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Episode 23.

Complement of the season greetings from All Naija Entertainment. Read here

The ray of light from the sun hit my face from the window. I open my eyes slowly to adjust the light passing through then as I rubbed my forehead lightly.

I turn to see Brian lying beside me. hands holding me in place possessively. His hair was scattered like…wait that was me! I did that to him last night. “make love to me Brian… make me yours!!” my voice echoed in my head.
I pulled up the sheets only to realize that I was without clothes and Brian too. oh dear Lord!

“Morning honey” he said giving me a wry smile as he hovered on top of me.
I quickly stood up, wrapping the sheets around my bare body. just then I realized that I had taken the only cover off of Brian’s body and that he was completely naked. But he didn’t seem bothered about it.
“Brian put on something” I say as I turn my face to the other side.
“But why. you’ve already seen me naked so it’s nothing new” he replied. He was right but I’m not used to it yet.
“Brian I need to shower”
“But I haven’t kissed you yet” he protested
“And I haven’t brushed my teeth yet”
“Really Ciara?. don’t worry, I can handle that” he said getting up from the bed but I rushed into the bathroom and shut the door.
“Open up for me Ciara” he said gently banging on the door.
“Um… I’ll just shower first then we’ll talk”
“I want to shower with you”
what did he just say.?
“maybe next time please” I begged
“don’t worry. I’ll be outside waiting for you. don’t take too long. I love you” he said before I hear him open the bedroom door and shut it. I guess he was gone.
“yeah you too” I say not sure he heard it.

I stood under the shower and turned it on, letting the water work it’s way down my body. I scrubbed and washed myself then spent an extra twenty minutes under the shower just letting the water pour on my skin. My mind kept playing back to what happened last night. part of me enjoyed everything and the other part was a bit confused and worried.
I mean I’ve finally lost my innocence to Brian, my husband which was a good thing but I don’t know what he thinks of last night. I mean he’s had sex with countless women so I had, a lot on my mind.

what if I didn’t please him like they did? did he enjoy it? was it up to his standard?
I know I wasn’t the kind of girl to sleep around but I just wanted to know if maybe ours wasn’t as good as what he’s experienced so far.
I turned off the shower and wiped my body with the towel. then I proceeded to the bedroom. I applied some lotion on my skin and wore a light top and sweat pants.
I did my hair into a messy bun and set out to meet Brian in the living room but when I arrived, he wasn’t there. I heard noise from the kitchen so I assumed he was there and when I entered, behold, he was making pancakes for breakfast some of which were slightly burnt.
He didn’t notice my presence till I walked up to him and wrapped my hands around his waist from behind gently placing my head on his back and a small smile crossed my lips.
“Hey beautiful” he greeted and I could hear the happiness from his tone.
“I never knew that you can cook?” I teased and we both laughed
“I’m trying. it’s not easy. even the recipe is all wrong” he said wiping the sweat off his forehead.
I laugh.
“Who asked you to do this?”
“I wanted to surprise you with breakfast but I guess I ruined everything. silly me”
I took a bite out of the ones he made.
“Tasty” I comment
“Don’t eat that. it’s burnt” he said trying to take it from me but failed miserably.
“But it’s delicious”
“you don’t have to say that its good simply because I made it cause I know you’re trying to please me”
“Alright Brian Salter. next time, make something simple. Toast and Jam or peanut butter and tea would be alright for me” I say and he nod.
“works for me too”
“I’m glad we both agree” I say releasing my hand as I took over from him.


I threw his burnt and sugar infested pancakes down the waste bin and took a bowl to mix another flour to make new pancakes. I whisked the flour adding the other ingredients. All the while Brian held onto my waist, acting like a child. I put the mixed flour into his mouth for him to have a taste.
“Delicious” he commented “you’re a great cook no doubt”
“That’s how you make pancakes”
“Who taught you how to cook?” he asks
“My mother” I say trying to pull up my hair but Brian held it with a band.
“You cook just like my Mom. she’s really good too”
“I know. I tasted her food when we went for dinner at their house remember?” I ask giving him a cornered look
“yup” he said placing a kiss on my neck.
I almost flinched.
“Mr Salter, control yourself”
“I don’t have to if it’s my wife” he said and I gave a light chuckle.

