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Episode 30.

Complement of the season greetings from All Naija Entertainment. Read here

“you have to sign the papers” I tell Brian even though I was hurting inside. “I don’t want to sign those papers Ciara.”
“So what do you want to achieve by being so stubborn” I ask not expecting a reply.
“Just do as she tells you Brian. you don’t want to live with the regret of loosing your only child” she says through gritted teeth.
“I’m not the father of that d–n thing. yes I admit that we’ve slept together countless times but what if the baby isn’t mine, that is if you’re really pregnant as you claim.” he says and walks to Janelle.
” Don’t come close to me Brian” she yells but he didn’t listen. she struggles with him until he manages to pull the knife off her hands.
“You’re pregnant right?” he ask but she doesn’t respond
“we’ll see about that” he says and drags her towards the door.
“where are you taking me?” she asks hitting and screaming at the same time.
I didn’t say much but I simply followed.
“let me go Brian” I say cursing at him.
He held her hands and walked outside then opened the car and shoved her inside. she winced like someone in pain.
He took one look at me before opening the door to the front seat.
I gulped before getting in.
he turned round and opened the door to take the wheel.
I was feeling nervous.
he held my hand when he was fully balanced on his seat and glanced at my direction.
I could tell he noticed the confused look on my face, but he gave me a reassuring smile as if to tell me, that it’s okay.
He started the engines and drove off.
All through the drive, everyone remained silent. no one uttered a single word.
The atmosphere was a calm and tensed one.
I was tensed cause I had zero idea about where he was taking us.
We drove for about twenty minutes before arriving at a building. I looked around before I realized that we were at a hospital.
“A hospital?” Janelle blurts out “what are we doing here Brian” she asks but he doesn’t respond. instead he stepped down from the car and opened the door for her to come down as well.
I came down and we all went inside the building.
“Brian what are we doing here?” I manage to ask
“We’re here to find out if truly Janelle here is pregnant with my child” he reply
We waited for our turn until we we’re attended to by a nurse.

After some minutes, we we’re told to see the doctor and we did just that.
After stating the purpose of our mission. The doctor concluded that they conduct a test to see if Janelle was really pregnant.
we agreed and she was led away by a nurse.
We sat down for hours, waiting for what could possibly be the outcome of the test. All through, my heart thudded against my chest.
I was beyond scared.
“what if it comes out positive?” I ask Brian who was lost in his own thoughts. he turned to look at me.
“Why would you say that?”
“Because it might. I’m scared Brian. For all we know, she could be pregnant”
“For all we know, she could also be lying”
“And what if she isn’t?” I ask, tears trickling down my cheeks.
“let’s not think about that for now Ciara.”
“I’m trying to but it’s difficult. do you even understand what is going to happen if she really is pregnant? we’re going to be separated, forever” I tell him
“It won’t come to that Ciara. trust me”
trust? is he being serious?
“She’s right you know. you’re the only guy she’s ever slept with”I say. he sighs and slumps to the chair.
” I’m sorry ” was all he managed to say after some minutes of silence
“For being the worst husband you could possibly have. I don’t deserve you Ciara and I don’t know why I got stuck with a woman like you despite all the things I’ve done” he said. I notice his eyes turn red. he was trying to hide the pain but somehow, deep down, I felt it.
I sat down next to him and took his hands in mine.
“If it comes out positive, you’ll just have to be with her Brian. For your baby. I know it’s going to be hard… ” I said sniffing. I was already crying. I felt so broken “but that’s what right. I just wish all of this is just a dream and that I’ll wake up soon”
“Me too”


Just then the door flew open and they walked in.
The expression on their face was emotionless and I became tensed all of a sudden.
Somewhere in my heart, I hoped it wasn’t what my mind was telling me.
Janelle stood next to him. she looked like someone who’s ready to get everything over with cause she was also expecting a reply from the doctor.
“So how did it go doc?” Brian ask the doctor who adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat before saying.
“We’ve conducted the test and…” he paused, glancing at me then back to Brian.
“It appears from all ramifications that Janelle here is four weeks pregnant.” he concludes and as if reading our expressions he said “I’m sorry” before heading out the door.
“so are you ready to finally sign the papers?” she ask “you brought me here thinking I was lying and that the baby isn’t yours. wow Mr Salter, how embarrassed are you feeling now?
He took one look at me and I nodded yes. it was for the best and probably the right thing for him to do.
She handed him the paper and a pen. He signed the papers and returned it to her.
she smiled.

