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Episode 36 (Last Episode).

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********BRIAN’S POV********
I walked inside and saw Jerry seated at the far end of the bar. He waved at me. I nodded and took a seat next to him.
“Why’d you call. I was having a great time tonight you know” I said through gritted teeth and he shook his head in a disapproving manner.

“you asked for my help remember? too bad most of us are too busy cleaning up other’s mess”
“So what have you got? any info about her?”
“Yes a little but don’t be too surprised.” he said and brought out a file from his briefcase. He threw it on the table and signaled me to have a look. I reluctantly picked it up and glanced through the words.
“what’s all this?” I was forced to ask
“Are you blind or plain dumb” he rolled his eyes “last time I checked you asked for my help and that’s it right there”
“So what about Janelle?”
“just read through it brother” he said placing his leg on top the other.
I read through the entire file and a wide grin crossed my face.
“Are you really serious about this Jerry?”
“So she’s not really pregnant with my baby?”
“the only thing she’s pregnant for is the food In her stomach. I met the nurse you talked about. her name is Lisa Seinfeld. She works at the hospital as a nurse. turns out that her sister is really ill. she’s suffering from a tumor and needs an operation and that’s where Janelle came in”
I didn’t say anything but just stared at him as he spoke.
“Janelle wants to adopt a baby and enlisted the nurses help and since the price tag is huge, I guess she couldn’t refuse. I overheard them talking at the hospital when I arrived”.

********FLASH BACK********
“what you’re asking is really hard for me to do madam” Lisa said giving Janelle an intense look. she was looking nervous as she spoke.
“Please you just have to help me. I’ll take care of your sister’s operation. that’s what you want right?” she asked “and I’ll give you a bonus. no one will ever know about this. it’s just between the both of us. so will you help me?”
“Alright I will but first I need a sample of your blood so I can conduct a test cause there’s a lady who’s pregnant and willing to put up her baby for an adoption when the baby is born. I’ll have to make sure that either your blood or husband’s matches hers” she said with finality.
a smile crossed Janelle lips.
“Alright you can do whatever you have to do.”
She led Janelle to a ward and after some minutes, Janelle walked out of the room and headed outside the hospital.
I approached the nurse “Hi”
“Hello. how can I help you sir?”
“You’re Lisa right?”
She gave a shocked expression “How do you know my name?”
“I’m Jerry and I need to talk to you about something really important”
“Are you sick or do you need an appointment withthe doctor?”
“I’m perfectly fine but I’m worried about you Lisa. cause you’ve got a lot of problems in your hands right now and if anyone should hear about any of this, your sister may not get her operation and die in the process. is that what you want?” I asked.
“Please I’m begging you. I mean no harm. I just don’t want her to die. she’s all I have” she said almost breaking down.
“Listen to me Lisa. I need your help. I promise to take care of your sisters hospital bills as well as the Operation. you don’t have to do anything but tell me the truth about everything I’m about to ask you”
“I can’t sir. if she finds out then she’s going to kill me”
“nothing of that sort is gonna happen. I’m a private investigator.” I said showing her my ID. “so you have my word”.She sniffed and took in a deep breath before finally looking at me.

********END OF FLASH BACK********
“That file contains a pregnancy test which is negative, and other information you might need in case you want to file a complaint against her”
“So how is Lisa now” I ask after listening to all he had to say.
“She’s okay. I’ve taken her somewhere far where
Janelle can’t reach her until everything is over and I’ve told her that you will take care of her sister’s operation. it’s the least you can do after she let you in on everything”
“I’ll take care of it don’t worry” I said with a smile.
“Thanks Jerry”
“you’re welcome B. I’ve got something to take care of” he stood up from his seat “but I’ll see you later OK”
“OK dude. I love you man”
“eeww that’s gross. love yourself dude or better still your wife” he said and I burst out into laughter.
“I’ll do that”
“See you” he said before finally leaving the building.
I held onto the file and couldn’t help but feel relieved.
Janelle is so gonna pay for all of this.
I can’t believe she planned all of this right under my nose.
she’s so gonna pay for it and in full.

