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Episode 07.

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God! I cried in my heart as I almost collapsed. Please..make him go back to sleep. I prayed and the miracle happened.

Eric turned his face around and went back to sleep, closing his eyes shut. I quietly let out a deep breath and pressed the key harder into the soap before carefully placing the key back on his chest.

Quietly,I tiptoed to the door and slipped out, closing the door silently.

Once outside,I ran and ran faster to my room and locked the door, looking at the soap in my hands.

Yes. I did it and by tommorow I will have the duplicate of the key.

I felt like a hero..a courageous one. I couldn’t sleep because I was anxious and too excited to sleep.

By tomorrow,what so ever in that room would be seen. I would personally see the room tomorrow. I just prayed everything would go well.

However,I was surprised when I came downstairs the following morning to see Eric seated in the living very late in the morning.

I was startled. Does it mean he wasn’t going to work?. I greeted him and sat at the opposite sofa, glancing at the TV.

Michael came in carrying a tray of drink and I looked at him immediately, questioning him with my eyes.

He shrugged and passed the drink to Eric who took it and sipped from it. I was restless and impatient.

What was the bull still doing at home? I checked my wrist watch,it was almost 9.

God,just send him away. Let him leave the house.

But it seemed God wasn’t ready to answer that very moment because the next thing was a phone call from one of his staff.

“I told you I don’t need anybody to call me. I’m on vacation. I need rest,Tunji. Okay,tell the HR to cancel all appointment till next week when I’m going to come back to office.

Alright. You guys can hold meetings without me.”Eric said and I looked disappointedly at Michael before he left the living room.

“I’ve decided to go on a vacation and rest for a while. Where do you want to go?” He asked me without any feeling.

I stared at my hands and thought for a while. Where did I ever thought I would go one day?

I couldn’t think of anything a d besides,I did not want to tell him anything because I did not want to go. Getting into that room was my oy priority.

“I can’t think of anywhere. I think I will just stay at home and take care of the house.” I responded, hoping he would take it as a yes.

“Felicia is here.” His voice jammed into my ear and I knew he was losing it. What do I do to tell him I was not going?.

I just stood my ground.

“I’m a bit sick and I do not think I can travel in this condition.”I simply said and he looked at me,then looked away.

At noon,he dressed and went out, probably to visit a friend. I knew it wasn’t the convenient time to go out and get the job done but I was so tempted.
So tempted….

I dressed sharply and ran to the boy’s quarters and met Micheal wetting the garden by the front lawn.

“Rose!”he exclaimed my name, looked around and ushered me into his room,fear written all over his face.

“Where are you going!” He whispered.

“I wanted to ask you if I could rush now that he isn’t here. Maybe…I could get the work done!”I told him but he held his head with his left hand and breathed in. He looked at me and hold my hands.

“Rose. Please calm down.” He told me in his overwhelming voice.

At that instant,my body calmed down. I could put us in trouble. I had to be patient. Micheal and I stared looking at each other.

Before I knew what was happening,my hands curled behind his back and brought his head closer as our lips met. It was heavenly. His hands slid behind my back and brought me closer as my breast crushed his chest.

Even if I heard Eric’s car coming in,I wouldn’t be able to stop. Eric was perfect. The way his hand roamed at my back,the way his mouth felt on mine.

I pushed Micheal onto the bed and layed on top of him.

“Rose.”He looked up at me with lazy eyes trying to protest but I was in charge of the situation. He couldn’t resist me.

“Please Michael..I haven’t felt like this before. I haven’t felt like a real woman before. Don’t stop now. Take me and make me feel like a woman.” I told him and our lips met again.

This time, harder with so much heat.

I felt happy as Michael began to undress me….


After what happened between us, Michael tried to avoid me. Perhaps,he was feeling guilty for sleeping with his master’s wife but I wasn’t a bit guilty. I felt happy in fact.He handled me with love and respect.

Eric decided he wasn’t going anywhere either and decided to stay at home, drinking all day and entering his dark room. But whenever I gaze upon at the room or strained my ears,I heard nothing and I began to wonder if Felicia was actually sure of what she saw but nevertheless,I still wanted to step into that room.

One week later,I started feeling some change in my system. I throw up easily after eating and started avoiding some meal. I sleep early and wake up late.

Something that I’ve never been able to do. I also began to add more backside. I couldn’t understand it but I ignored it for I had a mission on my mind.

I couldn’t contain my excitement the day Eric’s vacation was over. He woke up early and had breakfast. I peeped and heard him telling Michael he was going to work,to make sure I did not leave the house. I smiled to myself. Time to get the work.

Minutes later,he left with work with Patrick,his personal body guard.

I made sure he was really gone,far gone before I took my bath and got dressed.

I stared at my bum in the mirror. It was larger than before. What was the meaning of this changing? I stared at my breasts. My cleavage was becoming bigger?

Have I been eating too much?

I got dressed and went to my drawer, bringing out the soap I wrapped up in a plastic bag.

I put it inside my bag and rushed off, going out of the compound.

I returned two hours later, praying earnestly,Eric had not come back.

My prayers were answered. Micheal was waiting for me at the main entrance.

I ran to him as his gaze rushed over me.

“Have you done it?”He asked me quickly, looking around.

“Yes…let’s go inside. We have to act fast before he comes back.”I told him as we both jumped inside.

We got to the foot of the stairs and looked around, making sure Felicia or no one was in sight.

It was time.

My heart was beating so badly I had to hold Micheal’s hand as we walked up the stairs to Eric’s room….

We got there and stood in front of the door.

I brought out the key and slid it into the key hole. My hand was shaking so badly I couldn’t turn the key.

Micheal held my hand and turned.

Tlaawnn…..the door slipped opened and I gently pushed the door open.

Micheal and I looked at each other and nodded as we stepped inside.

We closed the door and I touched the wall, finding the light switch.

I found one and pressed.

Light flooded the room and we turned around, our heart beating fast.

Then….my heart stopped beating as I grabbed Micheal’s arm and screamed.

“God!God!!”Micheal shouted, closing his eyes as we grabbed each other.

“Aahhhh…aaaauhhhhh….. no….” I cried as I shut my eyes closed, almost disappearing into Michael who held me tight.

Right on the bed….. laying on the bed….was Antonia’s corpse.

Both ears and nose were closed with white tissue…her face…..Ohhhh God…so white….

I couldn’t bear to look at it….I couldn’t….

I couldn’t breathe… couldn’t… wait…wait….Oh my God…. footsteps!!… footsteps!!

“Turn off the light!!”, Michael whispered at me as we turned off the light, gumming to the wall. Everywhere was dark….Stark dark. We could hear the sound of out loud heart beat as heard the footsteps, approaching.

Eric…he must be an abnormal human. How come we did not hear his car coming inside?? How come he always knows when the dark room is in danger??

How come…??

There was so much to fear about but the fear of those footsteps…heavy footsteps… supercedes all…

Then a key….a key was slided into the key hole.

My God…my God….Eric was here….he was here… coming inside……

To Be Continued…….

Hmm…….life!! What’s going to happen??

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