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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 38)

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ALONE story

Episode 38.

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We got to toskana hotel at a little past 8pm. Eyes turned to Ken and I and I was embarrassed even before I sat down. I had decided to look sexy tonight,the motive was to show some flesh,get drunk and sleep away my thoughts. I was in something you can call a mini gown which showed off lots of cleavages and the back has a v-cut from the shoulders down to the top of my behind. My make up wasn’t light,I had matched my gown with a pink boot and no purse. I didn’t even go with my phone,what’s the need since I don’t plan on being myself before coming home. Ken had stared at me with open mouth as I stepped out of the house but I just laughed it off,but this mini crowd got me quite embarrassed.

We sat down in a secluded part and placed our orders,I made sure wine comes first and clearly enough,Ken was surprised.
Ken: You would have simply ordered for food.
Me: I know. We’re not going out now,are we?
Ken: Nope.
Me: I want to enjoy tonight. Don’t spoil it.
He smiled and brought out his phone. He typed something and quickly dropped the phone.
Me: So tell me what you were trying to make back there.
He chuckled and I smiled at his triability to be a teenager (don’t argue that word.I know it doesn’t exist but I figured it’s the best for now).
Ken: I’ll tell you later tonight.
Me: Looks like you were just trying to make shit.

He laughed,throwing his head back and just then,our wine came in a bucket of ice. I helped myself out immediately downing a glass of the fairly hot drink which I knew would be doing wonders soon.
Ken; Do you want to tell me anything?
Me: Yes. But that’ll be on our way home.
Ken: Is that why you’re drinking?
Me: Nope.
Ken: Amy,you just show up new abilities everyday. Never knew you drink.
Me: But mum knows. You don’t live in same house with me.
Ken: Strange girl. You won’t stop amazing me.
Me; I’m a wonder woman then.
We both laughed. Our food came and we both left ourselves to the mercy of the fried rice and chicken.
Me: So,any chance you’re getting back with Nenye?
He paused and looked at me.
Me: I’m sorry if the question upsets you.
Ken: It’s alright. I was expecting that question anyways.
Me: Okay


Ken: Nenye is a nice girl. She really is but was influenced by her mother. I was upset with her for being an aid to whatever you went through. But seeing her in this her present condition,I realised that she was a pawn and every blame I had on her washed away.
Me: So?
Ken: I loved her. She’s my first love and always will be but I can’t be with her anymore. I’m loving someone else already.
Me: Wow. Interesting.
Ken: You see,I like you a lot. I even made the mistake of falling in love with you.

I dropped my cutleries and looked up at him.
Ken: Let me finish. I fell for you because you have a very simple nature,you’ve got a big heart and you have a forgiving spirit. You’re beautiful,well end owned and intelligent. What more can a man want from a woman. I fell so madly that I had to start distancing myself from you because there are some things that are not meant to be. Coming to you when I know I have a brother who’s also crazy about you will be a blow to our family. I had to let go and the very day I met that decision was the day I met the one who I’m loving now.
I fought to find my voice. Where was it? I raised my fork to see if it was there but no. I cleared my throat and yes,I found it.
Me: Uhm….I’m surprised.

He took a sip of his drink and nodded.
Ken: I knew you would be. But it’s best that I told you,now,let’s enjoy the meal before it gets cold.
I felt like I was in a strange place. Ken was a perfect gentleman. Why didn’t I read the writing on the wall all this time? At least,I would have seen if I will feel the same thing for him. Wait! Am I alright at all? What did he just say now? Yes. It’s wrong to date two brothers. I can’t even see myself doing that. Mum would be so disappointed. I smiled at Ken for his intelligence and continued with my meal.
Few minutes later,we were done and using a serviette.
Ken: I’ll be back in a minute. I need to shake hands with a friend of mine that’s being calling.
I laughed,audible enough to attract people and he joined me.
Me: Your friend indeed.
Ken: What was I supposed to say?

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He stood up and walked around to where I was. He gave me a peck on my forehead and we smiled
Ken: Better don’t touch that your drink again.
Me: Ah! But we’ll pay for it so I need to finish it.
Ken; I’m serious here now. Stop taking it. I’ll get you one good for you when I’m back
I nodded and he walked away,going to shake whatever friend he has down there.

To be continued…..

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