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I quickly drove home and parked my car in the garage then stepped down and headed towards the front porch.
I gently knock the door and penny opened it.
“Brian?” she asked a little startled “why are you coming back by this time. it’s late”
“Is she at home?”
“yes she’s inside” she responds and I walk inside giving a annoyed look.
penny noticed and stopped asking questions.
She rushed out the kitchen and ran to hug me.
“Baby you’re back”
I didn’t respond
“you’re a little late but it’s okay. I’m just glad you’re back” she said giving a bright smile. I guess she’s smiling cause deep down, she’s thinks she’s got everything covered.
“Anyways I cooked dinner. Penn refused to help me so I thought I’d do it myself.” she said holding my hand
I slowly removed it.
“Brian what’s wrong? why are you acting like this?”
I just threw the papers at her and she quickly caught them before they fell to the ground.
“What’s this?”
“Why don’t you tell me?” I reply back
She glanced through the file and I noticed a shock expression on her face.
“Wh.. Where did you get this?” she asked looking pale all of a sudden.
“Why are you suddenly looking like someone who just saw a ghost. or maybe you thought I will never find out about all you were planning”
“Brian I… ”
“Shut the f–k up Janelle.” I yelled and she almost jumped out of her skin.
“You did all of this for what?”
“I did it because I love you and I couldn’t stand to see that b—h take you away from me”
just like thunder, my palm quickly hit her face and she flinched.
Penny just stood there watching the entire drama unfold.
“don’t you dare call my wife a b—h you w—e”
“But you love me Brian”
“No I loved you and that was before but Ciara means everything to me right now” I yell and she started tearing up.
“why are you doing this to me? do you hate me that much?” she said amidst sobs.
“No I don’t hate you but I can never love you. you lied to me, you tried to use me and deceive me into thinking that I got you pregnant but not anymore. Penn Please get her luggage. she has to leave right now” I ordered
“OK” Penn said and dashed into her room.
“I’m so sorry Brian. please don’t do this. don’t send me away I’m begging you”
“just leave. I won’t file a case against you but don’t ever think of playing more tricks. I’ve told you before. you’re beautiful and you’ll meet a good guy. far more better than I am so please stop acting desperate.”
Penny came out with her bags.
She picked them up and headed to the door.
“I’m sorry Brian for loving you the way I did” she said before walking out the door.
Penny hugged me and smiled
“Next mission” she whispers
“what mission?”
“Time to bring Ciara home” she tells me and I smile.
“Sure penny”
I went to bed after giving a long speech to my family that Brian and I weren’t doing anything in the bedroom.I slept knowing that Brian still loves me just like before.
I woke up very early and set the table for breakfast.
I cooked and dished out and soon after, the entire family sat down for breakfast.
“Someone looks happy” my brother said arching his brows and I lightly hit his shoulders.
“I think Brian has something to do with it. you know last night, he swept her off her feet” mom teased and I blushed.
Just then the phone rang.
“I’ll get it” I say rushing towards the phone and away from their drama.
“Hello” I say placing the phone on my ears.
“Hello is this Ciara”
“Who’s asking” I respond
“It’s Janelle” she say and I became frightened. did Brian tell her about my pregnancy perhaps.
“I’m sorry but I can’t talk to you right now” I say almost hanging up but she spoke
“please don’t hang up. I need to talk to you.”
“me?” I ask not sure if heard correctly.
“Please Ciara. I just need to talk to you and it’s pretty urgent”
I thought for a while before replying “Ok. I’ll give you a call later” and hanged up.
“Who were you talking to?” she asks
“No one mother. just no one” I say with a smile.

After clearing the dishes, I headed out to the place I told her to meet me.
I didn’t tell anyone about Janelle because they would flip especially mom who might stop me from meeting with her so I just told her I was going out and she made me promise to be back on time.
I arrived at the supposed place and walked only to meet her seated waiting for someone which I guess was me.
“Hello” she greeted immediately she saw me. she gave a wry smile. her eyes were puffy. looks like she’s been crying. what on earth could’ve happened.
“How are you?” she asked giving me an intense stare.
“That’s weird. I hope you know who you’re talking to right?” I said as a matter of fact.
“Ciara Salter. Brian’s wife. I think I know who you are”
“are you here to insult me cause I could walk away”
“I’m sorry. I just wanted to talk”
“Whatever about”
He let a sigh “Everything”
“I just wanted to say I’m sorry for everything I did Ciara. I was such a fool to think that I could force love but I guess I was wrong”
“What are you saying?”
“Brian hasn’t told you?” she asked and I shook my head
“He threw me out of the house. I can’t believe I did all those things to the both of you. I thought it was the right thing to do” she said amidst sobs
“please let me finish Ciara. don’t say anything. I’m a monster. I’m worse than a monster”
“you’re not a monster Janelle. you’re a good person who’s just realized herself and comes to terms with it”
“I’m so sorry Ciara. for all the pain I’ve caused in your marriage. for being the rift in your love. I regret everything. I even threw myself at him countless times just so he could love me but he just didn’t. I couldn’t change him Ciara but you did more than that and I’m also convinced that you’re the best choice for Brian. I just hope that he would forgive me after everything”
“And he will”
She held my hand from across the table
“listen to me Ciara. promise me that you would love Brian forever and that you would never leave him no matter what. he really loves you Ciara. this is the first time I’ve seen Brian very serious about a relationship. he normally doesn’t care about it but now, he wants nothing more than being with you so please don’t leave him.”
“I promise Janelle. I love him too and I would never leave him” I say and she smile.
“Thank you. I’ve got to start going home now” she said and stood up
“Janelle I’m here if you need someone to talk to”
“thanks but I can handle myself. take care.” she said before walking leaving the building.
I picked up my bag and headed for home.
I arrived only to see Brian standing on our front porch.
He flashed his killer smile and opened his arms.
I ran into them, pressing my body on his.
“Careful running like that” he said kissing my hair and I pressed my face on his shoulder, taking in his Cologne.
“I’m fine don’t worry. have you been waiting for long?”
“Yup but I’m cool with it. I can wait a million years for you Ciara. only you so don’t worry about me” he said causing me to smile.
“Thank you”
“For what?”
I raised my head to look at his face.
“for being patient with me even though I was a jerk sometimes”
“that’s fine”
“so do you forgive me?”
“one condition” he demands
“name it”
“you’re going to come back home. mom, dad and penny really misses you a lot.”
I smile
“I’ll think about it”
“I’m missing you too especially Kiara”
“I’ll have to tell mom and dad first OK”
“Fine” he responds.
“About Janelle”
“She out of our lives for Good” he cuts me off
“She’s regrets everything. please forgive her Brian. for Kiara’s sake”
“I’ll think about it but for now I need you home” he says cupping my face.
“Ok Mr Salter.”
“love you”
“you too” I say kissing his lips.
********THE END

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