******Janelle ’s POV******
I’ve gotten you exactly where I wanted you and all to myself. Now your Ciara Will have to live us to spend the rest of our lives together.
I never thought I could pull this off but luckily I did.

******FLASH BACK******
“You don’t have to waste your precious time doctor, I’m not pregnant. I faked those papers” I tell him as I lay comfortably on the bed. I look at him before closing back my eyes. “Then why didn’t you just tell them?” he asks
“I love him but he doesn’t love me so I’ll have to get him one way or the other right?” I ask but he doesn’t respond. I open my eyes to look at him “and you’re going to help me get him”
“Are you crazy?” he asks
“Yes I am. crazy for love. I’ll pay you as much as you want me to. just say the word”
“I’m sorry young woman but you can’t pay me off” he said as he turned to go.
“Let’s do this the hard way then. shall we Mr Wilbur?” I ask and he turns to face me.
“How do you know my name? who are you?”
“You don’t have to know. I’m not so sure your wife knows how many women you’ve slept with. I’ll quickly send her a video and we’ll see what will happen after that. or you don’t believe me?” I ask. he couldn’t respond. I only smile.
“you know” I continued “One of your nurses made this papers for me and they were just talking about how bad you are to your poor wife and I couldn’t help but wonder why a doctor like you could be so mean.” I said “so I was just thinking about what would also happen if the police found out that your hospital has been into illegal forging of papers for money, how sad. should I say more?” I ask, “or I could pick up your precious daughter and you probably don’t see her till eternity. the choice is yours Mr Wilbur”
“What exactly do you want from me?”
I smirk
“You know what I want. so just implement it” I tell him “I couldn’t give up my love for him and you can’t give up your love for your family or your company. so you’ll do anything. that’s how crazy one can be and that’s the extent one can go to keep something that is theirs. so what do you say doctor” I laugh at my words.
“Fine I’ll do it”
“Great. then we have a deal” I say and heaved before closing my eyes.


******END OF FLASHBACK******
Now you know what I can do for you Brian.
I can never leave you forever.
“Thank you Br… ” I made to hug him but he pushed me off him
“What’s that? you’ve already signed the papers”
“But I never agreed to your conditions. I’ll stay with you because of the baby and not cause I’m in love with you. there is no us, and there can never be one so just forget that we ever know each other cause you can’t and will never be my wife” he said with finality
I don’t care Brian. as long as we’re together then anything is possible. you’ll learn to love me. you’ve loved me before so it can still happen again.
“Fine. I’ll respect your decision so you’ll have to respect mine too”
I say and turn to her
“What are you still waiting for? An invitation?” I ask “I’m sure you know what you have to do right? leave our lives” I yell
She simply nods.
I love how weak and vulnerable she is now.
“I’ll go” she says and turns to go but Brian holds her hands.
what the f–k!
She smiles and pulls his hands off her before heading out the door.

******Ciara’s POV******
“we’ll finally be together Brian” I overheard her say before I ran out of the hospital.
I was crying pretty bad.
how did I get tangled up in all of this mess?
I halted a cab and drove back home. I quickly picked my clothes and placed them inside a box.
I can’t stay here anymore. I’ll have to go home. I’ll have to leave before they get back.
I took all my box and headed straight to the airport. I booked a evening flight and we set off at midnight due to some weather conditions.
I couldn’t sleep.
I am going to miss him really bad. I couldn’t help but wonder how he is now. tears poured from my eyes when I thought about everything.
I just hope he’ll be fine.
cause we probably won’t see each other, forever.

To be continued…

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