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[STORY] Amanda (Episode 6)



Episode 6

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It had not taken him much time to reach his office where he was to meet with Morgan, his best friend and employee. His father had not been joking about the marriage issue, he couldn’t get married to Wendy or any other woman, he wasn’t ready; he had his whole life planned out and marriage was not one of his plans.

‘Good morning sir, there’s a little problem’ Gwen followed him into the office.

‘Now it’s not the time, tell Holly to fix me a coffee, I could really use one now’ he snapped at his secretary.

‘Um, that’s where the problem lies’ Gwen shrugged.

‘What problem’? Greg was getting impatient, he just needed time alone.

‘She is not coming back’ Gwen drew a deep breath in readiness to share the news.

‘What’s that supposed to mean’? Greg asked.

‘She resigned and left for Nevada’ she said.

‘What? How on earth am I supposed to find another personal assistant at this short notice? What the fuvk’? Greg swore under his breath.

‘I am really sorry sir’ Gwen stuttered.

‘Just go, get out’ Greg swallowed. How could Holly quit like that? She had not even given him a sign; he quickly let her pass and focused on other important matters. Holly was trivial, his company was hiring and that was the opportunity to find himself a personal assistant.

You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Amanda Ep6

‘Morning Fresh prince, I got your message, you ready for the meeting’? Morgan swaggered into his office.

‘Sit down Morgan, this isn’t about the meeting’ Greg rose to his feet and shut the door.

‘Whoa, this is really serious; spill! Did you cheat on Wendy? Oh my God, you broke the internet again’ Morgan chuckled as he found the answer.

‘It’s not funny; I don’t know who took photos of me last night, you assured me that the party would be safe’ Greg blamed his friend for everything.

‘I thought it would be, so, Wendy can handle that, she is your Media Management officer’ Morgan shrugged.

Wendy also worked in the company and she had handled the first two problems of Greg that had gone viral.

‘My father wants me to get married to Wendy’ Greg blurted out.

‘That’s a good thing, getting married of course’ Morgan nodded. He almost laughed as he scanned Greg’s face; he had gone as pale as sheet, like he saw a ghost or something.

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‘Morgan! This is d–n serious, I have never seen my dad this way, I am in some deep shit, he could even cut me off his will’ Greg sighed.

‘Cut you off? Wait, he can’t do that, you have worked so hard for this company. Beecroft would be nothing without you’ Morgan straightened on the chair, this was getting serious.

‘He wants me to get married before my thirty first birthday else he would hand over the company to Nathan’ Greg said.

Morgan scoffed, he knew Greg’s half brother was a real jackass, they never got along.

‘Nathan doesn’t have the experience to run Beecroft, the old man probably just wants you to get serious’ Morgan decided.

‘You needed to see his face; I know that man; I know when he wants something so bad. He could play dirty just to earn it’ Greg groaned.

‘Hey, getting married to Wendy is not a bad idea, if that’s what will please your dad, then you gotta do it’ Morgan advised.

‘Are you crazy? Wendy? I know she is my girlfriend officially; I like her a lot but I don’t see myself getting married. Ever. Greg ruffled his hair.

Why couldn’t anyone understand him? His parent’s marriage was a rocky one; they only managed to stay with each other to avoid a major scandal; he didn’t believe in true love or marriage.

‘Calm down, take a deep breath and think. What do you want Greg? If Beecroft is of any value to you, you’d get married to her; you don’t need to love her to get married; what are your fears anyway? You just get to sleep in the same bed, have sex every night and grow old together’ Morgan tried to paint a good image of marriage.

‘Isn’t that sad and boring? You’re not helping me Morgan, I called you here to get your advice and not your teasing. I don’t want to get married to Wendy and I love Beecroft too much to let it go. What should I do’? He was desperate.

‘When is your thirty first birthday coming up’? The words rushed out of Morgan’s mouth.

‘Oh shoot, I am supposed to remember that because I am your best friend’ he quickly fetched his phone and searched the calendar.

‘I know, I am screwed’ Greg exhaled; his birthday was coming up in a month’s time.

‘You have thirty days’ Morgan bit his lip.

‘So’? Greg drummed his fingers on the table.

‘Tell your father the truth, that you are not ready for marriage. He either takes it or leaves it’ Morgan advised.

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‘That would mean standing up to him’ Greg had a bad feeling about this.

‘Yes’ Morgan rose to his feet and moved to the mini bar, he was thirsty for a drink.

‘That reminds me, Holly is gone, I’ll need a new personal assistant’ Greg joined him at the cellar.

‘Okay, we’ll have a lot of people coming up for the interview, I could get you one. What’s your spec’? Morgan offered Greg a glass.

‘No blue eyed blondes, they’re just plain stupid’ Greg snorted, Holly had been a blonde.

‘Okay boss! I need to take this’ Morgan reached out for his phone, Alex was calling.

‘Who is that’? Greg stared at him suspiciously.

‘New catch, you know what, I may have just found you your new personal assistant’ Morgan winked; he remembered Alex had told him of her friend who could really use a job.

‘Whatever, I really need to talk to my father and Wendy’ Greg gulped the red content in his glass.


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