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Episode 09.

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Quickly,we dragged Eric upstairs to my room. I opened my wardrobe and we put him inside, closing it.

Incase if anything happens or they wanted a search warrant which I will definitely not allow,they would start from the other rooms not the one we were inside of it.

While Micheal went downstairs to open the door for the police, I quickly got out a drawing board, and a stool.

I placed it in front of the wardrobe and the drawing materials. I had to get something doing… really needed to get something doing to distract them entirely.

I couldn’t bear to think what was going to happen should they find out about Eric’s body in the wardrobe.

There would be no evidence that we did not do it.

My heart did a double flip when the door opened and they cane in with Micheal. I tried hard to look natural…I couldn’t afford to look scared or shaken.

Micheal led them inside and stole a glance at the wardrobe…he too was trying to look okay but his face as as still full of fear.

“Wow. Nice drawing you got here.” One of the police man said, probably the leader.

They were four in number. At that point,I wondered who called them or what they came to do.

I looked up, giving them my best smile.

“Oh,yes. You are welcome. But to whom do I owe this visit?” I asked, continuing my drawing, although my hands were shaking badly.

“Ah,yes. We are here for a reason. Our D.P.O’s daughter ran away due to a little misunderstanding at home and was said to have ran into this compound this afternoon.

I don’t know if you guys saw her.” The police man said,his eyes darting around.

Michael and I looked at each other and back at him.

“No. We saw nobody.” Micheal responded.

“Okay. I believe this is Mr Eric Donald’s house. When they brought report of where the girl ran into,I never knew it was here.

He’s a friend of ours. So,where is he and who are you?”the police man asked, going around.

Micheal and I exchanged quick glances and I looked back at him.

I was a little annoyed with the interference but I had to be careful not to blow up my top.

“Well…Mr…Mr….Eric has gone to work and I’m his wife. What else do you want to know?” I asked, clutching the pen on my hands so tightly it broke.

The police man looked at me and nodded.

He looked around, nodding at the paintings on the wall. Micheal looked at me,his eyes full of desperation.

I shivered as I pray they would go already.

“But it took you so long to open the door for us like you were hiding something,why?”

The police man asked and I lost it. I glared at him.

“Officer,I thought you came here to look for a girl who is obviously not here. Why the interrogation?

Are you insinuating that we’ve hide the girl here in our house?” I questioned them, trying to look annoyed and not intimidated.

“I did not say a thing like like. I only wanted to know why it took you so long to open the door for us.

Is there any chance you were afraid of us coming inside? Maybe for a search warrant or what?”

The police asked and my heart began to beat fast at the mention of search warrant.

I had to be aggressive. Why would they search my house? For what?

“Officer,look. I don’t know what you are talking about. I opened the door when it was convenient for me.

As you can see,I was busy with something before you came.

Since you did not see what you came here to look for,can you kindly leave, please?” I said, looking at him straight in the eyes.

“Officer, there is nothing to worry about. I was also busy cooking when you came in. I will like to go back to my work too, please.” Micheal said, avoiding eye contact with the police man.

“Sure. We are going to go but you did not even offer us anything. Why? You should allow your mind to be at rest when you know your mind is clean. Okay,we will be going now but when you get any information about the girl, contact us, please.”The police man said.

“Yes,we will.” I said, trying my best not to be so desperate and relieved.

“And this is our number.” The police man said, calling out a number which I jotted down,my body shaking with the want of seeing them leaving the house.

As they turned to go,he turned back again, as if he forgot something.

“Oh, before I forget, Please,when he gets back…tell him inspector Dapo was here and also asked of him.”

“Yes,I will.” I answered, almost standing up from the stool in desperation. I was even tempted to go and open the door for them and hurl them out.

“Or give me his number. So I can call him later, there is this important thing we need to discuss about.”


“Officer… officer….I’m sorry. Currently…I don’t have his number…I …I…. don’t know it off hand.” I replied, stealing a glance at Micheal who opened his mouth wife for a moment and closed his back.

“You don’t? And you say you are his wife? Hmm,that’s soo strange.” The police man said looking at me.

God,what type of a thing is this? I was tempted to shout at him but I kindly smiled at him.”Well,I think you should go now.

Like I said before,I was busy before you came in.” I said gently and he nodded, turning to the other three police men.

“Let’s go.” He told them and as they all turned to go,a phone began to ring.

A phone!!

The ringing tone so circulated the whole place.

Michael and I looked at each other as the police men turned back swiftly around, looking around.

“Whose phone is that?” Inspector Dapo asked. We did not move. And it increased their suspicion. Why aren’t you saying anything? Why aren’t you picking the call?”

God! Where was it coming from? From the wardrobe… right inside the wardrobe!!

I desperately wanted to say something… anything…but my whole body has been paralyzed with fright.

Why did I not think about this before?…to remove his phone and switch it off entirely… even to have removed the battery and send it to hell?.

“Sir,it’s coming from the wardrobe.” One of the police men said to the inspector.

They positioned themselves as their true wicked face appeared.

“Open the wardrobe…I said open the wardrobe,now!”

God….God….we were finished.

The phone continued to ring….right inside Eric’s pocket from the wardrobe……

To Be Continued….

What happens next??… find out in the next episode…

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