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Episode 34.

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“Where have you been Ciara” mom asked the minute she saw me. it’s like she’s been spying on me. “The park”
“What park?”
“I told you I was going to the park for a stroll” I lied
“Really? so you even lie to your mother now?” she asked giving me a quizzical look. “Mom–”
“do you have the slightest idea how worried we were. I even asked Ben to come look for you thinking you’ve
been kidnapped or probably might’ve lost your way”

“No one’s gonna kidnap me mom. I’ve got nothing after all” I seethe
“Where you with Brian earlier?” mom asked giving me the look
“No I wasn’t”
“quit lying to me Ciara cause I called you countless times only for Brian to pick up, telling me that you were with him and now you’re telling me that you weren’t with him? so there’s another Brian other than the one you got married to” she snapped. I shut my eyes for a moment knowing that I’ve blown my cover.
I never knew he talked to mom on the phone.
now what am I going to say?
“I’m sorry Mom.” I apologize “I didn’t mean to lie to you like that. please forgive me”
She sighed and sat down next to me.
“I’m not mad at you Ciara. I’m just worried that’s all. you’re pregnant and you can’t just keep stressing yourself like this or something might happen to the baby or worse you” she tells me in her usual motherly tone.
I flushed.
“I understand, from now on, I won’t do anything to stress myself or the baby I promise” I say with a smile on my face.
“that’s my girl” she said placing a kiss on my forehead “Are you hungry?”
“No I’m fine. I just need to rest”
“OK then go to your room”
“Night mom”
“Good night sweetie” she replies. I walked to my room and gently shut the door.
what a night.
I sat down on my bed as my memories unfolded today’s event.
I miss Brian.
if only I just hear his voice one last time then–, what’s the point? I’ll just end up pushing him away.

I parked my car and headed inside the house. today was a rough day, I’m happy and sad at the same time.
“Yes just make sure you work it out for me, I promise I’ll pay you for your services” I heard Janelle talking on the phone.
I quietly walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. she flinched and the phone accidentally fell down on the floor. She looked nervous and pale like someone who’ve just been caught committing murder. I picked up the phone and she quickly snatched it from my hands clutching it tight.
“Um.. Brian your home. when did you get back?”
“Just now. who were you talking to?” I asked and she threw her face at the opposite direction.
“Um.. no one. it’s no one exactly”
“Then who were you gonna pay for their services?” I ask looking stern like a cop investigating a suspect.
“Oh that. I um… well the um.. the heater is broken so I just called a handy man who’s gonna repair it and I was telling him I’m gonna pay him for his services” she said.
“The heater? are you sure Janelle or is there something else you’re not telling me?” I ask through gritted teeth.
“It’s nothing Brian.”
My eyes wandered round the house only to see a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarette.
I immediately looked at her.
“Have you been drinking Janelle?”
“No Brian. I would never. my friends came here to visit me so they were the ones who had the whiskey and not me” she countered
“you know I would never drink or smoke and even if I used to do that before, I can’t do that now because I’m pregnant and that he
stuff is harmful for myself and our baby” She adds “And by the way, where were you? I’ve been calling but you never answered any of my calls”
“I’ve been busy with work” I tell her as I made my way to the bedroom but she stopped me by holding onto my arm.
“We just got here Brian. I followed your decision by coming here so please spend some time with me too” she pouts.
I gently remove her hand from mine.
“Don’t forget that you’re only here because of Ciara and I can’t spend a single minute with you cause you make me sick. if I had my way, I wouldn’t even care if you died or fell off a cliff but I have to tolerate you because it’s Ciara’s wish to let you stay here so don’t even think you can take her place by acting like an ideal wife cause only Ciara has and will always have that right. and next time, don’t even think of touching me cause only Ciara can do that. if only you know how much I hate you now Janelle, you would’ve left by now.” I point out to her.
I noticed her eyes tearing up.
“By the way, Penny’s coming tomorrow to help out around here so be nice or you might regret it” I said before finally walking out.
I locked the door so she wouldn’t get in.
F–k, everything is so messed up. I checked the heater and it’s perfectly okay so why did she say something was wrong with it. I changed my clothes and retired to bed.
I’m pretty sure Janelle is hiding something but I can’t put my finger on it so I’ll have to find out what.
I tried calling her phone but she wasn’t going to answer even if I did so it’s pointless. I just threw my phone on the bed to get some shut eye.

Thank Goodness he didn’t suspect a thing. I almost got caught today but I have to be careful from now on. how could I be so stupid to leave the drink and cigarettes here, it was a really close call. Brian is not stupid so if I make one wrong move then he might suspect a, thing.
I dialled a number and she picked after the third ring.
“Hello madam” she said at the end of the line.
“Sorry for terminating the call. my husband just barged in on me but I managed to handle the situation.”
“It’s fine so what exactly do you need?”
“find a way to arrange what we discussed, I’ll make sure you get your full payment after the job is, done and trust me, you won’t regret doing business with me”
“I know madam but we’ll have to be careful cause I’m risking my job here to do this for you”
“I’ll double the price. no good thing comes easily”
“fine. I’ll do it. but you’ll have to stop by tomorrow so we can finish the arrangements”
“Thank you Martha. good night” I say and switched off the phone. finally, everything is falling into place.
I just hope everything goes well. cause I don’t want to loose Brian at all and I will make sure it never happens either.

To be continued….

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