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Episode 05.

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Michael, please. Use your brain. Think of something to distract him… please. I prayed in my heart as I peeped through the key hole again.

He was almost there when Micheal suddenly did as if he heard something.

“Sir ..I think I heard someone opening the main entrance. Just now.”Michael said as I let out a silent deep breath of relieve.

It distracted him totally.

“Really? I think I have to go then.” He said and like magic,he was gone.

Michael fell flat on the bed relieved. I quickly changed into my clothes and cane out,with an apologetic face.

“I’m really sorry I got you into this. I will quickly go back now.”I said as he looked at me and nodded.

I went back to my room and forced myself to sleep.

The next morning,Eric ate breakfast alone and left the house as early as 7am.

I dressed for the day and cane downstairs to eat at 9am. I was finishing my meal when Micheal came in, carrying a tray to the kitchen. At first,we felt awkward with each other but finally,we greeted.

I walked into the kitchen and met him arranging something in the freezer.

I stood by the door and watched him work.

“You told me you would tell me when he’s gone for work, right?” I asked, reminding him of our last night discussion.

He did not look at me as he nodded. After he was through,we sat at the stairs, leading to my room for the story.

Michael looked thoughtful as he tried to gather the story from the beginning.

“Her name was Antonia. Beautiful and full of life.” Michael began as listened. “I and Victor,my colleague were downstairs when master came home for the first time with Antonia,full of smiles. He was a happy man then. So cheerful and nice.

He introduced Antonia to us as his fiancee and we were pleased to meet her.

As we we t back to our room that night, Victor kept asking me if I did not see how sexy and beautiful Antonia is. I thought he was only being a nerd but he was serious.

At the dinning the next day, Victor kept passing looks at Antonia whenever she made eye contact. She would smile back. I noticed this a d decided to warn Victor about any fishy agenda. He told me not to worry,that he knew what he was doing.

The night of the third day,I saw a shooking thing that threw me off guard.

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Antonia and Victor were romancing each other beside the stair case. They ignored me totally and continued with what they were doing.

I felt sorry for Victor because I knew it would not be funny should master finds out.

One week later,it happened.

Master left home early in the morning but unknown to Antonia,he only went to get her some rose flowers because that day was her birthday.

Antonia invited Victor to her room for pleasure.

I tried warning Victor not to go but he only warned me too not to stand in the way of his happiness. So,I had no choice but to leave them.

He went to her room and they got into bed together, giggling. I could even hear them from the kitchen.

Thirty minutes later, master came back,full of smiles and holding a banquet of flowers.

He came down from his car and started to go upstairs.

He opened the door to Antonia’s room and the flowers dropped from his hand as he screamed her name.

“Antonia!”he shouted as Victor quickly rolled off her,fear all over his body and face.

Antonia started to soon as she pleaded,but master was already out of the room.

Victor was sent out of the house never to come back. Antonia cried as she watched him leaving from her window. She was already into him already.

She couldn’t stand the humiliation and what Eric would put her through so,she took a knife from the drawer and stabbed herself before anyone could come inside. When master saw her dead body,his whole life and system changed.

He became a shadow of himself and barely talked after her burial.” Michael said and stopped.

He looked at me and shrugged.

“Well,I guess I’ve answered you. That was how she died.”

I nodded and thanked him before we departed.

He left for his room while I sat in the living room, thinking. How could she have killed herself? For what reason?

I thought of going to Michael’s room but I stopped myself from going.

I would not want to put him into trouble again.

I was going through the pictures on my phone to keep me busy when Felicia came into the living room.

“Ma.”she said and I looked up at her,then smiled.”What’s it Felicia? And I already told you to call me Rose.”I reminded her and told her to sit down when she told me she had something to tell me.


“Yesterday night, when I came to clean up the dinning room table,I saw master’s ID card on the floor.

I thought it was important and thought of taking it immediately to him. I wanted to it to your room but I decided to take it to him.

I climbed up the stairs to his room.As I walked past his private room,I heard some sounds and went back.

The sound was wield. I did not mean to peep but when I did, I was shooked. I did not know if what I saw was real but I’m of what I saw.

I heard the sound of mourning, like when someone is having sex. The light was on so I peeped into the key hole and saw master having sex with someone.”Felicia said and I sat up as my eyes widened at her.

My heart started to beat faster at what I was hearing.

Having sex with someone? I was sure…so sure no one came back home with him and no one came to visit. I stared up at the stairs, perplexed. If he was having sex with someone in there in his sacred room,then with who??………

To Be Continued……..

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