemplating when the door opened and I knew it was Rita, I had urged her not to bother knocking anytime she comes to see me. ” At least she would take my mind’s of this bad thoughts.” I thought.
Rita opened the door and sashayed in with her trademark smile. She seemed to be getting prettier each passing and I liked that. She didn’t bother a good afternoon, it wasn’t important. She walked over to me and offered her lips and we kissed.
” Do you know why I’m here darling?” She asked with a bit of seriousness.
” Of course to give me my kiss and hug.” I replied. ” C’mmon come sit on my laps. She moved over and sat down on my laps and looked at me in the face.
” What happened to your friend, do you believe he did that?”
” No I don’t. I replied truthfully. ” It is something really unheard of him to do.”
” So who do you suspect?”
” I don’t really have a suspect, maybe a jealous friend or a malicious neighbor, raped the girl and set him up and unfortunately he became a victim.”
” So you never suspect the girl?”
” No i don’t, she doesn’t look like a person that can fake being raped and cost an innocent teacher his job.”
” You’re such an expert in knowing people. I can’t believe you’ve never suspected that little witch.” The smile had left her face and she was all serious with a bit of irritation. ” For your information, that witch set up the poor man because she might have offered her body to the man in return for one thing or the other and the man turned him down so she employs the most painful way to reward the man for his loyalty and honesty.
I shrugged. ” That seems a bit far-fetched, don’t you think?”
” Well as you can put it, but the real reason I came here is to inform you that you’re next.” She said with no hint of a joke.
I looked at her with some kind of alarm.
” What do you mean by that baby?”
Rita looked at me quietly for a moment before she replied.
” I mean you are next to be dismissed on grounds of rape, you are next to be sent away with a scathing remark following you,
You are next to be jacked into a corner by that witch! Mary!”
I chuckled” look baby, I don’t get any of what you are trying to point out, why would see come for me?”
” Has she been doing well in your English classes?”
” No!, She’s always among the lowest, she might be a beauty but no brains unlike you.”
This caused her to smile.
” Who’s going to be handling agricultural science now?”
” Me of course.”
” And you think she wouldn’t come.
Remember you are single, you’re younger, so this would make your own version of the story much more sweeter and interesting to hear and as you do not have loads of money, it would be announced to the local newspaper and television and you’ll be ruined for life in jail.”
I was inclined to believe her.
” So what do you want me to do?”
I asked her. She kissed me on the lips before she answered.
” Go get a spy camera and wire this office, keep the camera always on complete with a high quality recorder so that anything she would say would be recorded and that would be your only Savior. But if you let that girl reduce to ashes or ruin your life forever, I promise I would hate you, I would hate you with a passion, and if you could still see me when you’re out of prison, I won’t even pass by your shadow. Forewarned is forearmed.”
I nodded as her words touched me.

She lowered her head and kissed me and I began to fondle her big boobs. I heard her hiss and follow it up with a moan and I knew she was aroused, I took my hands off but she held it and put it back urging me to continue, things were about to get out of hand when the school bell signaled closure and she reluctant got off my laps. I could see her aroused nipples trying to poke holes through her shirt even with her bra on and could feel the sexual frustration she was in.
” Can I see your ass?” I joked. But she didn’t hesitate in flipping up her skirt and letting me have a good look.
” Had I known you would want to look at my ass, I would have worn a sexy underwear.” She said with a tinge of regret.
” It’s okay.” I said ” I didn’t even expect you to oblige so easily, I have heard you’re advice and I would do something about it.”
” Be real quick about it Darling, I love you.”
” I love you too.” I replied and she left joining the throng of students going home.
As soon as the coast was clear, I rushed to a convenient store and asked for a spy camera. The attendant was very friendly and informed me of a new one they had in stock that was pencil sized and had a high magnification rate. It was a little costly but better that than to be going to jail. I asked for a high quality microphone to go with it and was given one that looked like a pen as a way of disguising it. The man asked one of the other attendant to follow me and help me install the camera.
I took him to my office and he quickly identified a good hiding place for it and in a matter of minutes he had set up the camera and connected it to my laptop. He then asked me to go into the open and pick a pen cover on the floor in front of the cameras and then mutter something in the process.
I did it quickly and muttered “shit” as I picked it up.
I came back to the man and he pointed to the laptop screen. The camera had zoomed in when I bent down so what I picked up was clearly seen and the SHIT I muttered was clear as if I said it out loud. I thank the guy for his services and offered to pay him but he declined stating that I have been charged more than the fixed price for the camera as the thought I would haggle over the price but I didn’t. I thanked the guy again and he left.
So two weeks later Mary showed up and unknowingly confessed her sins in front of the recording brothers exactly as Rita had predicted. “That girl must be a prophetess, I swear” I thought.
” God would bless you for me.” I said again under my breath.
I waited but Rita didn’t show, then suddenly the school bell sounded dismissal and I quickly packed my stuff, locked the office and hurried to my loyal three years old Toyota Camry at where I normally parked it.

To be continued…

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