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Episode 17.

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************ FEW WEEKS LATER ************

Danny was at his office when he received a call from his Personal Assistant that he has a visitor who wanted to discuss something serious with him. He ordered the PA to allow the visitor in without asking for the name of the person.

Annabel was glad to enter his office once again, she smiled mischievously knowing what she has in-stock for him.

He was surprised when he saw her because he had forgotten about her and prayed never to see her, although Gift has informed him about her visit the other day but he never knew she would come back.

“Hope you came here in peace and you know you are not needed here” he said in a cold voice.

She laughed and walked around the office “men are really wicked, what do you think of me? A fool or what? Few months ago you used to love and care for me, now that I need you most you’re something else ” she said angrily.

“Just listen to yourself, you need me the most. What makes you think having sex with me will make me ever love you. Even being naked with you, I think of my wife. I can’t leave my wife and I can’t marry you for a second ” he said

Her laughter was uncontrollable “you wiill say that to the birds of the field because I will not abort the baby I’m carrying ” she said glaring at him.

He stood up in shock “you are what? No that’s not for me because I’ve been using protection ” he said

She laughed again “you’re talking about protection, you know some protections doesn’t protect and it has happened. I wanted to abort it but seeing how heartless you are I’ll keep the baby ”

“that thing you said you are carrying is not for me besides I don’t even know how many men you’ve been flirting around with ” he said trying to clear himself

She goggle “really? You just said that? Don’t worry, when that your so called wife gets to know about this you will know how serious I am. Stupid man like you ” she said and tried to walk out but he ran after her and grabbed her hand.

“Please don’t tell my wife anything, tell me whatever you want I promise to make it up to you. My wife is my joy” he pleaded

She watched him “I want a house of my own and I want your car. I want us to continue and I want the so called Gift to leave this company ” she blurted out

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“it’s too much on me, I’ll give you the car and house, but I can’t send Gift away because she has been a good worker” he said fearfully

“Then you’re not ready, I’ll tell her” she tried to walk away but he grabbed her again.
“please give me another condition, should I work a visa so that you’ll fly outside the country? ” He asked
she laughed wickedly “Oga you never jam, I’ll give you this condition. That house you are living, pack out and give me the documents ”
He frowned at her “No that’s not possible ”

Meanwhile Gift who wanted to enter his office overheard when they were arguing, she eavesdropped and was surprised. She thought of what to do to help her boss, she knew Danny was in a big mess and preferred him to tell his wife about it before Anabel would tell her.

She decided to leave the place immediately to her office thinking of what to do.


Charles the brother of Edith decided to surprise his family by visiting the country without informing them, he doesn’t want to stress them. He has missed his immediate younger sister Edith who always keeps him company. They play and fight often but he remembered she had gotten married and his heart melt, house will be bored and lonely without her, he decided to visit her before going home.

(Charles pov)

I arrived at the airport, the first thought that came to my mind was my fiancée….. She must have missed me alot…….. I’ll have to see her before the week ends and also introduce her to my parents so she’ll not think I was deceiving her……

I took a taxi…. I came with few clothes because after my marriage I’ll leave the country with my wife…… My coming back is for marriage……. I want to surprise my lady because she’s really great waiting for me.The taxi man delayed me, it took us over 30minutes before heading. On our a lady was on a lonely part trying to fix her car with a guy I suspect might be her driver, I told the taxi man to stop, I know the problem of the car might be a slight problem and it’s dangerous at that part way. I decided to help her out.

I paid him off and headed for them “hello beautiful my name is Charles ” I said.
She looked tired “my name is Gift” she said
I smiled “actually I’m on my way home when I saw that you’re having a problem with your car and I decided to try to help”
“Oh yeah, I’m having a real problem with the car, we’ve been here for almost an hour now and the car has refused to move…. ” she was still talking when the car made sound “wow it has started, I’m happy ” she smiled.


I smiled back maybe the car doesn’t need my help….. I stared at her for a while before she cut my attention “join us” she said, at once I joined her at the back seat while the driver was at the front driving…..

She’s cute but I don’t have to complement her because she might blush and think I’m tripping for her…… We chatted, I told her about my journey and how it was outside the country…… She laughed often and said she wished she could visit outside the country and witness all what I was saying…..

It was nice with her….. But I know it will be better with my darling Anabel.


Raymond and his wife decided to visit Alex family to know about their welfare, Mr and Mrs Alex were happy for Ray and his new life. They could see the happiness written all over him.

They all decided to visit Danny and his wife surpringly on Sunday to have their family friendship celebration.

Rose had specially congratulated Belinda, the two women chatted privately for a while about their affairs, Belinda consoled Rose and assured her things gonna be fine some day

Hope you now understand our unknown pov, it’s Charles the brother to Edith and the fiancé to Annabel. Now that Annabel wants to spoil Edith marriage, will her own even work? She doesn’t know she was hurting her sister-in-law else she wouldn’t have threatened to tell Edith.

To Be Continued…..

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