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[STORY] Amanda (Episode 7)




Episode 7

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She had laid everything out for the interview; she felt a bit nervous but she knew she had what it took. She needed the right oufit to boost her confidence.

‘So what should I wear’? Amanda laid out all her clothes.

‘Gosh!, you shouldn’t be asking me that’ Alex rolled her eyes.

‘Come on, this is a huge one for me and we both know that; we’re talking about the Beecroft Softwares Empire here’ Amanda said, she noticed her friend was distracted.

‘Um, what did you say’? Alex dropped the phone and quickly turned to her. She was sexting Morgan.

‘Alex? Why are you so busy with that phone’? Amanda dropped a dress she had fetched and moved over to grab the phone, but Alex had been quite fast.

‘Is that the guy you told me about’? Amanda smiled and stared at her friend arms akimbo.

‘Yes’ Alex seemed evasive; she was not ready to talk about Morgan yet.

‘You seem really happy to be with him’ Amanda lifted a brow.

‘Sure, feels like I’ve known him for ages’ Alex placed a hand on her chest.

‘You’re just infatuated, be careful before you get yourself hurt’ Amanda returned to choosing a dress.

‘Look who’s talking, you should be encouraging me to pursue this, but how would you understand? You don’t have a boyfriend, you have never been in love or a relationship before’ Alex picked her phone and continued texting.

‘ I think Amanda has found a guy, she has chosen to keep him secret’ her mother wheeled into her bedroom.

‘Good day Mrs. Atkins’ Alex moved towards the woman and gave her a warm hug.

‘Hello Alexandra’ the woman returned the hug.

‘Mum! Don’t start now’ Amanda’s cheeks were flushed.

‘Is this true Amanda? How could you hide such from me’? Alex grinned.

‘No, don’t listen to mum, there’s no one’ Amanda avoided Alex’s penetrating gaze.

If only they could read her mind, they’d be surprised to see that she was still thinking about the stranger back at “Seductress”. How could she forget his chestnut eyes, they were the finest pair of brown eyes she had ever seen; pools of golden brown, pure and crystal and they called out to her.

She dreamt of his lips; they were cute and plump and she yearned for a kiss. Her desire and hate for him was conflicting, it confused her more.

‘Really? But I told you about the dude I met in the club’ Alex threw her hands in the air, not quite understanding why Amanda would keep her boyfriend a secret.

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‘You said “guy”, doesn’t he have a name’? Amanda asked.

‘Morgan. Morgan Wills. That is his name, are you cool now’? Alex fetched her buzzing phone.

‘I will be if you help me figure out what to wear’ Amanda replied.

‘Honey, you should wear that purple dress, it would look good on you and it matches your eyes’ her mother wheeled towards her.

‘Are you sure about this mom’? Amanda was uncertain about getting fashion tips from her Mother.

‘Ok? sooooo…. something else came up gurl!’ Alex announced excitedly.

‘What’s that’? Amanda asked.

‘Would you like to work as the C.E.O’s personal assistant? The pay is great and from what I’m being told, he is a nice guy’ Alex beamed.

‘Are you kidding me? Why not? Yes! Yes’! Amanda screamed.

‘Oh’ Alex’s face fell as she read the incoming message.

‘What’s that’? Amanda asked.

‘Um, nothing, just that the interview demands include wearing a hat’ Alex replied. How could she tell her friend what Morgan had just said? She wondered why his boss did not want blue eyed blondes, a description which fit Amanda perfectly.

‘Why! That’s Cool, wearing my Sunday Hat isn’t going to be a problem at all’ Amanda’s eyes glowed confidently.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had paid his father a visit; they lived separately and far from each other. He hated the house that brought back painful memories that he had tried to forget; that was the house where he had been raised; the house he so much hated now.

A flicker of light pierced his eyes and transcended him to another realm of memory.

“Always remember this Greg, I love you and I will always be with you” those were his mother’s words when he had just been five.

Now she was gone and he blamed his father for it.

He was barely seven years old, but he remembered everything quite vividly; an older woman had showed up at their doorstep one day with a green eyed brunette; that was the beginning of his mother’s sorrows.

From that day on, he noticed she was withdrawn; she no longer played with him or sang his favorite songs or read him a bedtime story before he slept. And then his father was always yelling and breaking plates; he was quite young but he remembered everything and he knew that his mother was unhappy. Five years later, she died and he grew to hate his father, because everything had been perfect before his mistress showed up with their love child.

‘Welcome Mr. Greg’ his father’s security welcomed him.

‘Thanks Gates’ he shook hands with the man and stepped into the house.

One thing he’d learnt about his father was this, Silas Beecroft was quite the decisive man, there was no bone of wavering or indecision in him; once his mind was fixed on something; nothing could sway it.

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Greg scanned the walls of the room ‘same old, same old’ he muttered to himself.

Everything seemed dead to him; there was no life in this cold room; this wasn’t a home, it was just a building like the numerous ones his father owned in other states.

‘Greg’? A familiar voice called and he swirled.

‘Good day dad’ Greg faced him.

‘You didn’t call’ he said to his son.

‘Really? Do I have to call’? Greg asked.

‘Honey! I am still in need of that lemonade’ a female voice called out.

‘I see, same old you, drinking and whoring yet you make me feel bad for partying’ Greg snapped angrily.

His dad was just a huge hypocrite; he definitely had one of his girlfriends at home and that was the reason he didn’t look so welcoming.

‘Stay put Beth! I’m coming’! His father ignored him and moved to the refrigerator.

‘Just like I thought, you have nothing to say’ Greg moved to a chair.

‘What do you want me to say Greg? That I am sorry? I know you hold a grudge against me, but I don’t care. You are my son and I don’t need to explain myself to you’ Silas poured himself some brandy.


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