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M.I Abaga – End Of Time [LYRICS]

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Where have you gone now
Is it where angels fly
Angels fly
When will we see your face again,
Is at the end of time,
End of time

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(Repeat chorus)

So Da grin God bless you
Yes, we miss you,
We pray God bless you
Till we can catch you
On the other side we gon meet my nigga,
We gon meet my nigga
We pray God keep you
We know its just sleep dude
Niggas wont weep
We celebrate with y’all people
To the other side we gon meet my nigga
Yeah! We gon meet my nigga

[Verse 1]
I walk with the legend
I talk with the legend
He’s no longer living
I hope he’s in heaven
But I celebrate the
Legacy he’s given
His bars from the street
That he laced on the review
A hip-hop general
New school Icon
I know where you are now
You just turned the mic on
So many people came to lay you to rest
I wonder how many way that are heavens steps
It was like when Pac gave Big a shot and the tears just drop
It was like when Pun life is done
But you were our son
You walked the streets we come from
So the pains more real,
More raw, more deep,
Some girls can’t eat,
Some boys still weep
YQ still sobbing
Sossicks still down
But we know your soul is not in the ground,
Its in our heart,

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(Repeat chorus)

[Verse 2]
Say it’s not for real that you’re gone and you now rest above
For you died, it was clear who the people really love
We got a couple of really sick, maybe dead politicians
But Nigeria stopped when we lost a musician
I couldn’t make the burial
Your nigga was wailing
I know that you was watching from above just smiling
We re (“mad man”)
You should have seen the masses
Lighting their candles
Lifting their glasses
You must have been a prophet
Our very own Elijah
I’mma hold Hip-Hop down and keep the fire
You made everybody dance
What your fans
Wouldn’t give for one more chance
Just so they could hear you sing Mo le nu bi
Pon Pon Pon Pon Pon with energy
So there is not another
And there will never be
Da Grin the C.E.O
Your memory lives on
And ever.

(Repeat chorus)
(Repeat hook)

Yo I swear I’m not gonna cry Da Grin
Better celebrate you living like you never left
Like it’s the first time I ever heard you spit a bar

This song
I dedicate this to his fans
To his friends, to his management
To every Nigerian who’s has been blessed by this amazing Musician
His legacy lives on forever

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