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Episode 25.

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I felt a hand on my shoulder, caressing its way down to the sides of my waist.
No doubt that its Brian.
I was mad. furious was an understatement. He ruined my night and has the guts to touch me? I forcefully pulled his hands off my body as I lay there awaiting his next move.
“Ciara I’m hungry” he tells me but I pretended to be asleep. hoping he would just leave me alone.
“Ciara?” he calls again this time burying his face on my arm. what did I do to this guy?
“There’s some food in the fridge, make something for yourself. I’m tired” I tell him still not moving from my position.
“please don’t be mad at me. I’m sorry” he begs. his voice so sincere. I felt the urge to look at him but refrained myself from doing so.
“You won’t talk to me?” he asks again “Alright I’ll make something to eat”
“Better” I reply before the opened the door and slammed it hard. I almost jumped out of my skin. He won’t learn if he doesn’t get to pay the price.

I closed my eyes for a minute or two before I heard crashing sounds coming from the kitchen.
God help me that Brian doesn’t set the house on fire anytime soon.
I wore my flip flops as I opened the door and headed to the kitchen.
On arrival, I got the shock of my life. the plates were on the floor. the microwave was blasted open and ingredients hanging on the wall and Brian most of all was sitting helplessly on the floor. I rushed to where he sat and tried get him up.
“What did you do?” I ask but he didn’t respond. instead he gave me an intense stare.
“I told you I was hungry but you pretended not to hear”
“And you couldn’t think of anything else than blow up my kitchen” I ask placing a frustrated palm on my face.
“You look cute when you’re angry” he said as he giggled
“Don’t you dare Mr Salter. don’t try to humour me” I reply and picked up the plates from the floor.
All through, his eyes were fixed on me but I acted like he doesn’t exist.
I managed to clean up a little then turned to go when I heard,
“You’re not leaving without me right?”
“I didn’t bring you here to begin with” I said sarcasm down my throat.
He managed to get up from where he sat and walked towards me with hooded eyes.
“Ciara I’m so sorry. I’m d–n sorry. fine, I’ll admit. I’m a jealous and crazy dude and I don’t deserve you as my wife.” he said to me.
“You don’t trust me” I finally manage to say
“I swear on my life that I do Ciara but the way he was holding you, I just felt like that should’ve been me you know”
His voice sounded like he regrets everything.
“it was supposed to be you. but you left me to be with another woman” I snapped
“That’s my fault and I admit it but I’m sorry. I’ve really missed my wife you know? ” he said and I laughed
“and I missed that too.” he said
“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have let you come here knowing you’ll do this” I say pointing at the kitchen and we giggled
“I love you Brian” I say hugging him
“I love you too Ciara. so much” he said kissing my hair and I tightened my hands round his waist smiling sheepishly.
That night we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I couldn’t feel more better.


****Fast Forward****
***A Week Later***

“come on Ciara we’re going to be late” I heard Brian’s voice from the bedroom as I tried to pull up my zipper.
“Just a minute okay” I half yell
I quickly rushed a little makeup on my face and slide my feet into a pair of shoes.
Brian and I are going to the fair. He said he wanted to take me out and how could I say no!
I rushed out of the room to meet him.
He placed a sun hat on my head “there now you look complete” before placing his lips on mine. I chuckled.
He held my hand and we both rushed outside.
“Mom said to say hi” he tells me immediately we were perfectly seated in the car.
“How’s she doing?” I ask
“very good” he said before pulling out.

We arrived at the fair and visited the petting zoo.
I took pictures with the different animals.
Brian bought ice cream and we rode the Ferris wheel. He couldn’t stop kissing me at the slightest chance he gets. We almost made out. my husband is, way out of his mind.
“Let’s go to the beach tomorrow” I suggest as we came down.
“Sure. Anything for my dearest wife” he said brushing his lips on mine and I giggled.
We rode the horses too and Brian couldn’t stop treating me like a child.
I loved every minute I spent with him.
After leaving the fare, we visited a local restaurant to grab dinner on our way back home since I’ll be too tired to cook anything.

I served the meal immediately we arrived and after Brian took his shower, he took a seat next to mine.
We, ate dinner and played a little game before we headed to the bedroom to rest.
“Ciara?” Brian called immediately we layed down.
“I was thinking… ” he paused, looking at me
“thinking about what?” I asked
“What it would be like to have kids. I’ve never really thought about it but I just suddenly love the idea” he tells me. his face lighting up as he speaks.
“A Child could be a bridge between your marriage” my mind played back what Brian’s mom said to me.
I’ve never really thought of having kids with a guy like Brian but now that he’s mentioned it, I also wanted it too. it’ll be great having little rascals running round the house.
I mind went back to the time I told Brian that I can’t have a baby with him and that I wouldn’t. I smiled as the thoughts flooded through my head.
“Ciara. why are you smiling? you’re not saying anything” he said waving his hands across my face
“I was just thinking that it’d be lovely having kids”
“you do right?” he said and I nod.
“I’ll love to have a little princess first”
“But I want a boy” I blurt out
“I’ll call her Kiara” he smiles
“Crazy” I say playfully hitting his chest.
“Bottom line is, I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. I just want to have my kids with you Ciara. cause I love you” he said placing his lips on mine.
” i love you too Brian ” I say placing my head on his chest and some minutes later, we drifted to sleep.

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I woke up the next morning but couldn’t find Brian next to me.
“Brian?” I call
“In the shower babe” he replies
“Since when do you bath so early?” I say rubbing my eyes as I picked up his clothes from the bed.
“Thought I’d look handsome for you” he said and I blush. “Let’s bath. come inside”
“Don’t worry I’m OK” I say placing a kiss on his lips before heading out to make breakfast.
I heard a knock on the door immediately I got into the kitchen.
“I’m coming”
I rushed out to open the door, and immediately I pulled the door knob, I was shocked to see the person standing there.
I felt numb and I couldn’t move.
“Who’s at the door honey?” I hear Brian’s voice from behind.
“Hi sweetie” she waved as she pushed her way inside to meet him.
“I missed you” was all she said before pressing her body on his. I just stood there unable to utter a single word. now what does she want???

To be continued…..

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