I Made the pancakes and served them on the table for breakfast, making buttermilk to go with it.
“it tastes like the first pancake you made after we got married” he said but I only smile.
I had a lot going on in my mind and I guess he noticed it too.
“Ciara are you okay”
“yeah sure I’m fine” I reply
“talk to me Ciara. if there’s anything bothering you then feel free to tell me” he said in a calm but persuasive voice.
“well it’s about last night” I finally manage to say after finding my voice
“What about it?”
“I just wanted to know if you… well if we” I paused again staring at him “If it was as good as what you’ve ever had”
“I’m serious Brian—”
“Ciara… ” he began “What happened between us last night was the best and most special night of my entire life”
“But you and Janelle—”
he cut me off “what I had in the past was just normal but I can never compare ours with my past. you are my present and future Ciara. forever and nothing is going to change. I love you” he said before munching on his pancakes.
“I love you too” I say kissing his cheeks.
Thank goodness, I was married to a man like Brian. I hated it but now, it’s the best thing that could ever happen to me.

After having breakfast, we settled on the couch to watch a movie. A horror movie to be precise. I sat down next to Brian and placed my head on his shoulder but occasionally hid my face from scary scenes.
“Why are you even watching this?” he asked
“Because you like it”
“But you don’t” he fires back
“I’ll try to”
I tried to watch but each time it became scarier, I would bury my face on Brian’s neck causing him to laugh.
“Alright let’s do something else”
“like what?” I ask
“Um… I don’t know. anything?” he ask and I switched off the television and gently placed a kiss on Brian’s cheeks, then on his nose and lip, he placed me on his thighs and continued the kissing.
“it’s better than the movie”
“I agree” I say kissing him back
we were about going all out when I heard my name coming from outside.
“Alex and Jake” Brian and I chorused at the same time as we burst out laughing.
we heard a knock on the door and I stood up to adjust my dress before going to answer.
“Hi Alex, Hi Jake” I greeted while smiling and waving my hands at the same time.
“Hi Ciara. I’ve missed you. Jake is really pissing me off” she said hugging me.
“Come on. let’s go talk about it” I say taking her hand and signalled Brian that I’ll be inside.
He winked at me and I smile sheepishly.
He always know how to get me going.
I close the door once we were inside and joined Alex on the bed.
“what’s up” I ask in a casual voice
“well I should be asking that Mrs Ciara. Brian is winking at you now and you were smiling? how much have I missed?” he ask and I bit my lip.
I didn’t think she’d see that
“well the thing is that… ” I paused “Brian and I have finally decided to give it a try”
“Give what a try?” she asked with a confused face but just then her face lit up “you’re having a baby?”
“No… I mean not now but we’re going on that path cause we’ve finally fixed our marriage” I tell her
“really? I’m so happy for you. I told you it’ll happen. you’re just good for each other. in fact, perfect” she squealed in delight.
I was forced to blush.
“I just hope everything goes OK. cause I’m still a bit scared that one lady would just walk up to me and claim him as hers. what would I do then?” I asked rubbing my hands. I was happy and sad at the same time.
“He’s your husband now. you married him. not just on paper but on love. and you should trust him and any girl who’s f—–g out of her mind and tries to act funny then, you show them who the wife is” she tells me and I nod.
“So what’s up with you and Jake?”
“He didn’t get me my sundae. so I’m upset” she tells me while rolling her eyes.
“Sundae? just sundae! And I thought you had a fight” I sighed in relief
“We never fight. we talk things out and you guys should do it too. it builds relationships. even when you’re so upset that you feel no one can calm you down then just talk it out” she tells me
“Awwn so sweet” I cooed
“I’m so happy for you girlfriend” she said and hugged me so tight that I could barely breathe.


We came out later to join the others only to find out that they were planning on attending a party.
“You’ll come right Ciara” Jake asks the minute he saw me.
“I don’t know what Brian thinks about it”
I glance at his direction
“I’d love to go if Ciara would go” he said with finality
“the ball is in your court Ciara. so what do you say?” Jake asks
“Say yes please. I really wanna attend this party.” Alex says swinging my hands left, right, front and center.
I tucked my hair after giving it some thought. “Alright then let’s do it”
“Yay” Alex squealed in delight.
I walked up to Brian and Sat down.
“Are you sure?” he asks me in almost a whisper
“yeah I am”
“As long as you don’t take alcohol, I’m cool with it” he teased. I was forced to hit him with the puff. Must he bring it up everytime?
what a JERK!

To be continued……

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